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how being dehydrated makes you fat and sick
Dehydration is caused by not drinking enough water. Clearly. There are different levels of dehydration and it’s likely you aren't drinking enough water. You suffer because of your mild dehydration. To function optimally, you need to drink at least one gallon of...
David Goggins Cant hurt me book
David Goggins is a Former Navy Seal and an Airforce veteran. He’s been a guest on numerous podcasts including the Joe Rogan Experience, and a guest on other series in the new media and the mainstream media. David Goggins’ new book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ released on December 4th, 2018. A long-awaited book from a man whose life seems like a...
Andreian Update post
Andreian January Update This is the January Update. Expect more updates each month on the status of Andreian. The posting frequency has been sparse on Andreian and I'm going to use this blog post to address why. I'll also address the plans for Andreian which...
Postpone your dreams - Andreian

Postpone Your Dreams until Tomorrow | Kill your Destiny Today

Andreian Law: You are forbidden from putting burdens on tomorrow that you can address today.
Your time is accountable to no one - andreian

Your Time Is Accountable to no One and No Thing

A smartphone is a digital leash. You’re the dog. Whenever you leave the house your phone...

Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine | Reduce TOTAL MORTALITY by 40% Using the Sauna

Watch the video above. Joe Rogan: Podcaster, UFC host, and comedian is an advocate of using a dry sauna for health. Rogan's motivation for the sauna was inspired by Dr. Rhonda...
best greek mythology books

The 11 Best Greek Mythology Books from Past & Present

Greek Mythology is a dense and fascinating topic for study. It's difficult to find accurate sources to tell the true story of Greek Mythology and the family of myths...
disaster on the other side

The Disaster On The Other Side Of Fear.

This is a legacy post from andreiathoughts.com, the precursor to andreian.com. It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. The disaster on the other side of fear....

Random Articles