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how being dehydrated makes you fat and sick
Dehydration is caused by not drinking enough water. Clearly. There are different levels of dehydration and it’s likely you aren't drinking enough water. You suffer because of your mild dehydration. To function optimally, you need to drink at least one gallon of...
David Goggins Cant hurt me book
David Goggins is a Former Navy Seal and an Airforce veteran. He’s been a guest on numerous podcasts including the Joe Rogan Experience, and a guest on other series in the new media and the mainstream media. David Goggins’ new book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ released on December 4th, 2018. A long-awaited book from a man whose life seems like a...
Andreian Update post
Andreian January Update This is the January Update. Expect more updates each month on the status of Andreian. The posting frequency has been sparse on Andreian and I'm going to use this blog post to address why. I'll also address the plans for Andreian which...
books reading

10 Must Read Books For 2017

  This is a legacy post from andreiathoughts.com, the precursor to andreian.com. It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. Reading is one of the best ways to...
challenge series

The Andreia Challenge Series

  The Andreia challenge articles each contain a challenge anyone can do. Most people believe reading improves their lives - not true; Growing against struggle levels you up. Think of a...
amazon pull up bar

The Best Pull Up Bars On Amazon (list)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7NhuSXiQIs We compiled a list of the Best Pull Up Bars you can buy on Amazon. Pull ups are a great back exercise you can do anywhere. All you need is...
Listen to motivational videos

Still Listening To Music In The Gym? Try Power Speeches Instead.

Motivational videos suck. Think about this for a moment. Did Connor McGregor watch motivational videos of other fighters created by ten-year-olds on youtube to become a legendary mixed martial artist? No. He fights. You...
re-arrange your work space

Andreian Challenge: Refresh Your Work Space

This article is part of the Andreian Challenge series; challenges anyone can do that have a benefit to your life. People love new experiences and new places. Seeing the same sights...

Random Articles