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Tim Ferris created an audio project that contains stoic writing. He broke this project up into three volumes.

They performed so well that Tim decided to give the PDF’s away for free. He includes a few extras like drawings and calligraphy. Below are links for each of the volumes.

Free Seneca PDF Books

Tao Of Seneca | Volume 1 

Tao Of Seneca | Volume 2

Tao Of Seneca | Volume 3

After you download the PDFs, import them into the Kindle app. Then you can read easier on your computer, or, read the PDF’s on your iPad or Kindle.

How to add a PDF to a Kindle

The Kindle app on a tablet is the best way to read a PDF. Ipads are overpriced, and you can get a similar performing tablet for much less. Below are three entries that will work exactly like an iPad, if not better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab | 167.99

Kindle Fire Entry Level Tablet | 29.99

Kindle Fire High End Tablet | 94.99

The audiobooks are excellent and listed below. You can get two of them for free by visiting Audible with a special partnership Audible formed with Andreian.

Click Here For Two Free Audible Books.

Tao Of Seneca Audible

Tao Of Seneca Audio | Volume 1

Tao Of Seneca Audio | Volume 2

Tao Of Seneca Audio | Volume 3

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