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Knights In the public service must keep appropriate military equipment and weaponry corresponding to their status. This includes items that are in the military codes of every house and those ordained by their employers, such as the individual emblems, the helmet crests, the spear emblems, the sleeve emblems, and the carrier emblems. Recognition emblems such as these must always be provided for the whole house.

If you try to provide these things suddenly in an emergency, your habitual neglect all along will be revealed, and there is no telling how people will look down on you. In ancient codes for warrior houses it says that those who are killed by their own allies because of neglecting recognition emblems have died for nothing. Thus there is no room for negligence. 

Suppose a warrior of lesser rank is going to get a full new outfit and intends, for example, to spend three pieces of gold on the whole set of gear. He should plan to spend two-thirds on the whole set of gear. He should plan to spend two-thirds of that on the armor and the helmet, and use the rest for underwear, pants, shirt, coat, chaps, battle jacket, whip, fan, mess kit, gear bag, canteen, and so on. It is essential to prepare all the necessary items as well as the armor.

Code Of The Samurai | Taira Shigesuke


Opportunity Does Not Come When Called

Always Be Ready For Opportunity


War is an opportunistic event.

The same goes for all major changes, good or bad, that will happen to you. Warrior or not.

Opportunities, like war, do not come when you’re ready. Opportunity comes when it’s ready. You don’t have a say in the matter.

Opportunity is not a dog that comes when it is called. Opportunity is like a cat. Finicky, unpredictable, deadly, and majestic. In the worst ways, and the best. One day, you wake up and your cat is on the end of your bed, your opportunity, looking at you with warm, pleasant green cat eyes. Welcoming you over, for a mutual display of affection.

The next day, the cat is gone. Gone like the bird you witnessed her swipe from a nest days prior.

As such is the nature of opportunity.

You Must Always Be Prepared For The Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

Like our cat, opportunity, you must always be ready. Opportunity has a habit of presenting herself in a little ball, nestled on your lap while you aren’t looking. Will you be ready for her?

You can take some simple, easy steps to help you prepare for her arrival.

  • Always dress your best when leaving your home.
  • Carry a business card, or five, in your wallet.
  • Never be caught without a pen and a single sheet of paper.
  • Leave an extra phone charger in your car.
  • Always have mouthwash, gum, or mints within five feet of your person.
  • Anything else you need when opportunity sits on your lap.

Whatever you need to be ready for opportunity, be sure to have it. A breathing method is an obvious requirement.

Think of your habits and choices when you leave your home. What choices have I made that will add value to my departure? 

Wearing dirty clothes, being unkempt, will make you blend into a sea of nobodies like a single drop of water is added into the ocean. Have you tried standing out? Have you tried wearing something, presenting yourself in a manner that will invite opportunity herself? A suit, even a shirt, and a sport coat will bring much more to you than a t-shirt and sandals.

Moments of “I’m going to have a lazy day“, will be your ultimate defeat.

This is the day your boss is in a mood to fire someone or give someone a massive promotion.

This is the day you’re out to dinner, and happen to see a literary agent at the diner. Without your script.

This is the day you forget your pen and paper when the most beautiful person you’ve seen wants to give you their number.

This is the day your childhood hero agrees to do an interview with you, but you left your phone at home.

The more prepared you are for opportunity, the better you will perform when she comes.

The more prepared you are for opportunity, the more opportunities you’ll be able to take or avoid if they are unwanted or used against you.

Treat every day like you’re going to battle. Your opposing army is your opportunity. The battle for your destiny, and a chance to grow exponentially. Like a Samurai needs his armor, his clothing, and his sword you must always have the proper equipment for battle. You must take your equipment too, every day to war.

A samurai would take his own life in shame if he was caught without his armor and sword ready at a moments notice. The samurai knew if the call for war rang out, and he was unprepared for opportunity, he would be shamed. Shamed that while others fought, he sharpened his weapon, and cleaned his armor. A shame so heavy, he wouldn’t be able to carry the load.


Have you felt shame from a missed opportunity?

Let no opportunity slip through your fingers, by your own hands unprepared to grab.

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