Nofap is a men’s movement created by Alexander Rhodes.

The movement started with an article posted to Reddit that declared men who abstain from porn & masturbation for seven days see an increase in testosterone of 145%.

Nofap grew into a decent-sized community from its start in 2011.

All that’s required to join is abstaining from masturbation, pornography and paying pixel prostitutes for their nudes on onlyfans.

Even if you didn’t know what Nofap is before this, you may have tried it before. Ever heard of No nut November? It’s the same concept, except this one is forever.

Celebrity Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss wrote a post for Nofap when he issued his NODNOM challenge; no booze no masturbating. For a month.

Aubrey Marcus, the founder of Onnit, Podcaster, and former Fleshlight entrepreneur tried Nofap. He lasted nine days out of his goal of 18 months. However, he was abstaining from masturbation and sex. 

Nofap does not restrict sex. It encourages sex. Removing sex from your life is as useless as if your third leg was actually a third leg.



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In an impulsive moment on November 3rd, I declared that I wasn’t going to have sex or masturbate indefinitely. My goal was 6 months. I lasted exactly 9 days. Pathetic? Maybe. Embarrassing? Definitely. Perfect? It just might be. Because even though I only lasted 9 days in my first attempt (I plan on restarting…soon 🤷‍♂️), I discovered probably the most important and somewhat shocking thing about myself…ever. I DON’T LOVE MYSELF​ Sounds crazy right? I mean, I’ve been reading, writing, and talking about self-love for years. I legitimately thought I was actually doing a good job in that department. People would ask me about my self-love and I would say “Yeah, it’s great. It’s just this other shit that is bothering me.” – – – To continue reading about my experience and what I learned about self-love check my newsletter that releases tomorrow (Wednesday). Link in bio to subscribe 🖊 Thanks for all the support loveheads, make sure you give yourself a little love today. It’s important ❤️

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Nofap Science

The science of Nofap is spotty at best. While many talk about the benefits of nofap–like on the R/nofap subreddit–experts believe it’s all placebo. This Psychologist said the benefits of Nofap are only incidental.

There is some supporting evidence for Nofap; including the original study that started the Nofap movement. But there still isn’t a definitive answer if abstaining from masturbation does anything other than torture you.

Even though something may or may not be proven to be effective in a study, that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective for you.

Try everything, keep what works, kick what doesn’t. This way, you are always growing.

Below are articles both supporting and arguing against Nofap.

Pro Nofap

Research on the relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men. 

The original article that started the movement. Men reached a peak of 145.7% serum testosterone baseline levels after seven days ob abstaining from ejaculation. There was no difference in baseline levels between the second and fifth day.

Increased estrogen receptor alpha immunoreactivity in the forebrain of sexually satiated rats. 

From the article:

“Estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) participates in the neuroendocrine regulation of male sexual behavior, primarily in brain areas located in the limbic system. Males of many species present a long-term inhibition of sexual behavior after several ejaculations, known as sexual satiety. It has been shown that androgen receptor density is reduced 24 h after a single ejaculation or mating to satiety, in the medial preoptic area, nucleus accumbens and ventromedial hypothalamus.”

Endocrine response to masturbation-induced orgasm in healthy men following a three-week sexual abstinence. 

An Abstinence period of three weeks produced elevated testosterone levels in men.

Against Nofap

The Nofap Community needs to do more fact-checking 

I tried nofap and it sucked for me.

Why we’re scared of masturbating 

Nofap Resources 


The original Subreddit

Alexander Rhodes’ website | the creator of Nofap.

Your brain on porn

Not necessarily against Nofap, but completely against porn. YBOP has a good selection of studies to think about, too.


Your brain on Porn 

Written by Gary Wilson, who has compiled the biggest repository of Nofap Science. although we still want more hard science before we conclusively say anything.

Your Brain on Porn is probably the least dramatized book. Nofap participants can tend to exaggerate the benefits of Nofap. But you won’t know unless you try. Nofap could be what you need to start a new life.

Breaking the Cycle

This book advises how to break the cycle of pornography addiction. Breaking the Cycle takes a hard look at the shame attached to pornography addictions–which can become quite severe.

Breaking the Cycle talks about one horrifying component of pornography addiction; progressive overload. You may start with step-mom porn, but once that is no longer interesting, you may evolve to a darker fetish that you don’t even like.

The Demise of Guys

Written by Philip Zimbardo, who created the Standford Prison Experiment.

He believes the two factors contributing most to the demise of guys are Pornography and Video Games.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

No more Mr. Nice Guy explains who nice guys are and how to stop being one.

This isn’t a book about being mean. It’s about standing up for yourself. Some passages reference men who consume too much adult content see women as goddess’ instead of people.

While not being entirely about Nofap, it’s a good read for anyone who wants more information about abstinence from masturbation and pornography.


Gary Wilson, founder of Your Brain on Porn, giving a Ted Talk about the dangers of Pornography.


Elliot Hulse: Bodybuilder, strongman, trainer, and influencer, discusses how Nofap has changed his life in another classic YouTube video.

Joe Rogan is skeptical of Nofap. He’s right to do so. The science isn’t there yet to prove anything conclusive. Still, try everything and keep what works for you. Don’t let a study be the permission slip to try something new.

Andreian Nofap articles 

  1. What is a Nofap Relapse and How Can I Stop it?
  2. What is Nofap Edging and why is it so Dangerous?
  3. What To Do In a Nofap Emergency
  4. The Nofap Flatline | What it is and How to Beat it
  5. NoFap Superpowers | Can quitting Porn & Masturbation make you Superhuman?
  6. NoFap Hardmode: A Near-Impossible Challenge for Men
  7. Nofap Depression: The Connection

What to do with this information

Nofap doesn’t have a lot of hard science yet. That doesn’t mean Nofap isn’t effective, it means it isn’t well studied.

It’s almost impossible to create a Nofap study.

Not only do you have to keep men from masturbating, but you also have to account for all kinds of variables. Hormones fluctuate all the time.

Pinning full credit for increased or decreased testosterone on abstention from masturbation is harder than a former pornstar trying to make a career as a serious actress.

Become your own scientist.

Try Nofap for a month. If your life is better, keep going. If it isn’t, stop. That’s all you need to do. Keep it simple.

If you want real results, try going without porn and masturbation for 90 days. That’s the time most report to “reboot your brain” and kick the habit.


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