How to beat a nofap flatline

If you aren’t already aware of what Nofap is, I’ll provide a brief explanation before I cover what a Nofap Flatline is.

Nofap is a growing movement of men who believe porn & masturbation lead to detrimental health effects. Men on, or doing Nofap, report extraordinary changes in their lives since successfully abandoning porn and masturbation.

The premise of Nofap is that pornography and masturbation create a dopamine response in the brain, similar to what an addict experiences when taking drugs.

Sex and masturbation are perceived as two different events in your brain. One is mating; high-value, spreading your seed, encouraged as good behavior to continue your bloodline ; the other is a low-value action from desperation, watching another contender mate while you touch yourself.

Reported benefits of nofap

  • Increased focus
  • Increased energy
  • Less shame
  • More time
  • More status (internal hierarchy deems you more valuable)
  • More confidence
  • Increased memory

There are many benefits people report at different stages of their nofap journey. These benefits may be in your head – no pun intended. Regardless of whether they are or not, it doesn’t matter.

If something works for you and makes your life better, you don’t need a study to confirm it. You only need self-awareness.

It’s hard to quit porn & masturbation

However, the freedom and self-mastery over your urges are worth it. The more aspects of yourself you can control, the more discipline you get in all areas of your life.

Discipline is self-love. It takes discipline to brush your teeth, take your vitamins, and eat healthy. All good things. The more discipline you have the more confident you’ll be – because you trust yourself.

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David Goggins | Source

You don’t love people you don’t trust.

You won’t love yourself until you trust yourself and your capabilities to create change within yourself and outside yourself in the environment you exist within.

Quitting masturbation and pornography is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Think about this: most men cannot go three days without looking at porn. Imagine if the same men couldn’t go three days without heroin, or alcohol; now, you have an addiction.

Somewhere around greater than 80% of men masturbate and look at porn once a day. An entire sex, addicted to sex.

Various groups don’t want you to quit pornography and masturbation. Clearly people with a stake in the adult business, but also and more sinister, people who don’t like men.

When you masturbate, you expel the essence of what makes you a man into a sock, or a tissue. Your DNA. Don’t you deserve better?

Masturbation ruins a man’s discipline and makes him weak. Sexual energy and the horny feeling you get is not actually sexual energy, but energy it’self.

Napoleon Hill talks about this concept; it is called sexual transmutation.

All great men who accomplished significant deeds did so using their energy. The lowest energy men consume porn, weed, video games & Netflix; the four horsemen of the ineffective apocalypse

Quitting pornography is hard. Your brain becomes adapted to the consistent dopamine you give it unearned. When you take the dopamine away, it will feel like nothing is pleasurable anymore.

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Man caught looking at porn in library | source

This feeling of emptiness is called the Nofap Flatline.

The Nofap Flatline


The Nofap flatline is a period, or periods of complete or partial loss of pleasure or satisfaction, from rewarding experiences while quitting masturbation and pornography.

The Nofap Flatline occurs when your brain no longer receives the pleasure chemical dopamine you once supplied on-demand, therefore creating a drought of pleasure chemicals released in your brain.

Wins you get throughout the day release dopamine in your brain to incentivize you to repeat the rewarding behavior.

A few examples include finding money on the ground, making a clutch 3-point basket from outside the line, getting a promotion, a pretty girl smiling at you while sitting in the window of a coffee shop.

You feel pleasure for winning.

Your brain wants these activities to continue and your brain rewards you for doing so. It is the same for food high in sugar and fat, once impossible to find in the natural world; hence why so many people in the modern world are obese today.

nofap flatline - rewards

However, you won’t feel these small rewards if you receive a masturbatory bath of dopamine nightly. So, you will no longer feel pleasure for crucial life moments. You need to feel pleasure for small achievements to eventually reach great achievements.

If you’re addicted to porn & masturbation you’re numb to small wins and your big wins barely register.

What does a nofap flatline feel like?

A flatline feels like a withdrawal from happiness, an intense bout of depression, a sensation of becoming a hollow person like a tree whose core has rotten.

The flatline feels like it can only be cured with porn and masturbation. Most men trying to quit fail here.

Experiencing a flatline is experiencing withdrawals from the dopamine masturbation creates. No different than withdrawals from drugs, except you won’t die from porn & masturbation. Well; your spirit and your dreams will die, but not your body.

When you feel empty except for the urge to masturbate, you’re experiencing the Nofap Flatline. You’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This means your winning and you must go on.

When do Nofap Flatlines occur?

A Flatline can occur at any time throughout your journey to beating Pornography and masturbation. However, there are flatline times many people experience, consistent with others.

The most common periods of Flatline occur:

1. The first three days – from dopamine floods to droughts.
2. The second week – day 15-20 are notoriously difficult.
3. End of month one.
4. Mid and end of month two.

For most people, it takes around 60-90 days for your brain to adjust to your better, newer you without porn and masturbation. If you can’t go two months without porn, you need to consider the possibility of addiction.

That consistent feeling of emptiness slowly fades as you begin to enjoy the things you used to enjoy before finding porn and masturbation.


It’s hard to feel pleasure with a hobby like masturbation

Porn and masturbation camouflage the pleasure you get from winning with a napalm-bath of dopamine, whereas activities like publishing a blog post, making a small commission for your business, or going on a run release small, but tolerable amounts of dopamine.

Once your brain resets and adapts to normal levels of pleasure chemicals you can more easily feel pleasure for tasks, skills, and activities. This is the way you are meant to feel.

You are meant to feel powerful when you spend four hours skilling on a vocation you want to master.

You are meant to feel confident after exercising, putting in the work to become the greatest version of yourself.

You are meant to remember something after hearing it only once.

You are meant to have a mind free from sexual thoughts, allowing you to think about what you want to think about, like accomplishing your dreams or studying the Samurai. 

How to Overcome the Nofap Flatline


The hardest part of quitting pornography and masturbation is the Nofap Flatline; a period of complete desensitization to pleasure which feels like it can only be solved with pornography.

When you feel the sensation of a flatline pulling you into the cracks, you need to change your environment and fill your time with something else, with something meaningful.

Changing your environment – Nofap Flatline strategy

Changing your environment is one of the best ways to beat a Nofap Flatline and prevent a relapse. When you feel empty, like you’re about to relapse, change your environment.

Go on a walk. Go to the gym. Go on a long drive paired with some great audiobooks. You can’t masturbate in public or while driving.

The change of scenery helps significantly. Try to get out of the house or at least out of the area where you usually fap, like your bedroom or bathroom.


Getting away from the place you indulge makes you feel less attached to the ritual. Changing your room into something new and better helps as well. Make the shameful part of your life an unrecognizable lesson.

Fill your time – Nofap Flatline strategy

Porn and masturbation take up a lot of time, as does wasting mental energy thinking about sex instead of thinking about your mission and legacy.

Figure out who you are and who you want to become. If you aren’t sure who you are yet, don’t worry, no one knows. Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring Program can help.

There are two time filler options to beating the urge to masturbate in a Nofap Flatline: Physical defenses and purposeful defenses.

Physical Defenses

Physical defenses are exercises you can do anytime you get an urge to exert energy without wasting your seed.

When you get an urge, do pushups, situps, pull-ups at home, squats, or run. You need to get excess energy out in a way that doesn’t waste your vital fluid.

Most of the time a Nofap Flatline makes you feel like you have no energy at all. You need to change your environment and move to somewhere in public. Go to a coffee shop and reward yourself, go shopping – get away from the place where you usually masturbate.

Expelling physical energy is one way to curb your urges. Another strategy is distracting yourself with skills you want to learn or master.

Purposeful Defenses

Create a list of skills and practice them for the sake of mastery and as a defense against masturbation and pornography.

learning piano instead of bad habits

You could learn piano, a new language using Duolingo, master math and other skills with Khan Academy, or even learn how to code.

As you learn skills you’ll become a more confident, capable person, which will net you more money, happiness, and even women.

Guys addicted to pornography and masturbation don’t get girls like guys with skills do.

Bringing everything together 

A Nofap flatline occurs when your brain is in a dopamine drought from ceasing to look at porn, and quitting masturbation, removing the dopamine showers you previously created with your hand.

The flatline is difficult for all men and occurs multiple times throughout the mission to quit pornography and masturbation.

When you feel like you are in a flatline, when you feel nothing, the best defenses are exerting yourself physically, changing your location to a less-mastabatory environment, or dedicating time to a skill which has a tangible value & interest to you.

How has the Nofap Flatline Affected you?

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  1. Man this arricle is just so brilliant. I am in 15-20 day timeline of the first month and its so tuff. I feel like a dead meat with no willingness to do anything. To stop PMO i even quitted my bedroom and sleeping in hall 😀 but yeah i think i need to change the environment to overcome flatline. Its worst, thanks mate. I am also looking forward to read your other articles as well. Keep writing .


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