wait I thought you said

Some people can’t handle change. Change is the only universal truth in the universe. Everything you see will one day leave. Everything you love will turn to dust and crumble. Enjoy what you love while it lasts. And change for the better.

If someone close to you mentions any of the sentences below or sentences like them: run.

  • I thought you quit drinking.
  • I thought you didn’t like to work out.
  • Since when did you quit smoking?
  • You’ve never liked spicy food before. Why did you order that?
  • You’re going to the gym now? But you hate working out!
  • You’re playing the Piano now? Why? You’re too old to play piano.
  • You said you hated tattoos. Why did you get one?

This is how a normal person reacts to change.

Normal people, those who fight against change because change for them is always bad, will suck the life out of you like donating blood. All your blood. Because people like this are toxic.

They don’t want to see you improve. They’re afraid of being left behind. A rational fear. Normal people don’t create anything new. They only consume. New shows, new movies, new products that fade in a few months–the fidget spinner– normal people do whatever they can to avoid their purpose because the thought of failure is too painful to attempt anything worthwhile or important.

Normal people don’t want to be left behind.

left behind

When you tell your drinking friends you’re done hitting happy hour at Applebees every day after work because you’re going to start lifting: your drinking buddies attack you.

Really, you’re quitting drinking? Are you a pussy bro? Can’t handle your liquor anymore? Think you’re cool for lifting weights, like some dumb jock?

You aren’t the problem. Loser friends are.

Misery loves company. Your friends don’t want to see you improve because they’re afraid of being left behind. Your self-improvement is a reminder that your friends aren’t doing anything with their lives.

Their words feel like daggers. They are. People who speak like this, those who can’t tolerate change want to hurt you. They want to put you in place, a cozy little box; reliable for them.

We’re always changing.

Even when we aren’t moving were changing. The world progresses, and the friends who continue going to Applebees change. They get closer to death. One gets cancer. Another gets a divorce.

Change happens to you if you don’t change for the better.

If you control change, you decide the flow of your life. We can improve or walk slowly into self-destruction.

Andreians create their own change. Andreians always move forward because we understand change is ours to control.

Normal people keep pace with change. This keeps normal people working paycheck to paycheck barely scraping by without any accomplishments to speak of.

They look in the mirror and see a beer belly. Years pass by. Nothing remarkable happens. Then they die.

You can easily become a slave to change. Most people are slaves to change. If you associate with them, they’ll do everything in their power to take your dreams away from you and attach a ball and chain to your ankle.

Don’t hang out with toxic people trapped by their own bad habits and fears of failure.

Be a student of your dreams and a slave to nothing.

dreams of better futures

No man can control you. Let no man tell you what to do. We are students of progress. We let our mistakes teach us how to continue falling on our faces, getting up, looking behind us and seeing everyone–the sheep–without any scars but heart disease instead.

Failure and change are both good for us. Without failing, we’ll never improve or leave the toxic comfort of safety.

There are no limits. Only self-imposed walls made in your mind.


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