What To Do In a Nofap Emergency

Nofap Emergencies are difficult. Here's what you can do.


nofap emergency

This Article opens with a introduction to Nofap then transitions into strategies to settle a Nofap Emergency.

Nofap is one of the hardest rites of passage a man will go through.

Quitting masturbation and pornography is like trying to quit heroin while a needle is stapled to your body with infinite supply.

It’s hard to quit masturbation and pornography, but the benefits are unlimited.

Fap addicts see women as Goddesses. Addicts pray to their queens through Pornhub worship.

Porn turns you into a thirsty, desperate creep. If you’re a creep in the dark you are a creep in the light. Everything you do creates habits. You are a secret viewer watching porn, no different then spying on your neighbors or your friends having sex.

Imagine what you communicate to your brain while watching another man take a woman while you touch yourself.

I am not strong enough to find a mate of my own.

This view sounds extreme. It is. But it’s true across all species. The alpha mates while the lesser man desperately watches.

Getting hard

You need to do hard things to become hard. Quitting porn is hard. hard things are good for hard men and scary to cowards.

Once you kill your addiction to porn and masturbation you’ll also kill your addiction to women. You won’t be thirsty anymore.

The mind is a wonderful slave but a terrible master. The same goes for your urges.

Quitting porn and starting a Nofap journey towards mastering your urges puts you in control of them.

What’s the point of Nofap?

The point of Nofap isn’t to be a monk or some kind of puritan that looks down upon pleasure. Nofap helps maximize pleasure by encouraging you to seek out authentic experiences instead of fake ones.

nofap emergency - monk

Porn is fast food and sex is a five-star Las Vegas steakhouse, the kind of place where the chief comes to your table and watches you take the first bite. The chief takes satisfaction knowing you enjoy his food. She feels the same.

If you get control over your addiction to pornography you’ll want to have real sex all the time.

Porn, the fake kind of sex, doesn’t satisfy anymore. after you stop consuming pornography You’ll work harder to raise your value so you can get authentic sexual experiences.

Free of addiction, your focus targets authentic experiences you can only achieve by increasing your value–Nofap helps you set and accomplish goals to get what you want.

Read Your Brain on Porn to learn more about how porn affects your brain. Your Brain on Porn shows and cites studies about the effects of porn on the brain, one of the only books to do so.

Throughout your journey to beating masturbation and pornography addiction, you’ll face crippling urges to return to your old behavior. Nofap Emergencies.

Nofap Emergencies 

While trying to beat your addiction, you’ll experience near-crippling urges to go back to your old ways. You must fight these urges at all costs.

the overwhelming urge to run back to the comfort of porn & masturbation is called a Nofap Emergency.

These urges happen because your brain is used to getting massive dopamine showers from your toxic habit. Once you stop masturbating, it feels like all pleasure has left the world and the only cure is to go back.

Your brain is lying and responding to the lack of dopamine. Stay strong.

Once you get out of dopamine withdrawals, you’ll start to feel pleasure from little things again, like a good meal, beating a personal record, or accomplishing a goal.

When a Nofap emergency happens you need to act quickly to stay on the path.

What to do in a Nofap emergency 

nofap-emergency vehicle

When you’re experiencing a Nofap emergency and struggling to stay strong, you need to get out of your mind and into your body. You need endorphins from different sources and you need to change your environment.


During a Nofap emergency, immediately drop to the floor and do as many pushups as you can for five sets. Five sets to failure.

Do five sets to failure of any bodyweight exercise; or pullups, if you have a good bar you can use at home. 

You can also go to the gym but do the bodyweight exercises at home first. You need to handle your urge right when you feel it.

Go on a walk 

You can’t masturbate in public; or I should say you won’t, which is why going on a walk is a great strategy to handle a Nofap Emergency.

When you feel the urge to relapse, go on a walk. A long walk. Walk for at least a minimum of half a mile.

Humans set up patterns & rituals to retain mental processing power. By breaking, or stepping away from your ritual, you won’t feel the urge.

If your usual place to masturbate is the bedroom, get out. Wherever it is. If you go on a walk you eliminate any chance of relapse. You want 100% certainty in your addiction journey.

Call a relative or a MALE friend 

The fastest way to kill your urge is a thirty-minute conversation with your grandmother, your mom, your mother-in-law. your father. Talking to a relative, someone off-limits sexually with no exceptions will help manage your urge.

Have a long conversation. You’ll kill your urge and you’ll strengthen the relationship with your family.

Calling a friend helps as well. Don’t call your girlfriends. Call your brothers.

You can use this in combination with a physical release for maximum effect.

Treat yourself 

This one is easy. When you’re in a nofap emergency, negotiate with yourself for a public reward.

“If I don’t indulge, I’ll go buy a coffee. Guilt-free.”

Reward yourself and leave your habitual masturbatory space.

Go get coffee, eat out; go shopping, and buy yourself some new threads for the new you.

Take a shower 

All of the self-help gurus for men jumped onto the cold-shower trend like polar bears on the last remaining glacier in the Arctic ocean.

You can take a shower–that doesn’t have to be cold– to control your urge.

A nofap emergency needs to get you out of your urge and in your body or your mind. You need a direct shock of a stimulus other than pornography or self-touching.

if you can take a cold shower comfortably, do it. Sometimes a hot shower does the trick too.

Ten minutes in the shower, combined with a walk or a little training, and your mind will shift away from urges and towards the new sensory input you introduced.

Handling a Nofap Emergency 

To beat nofap urges you must get excess energy out through training and flee from the ritual location where you masturbate.

There is no other way.

Urges aren’t sexual. Urges are your power–you’ve just conditioned yourself to release power through a useless way.

Change your urges to release your power constructively. Train it out or work it out.

How do you handle your urges?

How do you handle your urges? What other strategies do you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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