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Have you read the new Tim Ferriss’s book? Its got advice from over 300 mentors! I bought ten copies. I’m in credit debt. But I promise this book will change my life. Rich people wrote it so I’ll be rich after reading it.

Reading is productive when appropriate.

Read to extract ideas. Extract ideas from experts, or, individuals who suffered injustice – Man’s Search for Meaning.

Reading is magic. Reading is listening to your tribe-mate’s story of conquest while his face, illuminated by the tangerine-warmth of the communal bonfire, expresses pride in fighting for the clan.

We spoke history.

Books came later.

Because of this, many learn better through story than reading. Audiobooks are the best option. Here’s two for free.

Like anything else, people find ways to abuse reading.

We need food to survive.

Yet 1/3 of Americans need food so much, their bodies suffocate under the elephant-sized fat-icebergs large enough to sink the Titanic until their organs drown in plaque.

self help assholes fat people

We need to read.

Many believe reading leads to success. They believe this because literary-publisher marketing-departments want them to.

There isn’t any money in you over-achieving.

There, deep inside your self-esteem, exists a gold mine filled with insecurities waiting for the right book to mine the vein.

Solving problems improves self-esteem; Not reading. Reading helps you find problems. If you don’t solve them, nothing happens.

Readers fall in love with characters.

Characters feel real; they’re identified with, absorbing scenes like you’re there too.

Reading feels like accomplishment but it isn’t. Reading is Fool’s success, like Fool’s gold, addictive, but never satisfying.

Reading is drinking salt-water while lost at sea. Use the book to engineer a filter. Then solve your problem.

self help assholes lost at sea

No matter how many self-help books read, the monster from the past ignored for 30 years still grinds his teeth behind the closet door each night waiting to approach.

Reading drops ideas into laps like Storks dropping babies on the front porch.
Even if you read every investment book ever penned by any Wall-Street wolf of alcoholism you still wouldn’t have a penny to your name.

Investors invest.

Self-Help Assholes read.

Self-Help Assholes invest in books. Not themselves.

library nerd self help assholes

For the fucking life of me, I hope you understand.

If you want to be a DJ, produce music.

Books aren’t bad. But, books will never make you the God your dog believes you are.

Whatever you want to be – do that.

Read a book about your craft. Apply it. Without application books are useless. No different than watching a movie about child-wizards saving the world from snake-faced villains.

Ideas can’t fly without application. The air that takes you higher is effort.

Planes look good while flying. Planes, like ideas, do nothing sitting within a hanger. Ideas rotting inside your mind.

Like planes, ideas need freedom to fly.

Lessons need external manifestation. What good is a book if no improvement occurs? It’s entertainment.

Most people read self-help books with groundbreaking programs yet follow the guidance for a week then resort to their old ways.

Most self-help books of little value have programs.

The War of Art doesn’t have a program. It’s too valuable.

If a book has a program, that means its value is too obtuse to understand without lines to color inside of.

coloring self help assholes

Self-improvement is yours. You don’t need a program. You need lessons which resonate deep inside of you like tribal drums vibrating through the hollow of your bones.

Not programs.

Programs live in memory while reading. Usually a day. A week, if you’re committed.

Programs are complicated like American law. No one understands all the laws in America. Like, many authors, don’t understand their programs because they’ve never followed them.

Every author thinks they know the secret.

There is no secret to getting what you want. Unless you consider walking towards your goal daily, a secret. It’s not. Some people are lazy and don’t deserve their ambitions. Others show up every day.

Destiny is a full-time job.

Work hard and develop self-awareness.

Most people aren’t conscious of the moment but remain prisoners in the past, stuffed into lockers as adults from memories of childhood.

Most people float in outer-space, drifting from notification to gossip, to political banter they have no business discussing. Winners stay in their lane.

The problem with self-help books

self help books self help assholes

Reading feels like an accomplishment.

Watching Youtube motivational videos feels like an accomplishment.

Looking at motivational photos on the Gram feels like you’re accomplishing something, tucked underneath an electric blanket in a heated cocoon with the blinds pulled shut at two in the afternoon on Saturday.


Consuming low-quality self-help material is an accomplishment for the creator; not you.

You haven’t accomplished anything for yourself, but, you have pitched-in to remodel a yoga “guru’s” bathroom who lives in Los Angeles but speaks like she’s lived in India all her life.

Understand self-improvement doesn’t come from books. Growth comes from finding problems and solving them.

Growth also comes from failure.


Remove the bullshit hype-filled in your brain. You are a gold-mining peasant. The King demands you mine every day, after your day job, for five hours instead of looking at porn and playing PubG.

Youtube Gurus are worse than sitting on an old, janky local-carnival roller-coaster with hemorrhoids the size of golfballs and explosive diarrhea.

Self-improvement through Challenge

We grow through adversity. We grow after we leave our comfort coffins for a refreshing breath of pure air. New air, missing from the home-town you were born.

Environments become claustrophobic after too much saturation.

challenge self help assholes

Humans migrate.

Without migration, without struggle, humanity has no enemy. Nothing to fight and nothing to do.

Depression sets in with chronic stress or no stress. Pick your battles. Fight them to the bloody end holding your ax above your head and your battle-cry in your lungs.

Failing is more important than winning.

It’s easy to celebrate as champion. It’s near-impossible to walk into your locker room empty handed and silent, each step harder than the last with fifty-pound lead weights attached to your feet. Your team of floating numbers who depended on you for their glory, but, you slipped.

Failure flays open the chest revealing insecurities hidden from the public, fears buried underneath thousands of hours of practice now leading the emotional-dogsled.

Pain will make you stronger. Failure will make you hungry.

Tolerance for failure determines the speed of ascension.

Losers never fail because losers never try.

Winners fail every day in practice to execute in battle. They even fail in action, but it doesn’t matter.

Haters remember your defeats. But, history forgets haters and critics.

Haters think about you instead of themselves. Haters wish they could do what you make look easy, but they can’t.

They’re self-help Assholes. They’ll never do anything.


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