What is Nofap Edging and why is it so Dangerous?

A explanation of Nofap Edging and what to do about it

nofap edging

This piece begins with a short introduction to Nofap, then transitions into explaining Edging; the first wrong turn on the path to a porn & masturbation free life

Edging is a minor relapse along the journey of quitting pornography and masturbation, known online as Nofap; the rites of passage every man must go through to gain total control of his energy to further dedicate himself to his path.

Edging is one of many traps you have to avoid while taking back your self-control and beating off a porn & masturbation habit. Edging is a fast-moving lure, calling you back to the old ways with empty promises and fake, lie-filled pleasure.

Masturbation & pornography becomes a reason for men to live. It takes over. Some men can masturbate without a problem. That’s fine too.

However, most men are addicted to palms and pixels and don’t know about it. Culture and media rationalize with men that porn makes you sensitive and brings a man closer to himself and it is all a lie.

Your sexual energy isn’t just for sex. It’s for dominating. Getting what you want. Wasting your drive on pixels guarantees you won’t be drive your dream car.

The problem with porn

The problem with porn and masturbation is the massive amount of dopamine released into your brain when you finish.

Did you know little wins you get also release dopamine? Like, if you get a win while walking down your path, you grind a former fear down into dust, you do something daring.

When I say walking down your path what I mean is following your way and your why. The Samurai believed in chasing mastery until they die. Your path is what you are meant to be doing for the rest of your life.

nofap edging - mma instruction

You get chemical, dopamine rewards for wins along your path to mastery.

If you’re a writer, you’ll get some dopamine after finishing a chapter you’re proud of. If you’re an athlete, you’ll feel dopamine’s encouraging touch when you have a good training day and your technique flows like an easy river.

Feeling Dopamine

Some men don’t feel their dopamine wins. Depression and anxiety play a major role in a life without pleasure and encouragement.

Some men don’t feel that melting, juicy victory bath because they masturbate every day and their wins aren’t registering.

The benefits reported from Nofap border on fictional super powers. So much so, the results almost seem impossible and unbelievable bro science.

However, every man who follows the Andreian Philosophy–self-fulfillment through accomplishment–must try going one month without porn and masturbation just to see how it feels. If your life is better, keep doing it. If it isn’t, you are addicted. Stop anyways. If you are already journaling every day to keep an archive of your personal history, you will know if you need to quit or not.

Where does your Dopamine come from?

Instead of feeling dopamine from life, porn-addicted guys feel dopamine from masturbation and pornography, a massive release of pleasure chemicals that ends in a shameful and sometimes-toxic cleanup and hide the evidence process.

nofap-edging dopamine come-from

You don’t get encouragement-chemicals, dopamine, to continue on your path if Masturbation & Pornography run your life.

Not everyone struggles with over-jacking, but some men do and they don’t realize they’re addicted to themselves.

If you masturbate every day, you won’t feel the dopamine from your little wins. These little wins encourage you to become a better human. The carpet-bombing dopamine effects from masturbation can block out the reward chemicals from actions that matter.

Urges & Famines

Along the path to beat off your addiction you will feel urges unlike any you’ve felt before.

A man’s brain could go into a dopamine famine. Without the constant dopamine showers once provided by porn and masturbation, it feels like all the pleasure in his life left him. This phase is temporary, and called a Nofap Flatline: the empty feeling you sometimes feel while in the early weeks of a Nofap journey.

The temptation to go back to your old ways is overwhelming.

Quitting masturbation and pornography is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do as a man and along the way you’re going to face many obstacles. One of your obstacles, is edging.

What is Nofap Edging?

Nofap Edging is touching yourself or looking at pornography, without reaching orgasm.

When you edge you let your addiction take you to the end of the cliff to look over the edge without intending to jump off.

More often than not, you fall. Masturbating and looking at porn while refraining from orgasm not only gives you blue balls, edging makes it impossible to stop, like a recovering heroin addict with a locker full of black tar he looks at.

Edging is like if an alcoholic held an open bottle of Coors Light while watching Sports Center, promising himself he isn’t going to drink.

The problem with edging

The problem with edging, and other close-to-the-edge addiction choices is the ritual.

You aren’t trying to beat an addiction. You’re trying to kill the habitual ritual associated with your bad habit.

Former addicts need to avoid their dealers, not hang out with them but refuse to purchase.

Edging is failure. You’re wading back into the murky waters you left because you aren’t yet ready to move back onto land, back into the sun. Drowning and hiding from reality.

Do not edge. Create a new life for yourself without the old ways of operating that feel like a movie ending halfway through it starts.

Pornheads & Incels

You’re prevented from becoming the greatest version of yourself if you are a slave to your body and addicted to the approval of women.

Pornheads have mommy-issues, can’t control their impulses, and use internet Porn to feel like they’re with a real woman to hide from feelings of being unwanted undervalued.

All incels worship women like Greek apostles worshiped Athena.

High-value men get women and low-value men get their hands. Spend time building skills instead of being thirsty. Have a purpose other than Pussy.

Why is edging so dangerous?

Edging is dangerous because it brings you back to the ritual of your addiction. Addiction isn’t about what you’re addicted to.

Addiction is a conditioned, habitual, ritual.

To use a metaphor, why should a semi-truck take a back road that hasn’t been serviced when the freeway gets daily touch-ups?

Your habits are like roads and the more you travel one road the nicer it becomes. Nicer, meaning the more likely you are to activate the habit because it becomes so familiar. People hate the unknown and love patterns.

Masturbating every day conditions you to masturbate more. Edging makes the problem worse.

Edging brings you back to the ritual; the lead-up before the addiction. You won’t break your addiction until you break the ritual.

Don’t edge. You won’t beat the addiction. Instead, you bring unnecessary suffering and failure into your life.

What to do instead of Edging

Don’t edge when you feel an urge. Instead, understand you are in a Nofap Emergency; an overwhelming urge to relapse.

Do something physical. When the overwhelming urge comes, get the energy out a different way.

Immediately drop to the floor and do as many pushups as you can. Five times in a row. You won’t have an urge anymore.

What to do in a Nofap Emergency [LINK]

The final word on Edging

Edging is when you masturbate or look at porn with an intention to refrain from orgasm. It isn’t good for you and makes quitting pornography and masturbation near-impossible.

If you are on the path to quitting pornography and masturbation, find other ways to release energy that does not involve masturbating. Physical releases usually work the best. Lift, play sports, but more importantly, live.

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