Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine | Reduce TOTAL MORTALITY by 40% Using the Sauna

The Sauna routine of Joe Rogan

joe rogan sauna routine

Watch the video above.

Joe Rogan: Podcaster, UFC host, and comedian is an advocate of using a dry sauna for health.

Rogan’s motivation for the sauna was inspired by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a biomedical scientist who graduated from the University of Tennessee. She hosts a informative podcast on health and longevity called Found my fitness.

Sauna Health Benefit Studies

The first study, shows Frequent Sauna use resulted in a decrease of total mortality by 40%. Read that again. Every way you might die, decreased by almost half.

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One of the reasons theorized for the remarkable health benefits of using the sauna is the heat shock proteins your body produces in extreme temperature environments like the sauna–or the Sahara desert.

Your body can’t tell the difference between a sauna inside your local gym, or, a desert in Egypt without an Oasis, civilization, or any mammals. At all.

When you enter the sauna, your body reacts as if you’ve just left a perfect-climate forest, and somehow transported your dumb self into the 3rd level of hell.

Your body goes into survival mode, thinking you’re about to melt and there’s nothing you can do to save yourself. your body tries to save you from the sauna–from yourself.

Heat shock proteins come as a defense mechanism to fight inflammation because your body thinks you’re about to die from over-exposure to heat.

Your body doesn’t understand what a sauna is; or that you can leave anytime you want.


joe rogan sauna routine 3

When you put the body under stress; whether from working out, sauna, extreme cold–it doesn’t matter–your body has responses to this stress to protect you. The stress from a sauna is artificial: there isn’t any real damage. But your body doesn’t know. Your body activates the same response whether you’re in the sauna or lost in the desert.

When you sauna, you get the powerful stress response used to preserve the life of a wanderer, hanging on by a thin thread in the desert; at your local gym in Los Angeles.

Heat shock proteins are a powerful anti-inflammatory compound used by your body to save your life. But, this anti-inflammatory doesn’t work to save you from the heat, instead, heat shock proteins help other parts of your body: referencing the 40% drop in total mortality above. Read the two studies for more information.

Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine

Watch this video or read the description below.

Joe Rogan’s sauna routine is 4x times a week, for about fifteen minutes each time. This is an average for him, and, he doesn’t always hit his goal. However, even a single sauna session per week has health benefits.

There isn’t any downside to using the sauna more frequently. But this isn’t medical advice. You don’t need to use the sauna for two-plus hours a day. That’s mad. Nor should you use the sauna as a device to lose weight.

The purpose of a sauna is not losing weight; but increasing health. And energy. Then, you use your extra energy at the gym to lose weight because of how good you feel all the time.

Saunas for home

Joe Rogan has a sauna at his home. He’s a rich man; why wouldn’t he? Actually, Sauna’s aren’t as expensive as you might think. Sure; buying a custom made sauna, built in your backyard may run you as much as a guest house. But you don’t have to buy a custom sauna.

Amazon has saunas ready to purchase now. 

We found the best-rated saunas and listed them below. You’ll spend between one, to two thousand depending on the quality of sauna and the size.

The saunas below have free shipping, and some have warranties. Free shipping is key because most sauna-units are huge, and, cost a few-hundred bucks to ship to you.

Home Saunas

Joe Rogan’s Sauna Routine: 4 times a week. Fifteen minutes each time.


    • I don’t remember if he said anything on it. Rhonda Patrick believes after training for at least twenty minutes. Then you begin to activate heat shock proteins. Those have a lot of benefits and one study showed sauna use reduces all mortality by 40%.


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