using history for progress today

All retainers of the Nabeshima clan must be familiar with the lore and customs (kokugaku) of the domain. 21 It is lamentable that such learning has been neglected of late. Why is it necessary? It helps one understand the origins of the Nabeshima clan, and appreciate the great sacrifices and generosity of the domain’s forefathers to ensure its continued prosperity.

Gratitude is owed to Lord Gōchū22 for his compassion and valor, and to Lord Risō23 for his benevolent deeds and faith. For it was thanks to them that the might of Lord Takanobu24 and Lord Nippō25 ensured the clan’s longevity and an enduring, honorable reputation

Hagakure: Secret Wisdom of the Samurai | Yamamoto Tsunetomo

History studied, is history never repeated. Or, if prosperous, repeated often.

The samurai of the Nabeshima clan knew this – their warriors flourished.

Those who refused to study history had no concept of accomplishment, no sense of possibility for the future.

Without studying past Samurai before them, young Nabeshima clan retainers had no models to inspire their progress.

Solving problems.

solving problems using history

Every problem you have, someone before you has solved. Some survived, most quit, waving a white-flag at the sun for all to see.

In each outcome lies a drop of knowledge resting on the fine edge of a samurai blade. A graceful, minute water droplet reflecting the light of the problem you seek to solve. Without cutting into your ego, you’ll never absorb lessons hiding within problems.

Those who forsake history’s lessons, face problems men before, have already solved.

Keys to problems sit in the pages of a book, in a public library walking distance from your home. Or, in the mind of a mentor, dying to share lessons with anyone who asks before they expire.

You earn knowledge by learning and applying.

You gain Wisdom from learning and absorbing.

Wisdom comes from learning of other’s misfortunes while avoiding the process which caused their setbacks.

great library

Imagine the answers to the problems you lay in a single book. The table of contents spans the circumference of the earth over 100 times. Many would avoid this book, because reading is hard, isn’t sexy, or is too difficult after a hard day’s work sitting at a desk in physical hibernation.

Your answers exist. Not in one book, but in many. You can have whatever book you want using the internet.

“I don’t know.” is no longer a ready excuse for incompetence or failure. I don’t know means into I don’t care.

Great men read books.

Great men read books written by authors who solved their problems for them. Greatness is an unspoken brotherhood passed down to those willing to commit to greatness.

Average people don’t read books; average people know it all. They would rather solve their problems themselves. This method involves ignoring issues until they go away or grow so ferocious all else in life stops to kill a monster, born a lamb.

hidden monster born a lamb

Would you rather learn how to repair your septic tank while a fountain of fecal-water sprays into the atmosphere resembling a Las Vegas fountain display in your backyard, or hire a professional while you drink coffee inside near the warmth of your fireplace? The color of the liquid is the same, but only one tastes right in your mouth.

Normal men have egos and want validation.

Great men have goals and want results.

Great men don’t care about how they achieve their goals. They don’t focus on minor details. Great men care about achievement over anything else.

Normal men, the classic dad-bod, craft-beer drinking under-achievers, don’t need any help. They do everything, even tasks they can outsource to a lesser-skilled man while they work on something of tangible value.

Normal men have a scarcity mentality.

They give time in exchange for money. A normal man will spend twenty hours a week landscaping, a task he despises, even though he can afford a gardener and use the saved twenty hours, 1,200 minutes, to learn a new skill or spend time with his family.

Great men understand time is the only limited resource. Thankfully, others are so willing to trade their time for money, great men thrive.

Does bill Gates do yard work? No, he solves health epidemics in third-world countries. Even when he was broke he didn’t do yard work – he coded; Gates stayed on his path while others designed the hedges along his paved-gold road to Microsoft.

Gates respects his time and uses it to solve problems more significant than fisting autumn leaves into black plastic trash bags on Sunday morning before Football starts.

Normal people skip factoring opportunity cost against purchasing-decisions because normal people don’t value their time. Trading time for money is signing a deal with the Devil for a shorter, boring life, never one of remembrance.

Selling Our Souls

sell your soul

A common B-movie trope involves the hero signing his soul to the Devil for needed powers to achieve a goal. Normal people beg companies for less-than-their-worth pay with forced smiles and overdue auto-loans.

The people who complain about never having enough time are the same Androids who watch ten hours of Stranger Things on Saturday, a show about children fighting pretend monsters. Yet, they wonder why the anti-depressants aren’t working.

Accomplishment demands work and fulfillment costs accomplishment.

Remember the Andreia philosophy creed: Self Fulfillment through accomplishment.

Do nothing. Die as nothing.

Your legacy requires solving problems never solved before.

Men before you have not experienced modern problems. But, they have experienced problems before yours, and if studied, will contribute valuable clues to the questions you face.

men from history

Study History – learn the workings of the world today. We think we’re more advanced than men from previous generations – we aren’t. Adaptation takes millions of years. Humanity evolves every ten.

Learning about ourselves from historical figures… we hate.

Many people have heroes.

Few have anti-heroes. Anti-heroes have a purpose: inspiration against becoming a person to hate.

Anti-heroes inspire because they model a life you don’t want. Evil men like Hitler, or blubber face Omega-male Harvey Weinstein.

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), German statesman,
The face of evil. (Photo by Roger Viollet/Getty Images)

Many sensitive historians would rather erase painful history of evil men, then analyze, and absorb lessons.

Erasing history opens a passage to a dark cave full of mistakes waiting to be repeated. Previously sealed by the collective strength of Earth’s people absorbing lessons earned from tragedy.

Do not fear studying evil men from history.

Do not fear studying evil men from history. No man of normal bearing will recommend you read Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s famous book. But, then, how will you learn how to prevent another charismatic figure from repeating similar atrocities?

Read books about evil men. Seed inspiration to never become like them. Power doesn’t change you. Power makes your desires public, instead of private.

Reading Mein Kampf does not mean you’re a Nazi or a sympathizer. Many believe this elementary thought to their demise.

Study your enemy. Learn his habits. Use this information against him.

Modeling History

modeling history

Find models from history who inspire you. Have models you hate. Creating models and anti-models frames a structure for upward growth while preventing downward spirals.

Many people know what they should do. Then do something else.

Many people fear making mistakes because they live under a malicious god, ego, instead of a generous god, results.

evil god

People don’t read Mein Kampf because it’s uncomfortable. Reading challenging material, testing your beliefs, strengthens them. Or, discards beliefs who couldn’t bear the enormous weight of scrutiny.

It’s easy to consume content if it agrees with you. Digesting material in opposition to your stance is difficult. Many get emotional.

Any anti-vaxxing witch can spend unlimited hours confirming their personal-truth on anti-vaccination blogs sans-science. Not one witch, strong enough to read a scientific paper from a credible source, blending their beliefs into a clump of apparent lies.

The most celebrated minds in the world pray to results. Never ego. The great minds never stop learning. Instead, great minds continue to learn until they die. They understand the secret: If you stop learning – you’re dead.

History cannot be good or bad.

History is.

History cannot change.

The weak who fear history hide history. Hiding history doesn’t make history go away. Hiding history erases the lesson. Rendering what could have been a valuable lesson – nothing.

fear history librarian

Don’t solve problems with pre-existing solutions. Normal people solve problems with existing solutions because their egos need stroking. They are afraid to go where no man has gone before. Normal people are afraid to be wrong.

Great men solve problems on the foundation of truth established before them: history.

His + Story = History.

viking warrior

If you want the biggest sandcastle on the beach, build your castle over an existing one. Foreign invaders convert local churches into new temples.

If you want an average castle built on a foundation of sand, don’t read, don’t study, don’t have the courage to be wrong.

Repeat history and use it. Civilizations without electricity made mistakes hundreds of years ago, so you don’t have to.


  1. Opening line had me hooked. “History studied, is history never repeated. Or, if prosperous, repeated often.”

    This article came at a good time. I was doing some self-reflection looking back at my journal from 2017 the other day. In some areas, I was kicking ass and it left me wondering where the hell I went wrong right now. In other areas, my progress is marked. Either way, I’m motivated as hell by looking back at my own past. I now know what to repeat and what to avoid.

    I like the idea of studying anti-heroes as well. If a monster as savage as Hitler could raise an army, how much more could one succeed with openly embraced intentions?

    Brother, what was your favorite book you read in 2017? Mine had to be The Compound Effect courtesy of your recommendation.


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