nofap depression

If you don’t know what Nofap is, read this introduction first.

Nofap Depression

Nofap is a growing group of men who quit internet porn and masturbation. They haven’t quit having sex; well some do, that’s called Nofap Hardmode and is a little extreme for the purpose of Nofap–curbing sexual addiction to pixels, and women you’ll never meet on Instagram.

The men in the Nofap community believe porn and masturbation are detrimental to their lives. So they’re on a mission to quit. The journey to quitting porn is much more difficult than most men think.

Most guys think they could quit porn whenever they feel like. Most men, look at porn and masturbate at least once a day. They think they can stop but they’ve never tried.

Imagine an alcoholic who can’t go a day without a drink and hasn’t since he was in 8th grade–quitting porn is harder than you think.

If you haven’t tried to quit porn and masturbation, try for a week. If you’re depressed, porn and masturbation celibacy may help your emotional state. Even Entrepreneur mastermind Tim Ferriss advocates quitting porn; and booze; for a period of thirty days to determine how reliant you are on your simple vices you don’t think much about.

Want a quick tip for happiness? Stop looking at girls online you don’t know.

Nofap doesn’t have a wide range of research to pull from. It’s hard to find people to study who don’t masturbate, because nearly every man does. It’s a bit disturbing that nearly every man masturbates–a worldwide phenomenon–yet no one seems to be concerned, and, most health professionals say masturbating is normal.

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Masturbation Perception

The social implications of disagreeing that masturbation is healthy, is steep. In the world we live in today, having an opinion that isn’t mainstream is an invitation for hate instead of discussion. Sex ‘professionals’, lambaste anyone who dares to ask if masturbation may not be the healthy outlet many claim it is.

Think about this: When have you ever masturbated and felt proud of yourself? Or motivated to take on the world after a session with dick in hand?

Most men feel depressed after masturbating.

You don’t need a study or a professional to tell you what you need to do. You can listen to yourself and do what feels good for YOU.

Your truth is the best source of truth you have.

This article will cover two aspects of depression relating to Nofap:

  • Depression caused during a Nofap Journey.
  • Depression alleviated after completing a Nofap journey.

How Does Nofap Cause Depression?

nofap depression

There aren’t many peer reviewed studies about abstinence from porn and masturbation. Most of the benefits and claims regarding Nofap come from internet groups. The data may not seem reliable, but, it doesn’t matter.

Remember: Try everything.

Keep what works and disregard the rest.

Nofap Depression

Many Nofap men state they feel overwhelming sensations of depression during their recovery from porn around the 2nd or 3rd weeks of their journey’s.

The Nofap community theorizes the depression comes from the lack of dopamine they once received on command whenever they needed it.

When you masturbate you release a massive amount of dopamine in your brain. Your brain sees the release as sex, but, no sex occurs. You’re alone.

When you stop masturbating you don’t get the dopamine drop you once received, usually once a day.

Dopamine is a feel-good chemical. Without it, you can’t receive pleasure for doing activities you love, or, actions that are good for your survival in your body’s perspective like eating food with high sugar & fat. Eating food high in sugar feel good because sugar is a massive supply of calories in a small punch, helping humans survive when food was once scarce.

Chasing Highs

Like an addict chasing their first time getting high–the best time–porn addicts masturbate chasing the overall pleasure they once received from masturbating early into they’re experiences.

Your brain becomes accustomed to a stimulus and won’t release as much dopamine because your brain wants new experiences for you because humans for so long needed new experiences and new places for survival.

Porn and masturbation makes you depressed like a drug addict gets depressed because they’ll never feel as good as the first time.

Masturbating creates intense peaks of dopamine followed by deep valleys of depression.

Nofap removes the roller-coaster effect of porn, giving you a steady life experience allowing you to enjoy things you loved when you were younger.

Spikes & Valleys

Let’s say, Masturbation gives you a dopamine spike of 8/10. And, playing your favorite sport gives you a dopamine spike of 4/10, your favorite sport doesn’t register like the porn and masturbation does.

But, you lose your sense of accomplishment staying in your room with the lights off but the phone light on, reflecting against your white, sunless skin while tanned skin pounds on your screen.

Porn makes you feel good for a moment. But afterwards, without any accomplishments, you feel depressed.

Recovering during Nofap

During Nofap you may feel depressed. That’s okay. Think of this depression as a withdrawal; weakness leaving your body.

You’re sacrificing porn and masturbation to live a fulfilling life instead of a depressed life.

Try exploring the Nofap Subreddit. Search for depression. You’ll see thousands of men who felt depressed during Nofap for a brief period but later reaped the benefit of never feeling depressed again.

How Does Nofap Alleviate Depression?

nofap depression 3

Humans thrive on connection.

Masturbation & Porn is not a form of connecting but a mental-cucking reinforcing your mind to a false-reality that you’re a beta-male loser who doesn’t get the luxury of mating but instead gets the shame of watching bigger, stronger, more endowed men please beautiful women while you watch.

If you’re a creep in the dark you’re a creep in the light.

Loneliness is a major cause of depression. If you don’t have a romantic relationship, or any good social bonds you’ll become depressed.

People need people to feel good. Prisons use Solitary Confinement as the worst form of punishment because, as much as we’d like to think of ourselves as lone-wolves, we aren’t.

Masturbating promotes shame. 

Many Nofap men report their social anxiety is alleviated after quitting porn; they can finally connect with others after years of existing alone without another hand to hold, or ear to vent to.

So what did I find out last summer? As I went from jacking off 2-3 times a day to hard moding, my almost life-long social anxiety suddenly vanished, I started smiling like never before, chronic fatigue vanished and the depression lifted.


Much less depression. You’ll keep finding yourself feeling happy and positive for no apparent reasons, at the same situations where you used to feel worried and distressed before. This is because no matter what, you know you have given your best.


No more depression, anxiety or panic attacks.


It isn’t clear how Nofap helps men with their depression

But, a large portion of men on their Nofap Journeys report their symptoms of depression are gone.

When you quit masturbation and porn you have much more time and energy to do other activities you enjoy that feel rewarding.

Having more time to do what you love, and having the energy to pursue rewarding hobbies may very well be the cause for removing depression from the lives of men who used to be depressed porn addicts.

Depression is complicated

Doctors don’t understand how SSRI’s work but they know some part of them helps alleviate depression.

If you feel better and less depressed after you quit porn and masturbation, does the reason why it worked really matter? Is the goal to know why we’re depressed, or to not feel depressed anymore?

Final Words

Men feel better after they take time away from masturbation and porn. Although, during their recovery period, men feel depressed and beaten down.

During this depressed phase many men revert back to porn to feel better. Fight this urge. 

The majority of men confirm their depression symptoms significantly decrease once porn and masturbation are removed from their lives.

Nofap & Depression: The Connection.


  1. Actually i had been masturbating since i was 14 years. After i realized that it is harmful, i quitted porn and masturbation at the age of 18. But i have gone depressed. My brain and body are not tesponding to each other in a properway. I am not able to learn and got memory loss. How much time will it take to completely recover. If there is any way to recover mental geath again…..i am becoming very sad and unable to learn things, please help….

    • This is called the flatline. It will go away. You need to push through. It’s your brain reacting to the loss of dopamine you once received daily from masturbation. Continue your hobbies and if you don’t have any, experiment. You will soon gain joy from life again, back before masturbation.

    • what you are experiencing is post acute withdrawal syndrome I guess and it’s a combination of symptoms happen after quitting a strong addiction, and the symptoms of PAWS are , depression, anhedonia, memory loss, unable to concentrate while reading something, feeling tired all the day, brain fog and insomnia , and all these symptoms Together will make you feel like lost in life and they take from 6 months to 2 years to clear, but actually I still not certain about the syndrome can happen to a porn addict but I will find out because I am suffering from it too , and I am almost 70 days , but I begin to feel some improvement , and patient is the only thing you can do during this process and stay strong

  2. I’m one of the men who quit porn for years and felt consistently amazing. After falling back into it for a few years, I’m now on day 12 of quitting again and I’ve flatlined. Articles like this really help. Thanks!


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