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little andreian truths

49 Little Truths To Improve Your Life Right Now. Vol. 1

Little truths are bite sized morsels of information that improve your life. Think of little truths as easy to remember concepts you can hold in your hand like a...
determining the value of friends

Find The Value Of Your Friends With These 58 Questions

Warriors can become close friends only when they see into each other's hearts. Warriors are not to associate casually just for a good time or a congenial conversation. If...
who are the Andreians

Who Are The Andreians?

I love the name of honor, more than I fear death. Julius Gaius Caesar | Roman Politician We Are Andreians. For the love of discipline, we are bold. This blog began as Andreia...
morning and night routines

Morning & Night Routines: The Most Important Part of Your Day

A good routine to start your morning helps prepare your mind for the war that is your day. Without a routine, your brain doesn’t have a trigger to get...