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Oath of the Horati

The time of fine art was the great age of art. Sadly, fine art isn’t popular anymore.

Even though television, video games, and pop culture have replaced fine art it is still valuable today. Fine art helps us learn more about who we are.

When you see art, you relate it to your life. You have to; you don’t have any information to make an opinion of what the artist is saying. Art critics attempt to understand the artist’s message, but no one except the artist knows. TV shouts its message – there is little room to interpret anything.

The mystery of art is the mystery of the message

In a painting, the message is a whisper from the artist. You can stare at a piece of art for centuries attempting to analyze it, passed around among eras like a precious family crest, and you still won’t find the meaning the artist wants to convey through every brush stroke.

You can find what art means to you in a fraction of the time. You’re always right.

Looking at art helps us understand ourselves. When someone says that a piece of art speaks to them, they mean it reminds them of a memory. Use this to your advantage. Lessons and ideas hide in the paint. Find more about who you are by admiring art.

Daily Art

Daily Art is an app that releases a new painting and the background behind it once per day. Daily art is on Android and iPhone.

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Nothing fancy. One painting per-day with a few words included. Below are some recent paintings.

Ideal head of a woman

Ideal Head of a Woman – Michelangelo


Michelangelo created sophisticated studies of profile heads, such as this one, as works of art in their own right. He probably made this highly polished drawing as a gift for a close friend. It shows an idealized female beauty who, in keeping with the Michelangelo’s…”

daily art app 2

Stone – Katsushika Hokusai


“Stone (Ishi) is from the series Osana asobi ken sabantsuki no uchi. The woman in this exquisitely printed surimono is painting the flat surface of a tray landscape, made with mountain shaped stone. A paintings hands in the alcove…”

daily art app 3

A Young Nukahiwan Not Completely Tattood – John Swaine


“By Taiohae Bay, a young Marquesan Toa gazes at the Sea’s infinity, challenging whatever is to come. He carries a spear and a skull, fearsome symbols of war accomplishments, and in his skin…”


Fine art can help us learn more about ourselves by triggering memories, emotions, and behaviors during interpretation. Daily Art delivers one piece of art a day straight to your phone.

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