How to Play the Mindfulness Game

Once you start playing The Mindfulness Game you CAN'T stop

how to play the mindfulness game

how to play the mindfulness game andreian

Mindfulness in 2019 is closing in on fit tea, waist trainers and detoxes for the champion spot for most empty buzzword health trend.

Mindfulness isn’t new. Mindfulness meditation, the practice of paying attention to the breathe to avoid drowning in thoughts, has been practiced for thousands of years if not longer.

Being mindful is a simple concept.

Mindfulness can be taught to a toddler who is still learning to speak, a teenager experiencing the woes of pubescent life, all the way to the elderly person, struggling to find peace suffocated with alzheimers disease.

Everyone can learn how to be mindful. Musashi had to be mindful to be the greatest samurai to ever live.

Mindfulness is not complicated, nor is mindfulness outside of yourself. You don’t need anything to be mindful. Like breathing methods, mindfulness is free and will always be free.

Your mind is a constant.

Your mind is a skill. We don’t value our minds and managing our thoughts, because we assume our minds are in a constant state and can’t be changed.

The unchanging mind applies even more to one who is within a rut, struggling with depression, or a hero, floating on a cloud of confidence seeing the world as a domain to create.

Controlling and improving your mind is different than becoming more intelligent through learning.

Controlling your mind and mindfulness really means, how in-control you are of your default state and how you see the world.

What do you need to be mindful?

Books can help teach you the basics of mindfulness through meditation. Luckily, we already made a list of the best books on meditation.

You don’t need gurus to be mindful or to learn how to meditate. People on Instagram taking photos of themselves meditating for attention are the worst. Meditation is an independent practice. Gurus only want to be seen in meditation but rarely practice outside of a lens.

The mindfulness game will help you become more mindful.

How to play the mindfulness game

Every time you get lost in thought, go back to the breathe. It’s a game you play forever.

The essence of the way.

The mindfulness game is not a hard or complicated game. But, the mindfulness game is the hardest game.

You never stop playing it. Once you become a veteran of monitoring your breathing, you’ll always want to play the mindfulness game.

Meditation is always available and not used enough.

You can meditate for one minute while you are in traffic. One minute will improve your well-being, although it is much better to sit and practice at least two ten-minute sessions a day.

The essence of meditation is to be in the moment of your life and not be held back by thoughts. You can learn more about meditation with these amazing meditation books.

Your thoughts always accompany an emotion. Uncontrolled thoughts create unwanted emotion. Usually, the uncontrolled thoughts we have are negative; we experience negative emotions.

Controlling your thoughts and playing the mindfulness game not only helps control negative feelings, but also maximizes good feelings.

Most people live through their emotions. The Andreian lives above his emotions, like a God, watching how history plays out and making adjustments to create a perfect outcome.

Playing the mindfulness game, consistently returning back to the breathe and avoiding mental chatter, will give you control over your mind and your emotions.

Start playing.

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