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the obligation of preparedness
  This is a legacy post from, the precursor to It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore.   Knights In the public service must keep appropriate military equipment and weaponry corresponding to their status. This includes items that are in the military codes of every house and those ordained by their employers, such as the individual emblems, the...
Joe Rogan Routines
Joe Rogan aspires to heights most cannot even dream of. Instead of living in reality, he creates his reality and thrives within. Joe's ecosystem of martial arts, comedy, and money. In what reality could a person be a stand-up comic, actor, fighter, business owner, color-commentator for combat sports, radio(podcast) King and a pot smoking hippie? This lifestyle is only possible in...
the creation gap 1 vs 99

The Creation Gap | The Real 1% VS 99%

The 1%. People with nothing going for themselves have extra time. Some people fill this time by complaining. They complain about problems they can’t solve. On purpose. The people who complain, never...
books to change your mind

5 Books That Will Radically Change Your Mind

The following books are all in their own manner,  masterpieces, and must be read. Reading is the doorway into the mind of another person. Books are magic. Magic, because for...
is reading a waste of time

Why Reading Books & Blogs Is Wasting All Of Your Time

This is a legacy post from, the precursor to It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. Wait... What? Isn’t reading one of the best...
musashi 21 principles - principle 5

Musashi Miyamotos 21 principles for life (Dokkodu) | principle No. 5

This article is the fifth Principle in the series: Musashi's 21 principles for life. Find the full list of Musashi's principles here. Each principle includes its own article expanding upon the...
seneca free stoicism

A Free, 974 page introduction into stoicism with these 3 books

  Tim Ferris created an audio project that contains stoic writing. He broke this project up into three volumes. They performed so well that Tim decided to give the PDF's away...
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