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This article is the first entry in the Andreia Challenge series.

Always struggle. Self-fulfillment through accomplishment.

Do as many pull-ups as you can in one hour.

Set a timer. The echo-dot is the best device for timing events like this. Use the dot for setting breaks for your work too.

You can pace, do pushups, drink water, listen to a book, or play music.

Don’t leave the bar. Stay within two feet. If you need the bathroom; place the bar in the door of your bathroom.

The best non-destructive on your home pull up bar

Challenge yourself. How many can you do in an hour?

Test yourself today. Now. (slash through)

If you read, execute. Don’t be a self-help asshole.

Try again in one month. Have you improved? Get stronger every month. Let your training be constant and consistently improving.

Live today for you tomorrow. Take care of future you and sacrifice the present.

Are you happy with your results? Are you gaining strength?

Don’t train in any specific protocol. Burn your body like a candle thrown into a volcano. Put the hammer down. Smash your records of yourself.

Be an animal. Pull until your arms fall out of your sockets.

Challenge yourself.

How many did you do? Post in the comments below.


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