How to Relive every day on your Death Bed

Relive your life: On Command

how to relive every day on your death bed

how to relive every day on your death bed

After you die, standing before God–he asks you–if you have any expectations of where you’re going for eternity: Heaven or Hell.

I don’t know. I feel like I was a good person. I think.

A questioning eye looks up from behind a podium made of clouds, standing as tall as the Empire state building. Quickly, God looks back down on his clipboard, reviewing your accomplishments, your failures, and your morals.

You sit and wait.

Waiting is excruciating.

How’s everyth“–”quiet.” says God, interrupting you.

No amount of prying or trying will crack open the creator’s mind and reveal to you his decision: Heaven or Hell.

God begins listing your wins. And then your sins.

When you were ten years old, you stole money from your mother’s purse…” This goes on for what feels like years. Time doesn’t exist in Heaven. But, a few Earth years passed listening to God recount your transgressions against the community of Heaven.

Then God recites your victories. In a few hours.

Your outcome doesn’t look good.

How to relive Every Day on your Deathbed

relive on your death bed

In the moment, wasting time doesn’t matter. Spending a day playing video games, all Sunday, for around… ten hours doesn’t feel like a complete travesty. But it is.

Allowing one day of total leisure means you’re willing to have multiple days of no duty, no honor, and no purpose.

One day leads to many.

How do you prevent wasting your life?

How do you relive every day of your life, on command?

There’s a way to travel through your life, explore your memories, in private without fear of judgment.

Reliving your past is fun. Reliving your past is painful. Your past is full of lessons. Use them.

Journal Every Day | Log your Life

journal your life

Every night, write the events of the day in your journal. You can use an online journal, privately, using this method. Paper and pen works well too.

You can write about whatever you want. Don’t hold back. Write your failures, your wins, even the small things that may not matter now; like what you ate for breakfast.

How to have a private journal on your computer

Your journal is your therapist, your best friend and your historian. It’s fun to revisit your past, but there’s more to revisiting than fun. Your past has a massive collection of lessons that expire if they’re never recorded.

Your brain is the most complex–anything–we know of. However, your brain’s storage is limited. Paper is unlimited. Most people can’t remember what they ate for breakfast yesterday. But, writing your day keeps a running log of your existence.

How can you improve your life if you forget your lessons?

lessons and books

You can’t. But you can relive every day of your life on your deathbed if you journal every day.

Imagine, you’re ninety years old, you’ve accomplished everything. You’ve traveled to Greece, Italy, and other romantic destinations. Now, you’re reading a ten-thousand page novel of your own life.

Burned Out

Many people feel burned out on their path because they forget how strong they are. David Goggins, former navy seal, talks about how important it is to never forget where you came from and what you’ve endured. And his life is much harder than most.

Wisdom from David Goggins. World record holder for most pull-ups completed in twenty-four hours.

If you’re feeling defeated, you can review your journal and look back a year or farther. Look at how your life is different then compared to now. You’ll find many of the issues you dealt with in your past felt like unpassable obstacles. But you’re here now.

The issues you’re facing today are no different than the issues you faced in the past.

In the moment, conflict feels like a God of War who can never be defeated. But every time you face conflict–you win.

Winning feels good.

If you understand your past, you can use this knowledge to face your future with confidence: instead of fear.

Everything you’re facing now, you’ve already dealt with. All stress is the same. You solve stress in different ways. Having more tools to deal with your problems allows you to accomplish bigger challenges.

Confidence is like Mamma’s secret chicken seasoning that ties the entire fried-chicken dish together. Confidence added to anything is an improvement.

Understanding your past and using it for personal reflection helps you progress forward.

Journaling every day helps turn decision making into a data process rather than an emotional process. Then you’ll stop making the same mistakes because you’ll understand the mistakes you’re repeating.

Journal every day. Relive your entire life whenever you feel like it.

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