How to tell if you're breathing correctly

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Breathing methods are the only way to become grounded and focused. you can read the introduction on breathing methods here. But how do you tell you’re breathing correctly? Breathing is a natural part of existing, and it happens automatically. 95% of the world pays no attention to the life entering their lungs.

In order to become great you must be as conscious as possible. This is what breathing properly gives you, this is what being grounded is. Total control of your body and mind. It’s no secret the top performers in the world all follow a breathing pattern.

Many people say in order to meditate and breath properly you need to sit on a cushion and meditate. You don’t need to do that. You need to do whatever works best for you.

Instead of sitting and meditating, I like to wake up early, lay in bed for ten minutes and stare at the ceiling while breathing. Then I’ll work into my morning routine. To breath correctly I wait until it transitions from being automatic, to manual. Every breath causing your abdomen to raise and fall.



Rickson Gracie, one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jujitsu, Mixed martial arts and a modern day samurai always trains his breathing. He knows it allows his mind to enter a state of purity. He would see his opponents moves before they even knew what they were doing. Breathing made him unstoppable, it allowed him to slow time. If he knew that Andreia Thoughts existed, he’d agree with the concepts.


Rickson Gracie Breathing Pattern
Rickson Gracie in his youth.


Nothing would distract Rickson Gracie from his goal of conquering his opponent. By submission, or stealing their conscious through violent knockout. Rickson knew his breathing was a key component in controlling his emotions. Emotions are an unnatural attachment that don’t belong anywhere.

What breathing method did Rickson Gracie use? 

Nothing specific from what is shown.

Rickson made sure he was breathing properly by paying close attention to it.



Rickson would breath as often as he could. If he followed a morning routine, he’d be starting every day in the perfect state. Rickson’s son Kron Gracie is now carrying on in his father’s legacy. While he has big shoes to fill, if his father has taught him anything he’ll be a big name in Mixed Martial Arts in years to come.


How To Tell If You’re Breathing Correctly

How to tell if you're breathing correctly


Since most people have no idea how to breathe, it’s easy to get lost when looking for the best way to take in oxygen.

The answer is simple.

Since this is an automatic process it does not make it easy to pay attention to.

Abdominal Movement: Every breath you take your stomach should expand when taking oxygen in, and retract when you let go of air. Your diaphragm where the breath takes place is lower in your torso, while most people think it takes place in the chest. When you begin doing this you’ll notice an almost instant difference in how you feel, and how you think. Your focus will increase as well.

Deep Breathing: Your breathing rhythm should be controlled, and deep. Think of the waves of the ocean. They come in, they pause, they leave, they pause. This is the tempo of tactical breathing. Even in nature pace and rhythm is present. There is beauty everywhere if you look hard enough. Inside you, and the world.

Signs You Aren’t Breathing Correctly


Shoulder Movement: Anytime your shoulders move while you’re breathing, you’ve failed. The breath only takes place in the abdominal region.  No where else. If your shoulders raise up, or push out, it’s wrong.

Shallow breathing: What do you do when you panic? Shallow, weak breaths. This is weak breathing. Deep breathing calms you, and brings you to a place of peace where you can focus on whatever you want.

There is never a reason to take a  shallow breath. Ever.


How To Tell If You’re Grounded


This is a little extra for you. When I speak about being grounded, I speak about total control of your mind by using breathing techniques. The one way to tell if you’re grounded is your thoughts.

Being grounded means you have no thoughts, or single controlled thoughts only.

that is all.





  1. I have found that dangerous situations don’t allow me to focus on my breath but that my body does that automatically. Remember when you are so angry that you breathe heavily? People immediately see that you are serious.

    I should be angry 24/7 🙂


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