The Best ZMA supplements for Sleep, Testosterone and Recovery

We've compiled a list of the best ZMA supplements

What is ZMA?

ZMA is a supplement containing a blend of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin b6: the A in ZMA.

Every ZMA supplement has a different blend of the three key ingredients. The variation of the blend depends on the quality of the supplement and the form it’s consumed in.

Most ZMA supplements come in capsules. There are some liquid & powder forms of ZMA but they’re not as common as the traditional capsule forms, or as good.

Why Take ZMA?

ZMA in combination with weight training has shown to increase muscle size, endurance, and natural production of testosterone. ZMA may help increase in weight loss but it’s not clear if this is true.

The studies done on ZMA are mixed. Some studies showed no increase in performance when taking ZMA.

However, for athletes, supplementing with ZMA did show increases in performance but this is most likely due to deficiencies in Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin B6 from training, sweating, and lifestyle or nutrition-deficits.

the majority of studies show ZMA doesn’t have a positive benefit, but more research is needed for a accurate conclusion.

ZMA Studies

Studies aside for a moment, many people swear by ZMA as a sleep aid alternative to melatonin–the light-hormone supplement–shown to disrupt your natural production of melatonin. [1]

The Magnesium in ZMA is the cause for sleep improvements.

And, just because a study says something may not work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Everyone is different and what doesn’t work for someone else may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Since sleep is when your body recovers, getting good sleep is crucial to your health and your performance as an athlete.

Try Everything. Keep what works and disregard the rest.

The Best ZMA Supplements

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best ZMA supplements; all available on Amazon. is another good resource for supplements–anywhere else, like GNC, will charge you a much higher cost.

You can also use Honey to track price changes in Amazon to get alerts when products are at their lowest price. And it’s a free Google Chrome Extension.

The Best ZMA Supplements


The Best ZMA Supplement Overall | Optimum ZMAAmazon

Optimum Nutrition is the most trusted name in the supplement industry because they produce quality supplements consistently, and, stay away from adding banned substances into their products like many other companies have been caught doing.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA is the best choice for quality, price, and quantity. 

Optimum provides a 90 day supply of ZMA for around 20$. Unless you have special requirements, or want the highest end ZMA you can buy; Optimum ZMA is the best ZMA supplement on the market.

The Best ZMA Supplement for Quality | ZMA JYM


The Jym line of supplements was created by Dr. Jim Stoppani, who holds a doctorate in exercise physiology and is a master of training and nutrition. He’s known for his exercise programs and affiliation with

best zma supplements Jim Stoppani

Jim in the Gym taking Jym

His supplements are some of the highest rated but are also the most expensive. Part of the price tag has to do with the name value of Dr. Jim Stoppani.

JYM ZMA requires three capsules a night and is the most-potent ZMA supplement from the list. The capsules are vegetarian too.

ZMA supplements are relatively the same, but, if you want the best ZMA supplement at a higher cost, Jym ZMA is it.


The Best ZMA liquid Supplement | Trace Minerals ZMA


For those who can’t swallow pills, liquid ZMA is an decent alternative. There aren’t many powder ZMA supplements. If you can’t swallow pills; you’ll swallow liquid.

Only consider liquid ZMA if you have a reason why you can’t swallow pills other than you’re an adult who hasn’t yet learned how. The taste is terrible, and, liquid is much more expensive than capsules.

They’re aren’t many liquid ZMA supplements on the market so your selection is limited. This is the best option we could find. Many reviews complained about the taste being too sweet and the liquid coagulating after a short period of time.

The Best ZMA budget supplement | Now Nutrition ZMA


Most supplement brands spend most of their money on marketing rather than creating the best product or researching new advancements for their offering.

Now Nutrition, with their trademark 80’s fitness logo and blinding sun-kissed-orange packaging spends very little on marketing. Or needs a new brand-management time immediately.

Now Nutrition is the cheapest option on this list but works just as good as any entry here.

Final Words

The supplement industry is flooded with products, most all of them are the same–except for marketing; ZMA is no exception.

If you want the best ZMA supplement you can take for a long time without worrying about changes in quality or consistency use Optimum Nutrition ZMA; it’s the best ZMA supplement and won’t hold your wallet hostage for everything it has.


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