Spirit is your will to accomplish great feats–similar to confidence–like Hercules cauterizing the many heads of the ferocious Hydra.


Musashi’s Weapon Strategy

From The Book of Five Rings: There is a time and a place for use of weapons. The best use of the companion sword is...

Ted Bundy’s Last Words will Make you Never Watch Porn Again

Ted Bundy is a notorious serial killer and porn addict who preyed on young women--college-aged--using his moderate looks, while, pretending to be injured, or...

13 Tips for Having a 13-hour Work Session

The best way to get work done is with long, uninterrupted sessions. Cal Newport wrote a book about long sessions. I call it grinding....

When is The Right Age to Stop Chasing Women & Running Game?

You stop chasing girls once you fully dedicate yourself to a bigger purpose- when you put the mission above the woman. The optimal age is...

What is Nofap?

Nofap is a men’s movement created by Alexander Rhodes. The movement started with an article posted to Reddit that declared men who abstain from...

What would Your Life look like if You Took Care of Yourself Properly?

Take a moment and breathe. Inhale, exhale--multiple times using deep, powerful breaths. Clear your mind. Close your eyes and start to visualize waking up. This day is...

20 Challenges to Start 2020 Off Right

It’s the end of another decade and what an interesting one it was. Quality of life improved everywhere, the web became the web of all...
nofap relapse | Laptop closed

What is a Nofap Relapse and How Can I Stop it?

This article begins with an introduction then covers Nofap Relapses and what to do about them. Quitting pornography and Masturbation is a requirement for a...
Homer Simpson Wisdom

The Wisdom of Homer Simpson in One Quote

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5cMfrFAAP8 You can't keep blaming yourself. Just blame yourself once and move on. The Simpsons is the longest-running television show with over 650 episodes running from...

The Real Reason Your Life Has No Meaning

Finding meaning was easy before the internet. The number of choices for who you can be today is much higher than twenty years ago. Now...