Technology is moving faster than a #MeToo case against an overconfident male actor. It’s hard to keep up with the exponential, technological wave of progress roaring through every sector of business.

One of the most important technological breakthroughs of the 21st century are smartphones; pocket-sized super-computers capable of advanced processing, stronger than the computers used to land on the moon, some say.

Your phone is a brilliant tool, but it’s also a massive distraction. Even if you could live a few centuries longer, you still wouldn’t be able to play every game, watch every movie, or listen to every song. there isn’t enough time for distractions.

There’s too much content already. Good content comes out every week. Your belongings: like your phone, tv, and laptop are entertainment machines; all they do is entertain.

Entertainment is not a good use of your time.

Entertainment is a lure for your attention. Companies crave attention even more than money; recent tech IPOs confirm this.

Where attention goes money follows. While entertaining yourself, you miss opportunities for growing, training, and improving: walking farther down your path to mastery.

That isn’t to say entertainment is bad. It’s not. But, entertainment won’t give you a fulfilling life nor can you use it to hide from difficult challenges, as most do.

self fulfillment through accomplishment with website
In case you forgot.

Give yourself entertainment rewards for achieving small, micro-goals that work towards a larger goal and a bigger purpose. More information on this in the Andreian Philosophy Code.

Men are unfulfilled because they don’t do anything hard or meaningful. Men are addicted to entertainment and it is ruining their lives and their chances of finding meaning.

Adults spend over 11 hours a day looking at a screen, consuming media.

People spend three hours and fifteen minutes on their phones per day.

We are in a meaningless era of entertainment and Pussy addiction that no one wants to talk about. The addiction to Stranger things, The Boys, and Friends/The Office re-runs is too sweet.


Entertainment agenda – Companies

Entertainment companies–everyone who has anything to do with media–play data games with your mind to try and find out what you’ll pay attention to.

Powerful, once-bullied nerds test, tweak and use algorithms to get your attention: the currency of the internet.

Facebook is a master of manipulating negative emotions to get you to click on stories you don’t like, among other bad, bad deeds.

Revenge of the nerds.

Movies aren’t made for art anymore. They’re made to make the most money destroy art in the pursuit. Unfortunate, since good art makes the best money.

What to do about Entertainment addiction


To push against entertainment addiction and lean into mastery, there are a few measures to take.

Limit Screen Time

Download a screen time tracking tool. Some phones already have one built-in. I use Quality Time for my Android phone, and RescueTime on my computer. I recommend these two. I like them; I assume almost all screen tracking tools are the same.

A good limit for screentime is an hour. Now, I know that is a short window, but we’re tracking wasted time. If you’re using your phone for maps, or a business call, exclude that time. Some apps can do that for you.

Take the same approach for your computer. Give yourself one hour of screen time that isn’t working, learning, or training.

You won’t be disciplined enough to stop yourself. Setup a list of allowed websites you’ll use for working, learning, or training and block the rest.

Disavow social media, Amazon, Reddit, and others. Find where you waste the most time with your time-tracker installed. Then, block those sites.

Schedule Luxury Time

Try scheduling luxury time. Time when you can consume whatever media you want and do, whatever you want.

If you schedule luxury time, the rest of your time must be spent walking your path.

Give yourself one luxury day a week. You can do anything you want if the rest of the week was fruitful. If you weren’t disciplined, you haven’t earned this day. Taking it would be dishonorable.

Earn Luxury Time

Earn your luxury time. Setup goals that offer coupons for luxury days. Like, if you were to set up a weight-loss program. For every ten pounds lost, you get an entire luxury day. Minus junk-food privileges.

When you finish your degree, you get to spend a month in another country with a language unlike your own.


Setup difficult, achievable challenges.

By offering rewards for your dedication to progress, you’ll make more progress and you’ll get richer life experiences.

Why drink beer today, when you can have whiskey, tomorrow? There is a book about this called The Marshmellow test.

Entertainment Addiction

Live a good, pleasurable, accomplish-filled life. Earn deep, metamorphic experiences through challenges of skill, discipline, courage and patience.

If you get everything you want without much struggle, what you want won’t be valuable to you.

Suffering is like butter. It makes everything better. Afterward.

Don’t let entertainment be your purpose. Nor pleasure. Find a purpose, a path, and dedicate yourself to it. Every day. Get better.

Then go watch a inspirational show.

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