We compiled a list of the Best Pull Up Bars you can buy on Amazon.

Pull ups are a great back exercise you can do anywhere. All you need is a surface you can grab–above you–that allows your hands to wrap around the surface. Most often a Pull Up bar, but, you can also do pull ups on gymnastic rings, trees, even a ledge although, more difficult because you cannot wrap your entire hand around the surface area of a ledge.

If you don’t know how to do a pull up, watch the video above featuring Austin Dunham from Workout AD.

Amazon Pull up Bars

You may not need a pull up bar. There are surfaces everywhere you can pull yourself up on, both in the home and outside. But, with a pull up bar at home, you always have access to one of the best exercises you can do for your back, second to the deadlift.

Below are the best pull up bars you can buy on Amazon. There are many different kinds of bars. Some fit in your doorway without installation, some are collapsible for travel, and heavy duty pull up bars that require manual installation; usually bolted to your door or ceiling.

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The Best Pull Up Bars on Amazon

We’ve included one of each pull up bar variation below. 

Pull up bar variations.

  • Doorway
  • Wall Mountable
  • ceiling mountable
  • Hanging
  • Station

Doorway Pull Up Bar


Doorway pull up bars fit nicely on the siding of any door in your home.

However, these pull up bars can sometimes damage the molding in your home. If you’re a two-hundred pound man doing pull ups from your bathroom door with dainty molding, you may scratch, scuff, or break your frame. You may not damage anything–use your judgement.

Doorway pull up bars also function for push-ups, dips, and sit ups when placed on the ground. But, this isn’t much of a value add. The best use for the bar is pull ups. If you want to do push ups, do them on the ground the traditional way or use something like a perfect push up. The perfect push up is not much better than regular push ups, but it’s a good idea if regular push ups are growing tedious.

The cost for a door pull up bar is usually around 20$. 

If you want a cheap, easy solution for pull ups, stop here and pick up the doorway pull up bar.

 Wall Mount Pull Up BarAmazon

A wall-mounted pull up bar is good for a home gym. This wall-mounted pull up bar from Amazon has options for four grip positions: Wide grip, close grip, narrow, and a chin up position.

Hanging bars are good for ab-raises too. You can get straps that hang on your bar designed for training your core.

Ab straps are simple: Place your elbows in the sleeves, then, lift your legs to your torso. This movement trains your lower abs which are difficult to target with traditional abdominal movements.

Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar


This bar is for 8ft ceilings.

Ceiling pull up bars are great for pull ups, but have other uses as well. You can hang Olympic rings from ceiling bars.

Olympic rings are plastic circular hoops used in in the Olympics. Some of the strongest people in the world are gymnasts and use rings on a daily basis.

best pull up bars amazon olympic rings

Not only can you use rings for pull ups, you can do bicep curls, tricep extensions, and muscle ups; one of the most difficult exercises using your own body weight.

Hanging Pull up barAmazon

Hanging pull up bars are an alternative to doorway pull up bars–the first entry in the list. You should consider a hanging bar only if a doorway bar isn’t an option.

Hanging pull up bars don’t have as many uses as a doorway pull up bar. Also, hanging bars usually require drilling into the frame of your door; not an option for most, and, there are better options than drilling into your door.

Pull up bar Station


A pull up station, alternatively known as a power tower; is the most versatile from the list and also the most expensive. A station doesn’t belong in an apartment, but shines in a garage or home gym.

Pull up stations average around 200$ for a decent one. On Amazon, many stations are cheap but still do the trick. The best pull up stations come from high-end strength training manufacturers like rogue fitness.

Pull up stations are made for pull ups, dips, leg lifts for your core, and push ups. The best use of the Pull up station is pull ups and core work using your legs.

Final Words

Building a home gym can be hard but it doesn’t need to be. A pull up bar, or pull up station is an essential component to a flourishing home gym capable of breeding the next Arnold.

Amazon has many pull up bars, this list contains the best from each category and fits any budget. If you need a pull up bar and don’t know where to start: Pick the door frame bar.

Pull ups are a great back exercise and can be done at home for around 20$.


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