When do you know it’s time to move on?

When is it time to move on?

When is it time to move on?

Humans thrive off of novelty.

Novelty and new experiences are survival mechanisms to help continue the human race.

This is why we love new experiences regardless of what they are. Why a man of many talents is highly prized today.

Look at traveling for example. People love to go because it ignites a primitive drive in humans: Migration.

We weren’t always driving to the grocery store in our climate controlled cars. A safety bubble in a harsh asphalt jungle. In more challenging times we migrated to find new sources of food. Today’s representation of this would be a grocery store with one supply. After that, find a new market.

Food supply was the dilemma of our ancestors. When our current land ran out of assets, we moved to find more. We migrated for other reasons too. A foreign invader was conquering our lands, natural disasters and other predicaments leaving us few choices.

Humans also prosper from being good at something. It doesn’t matter what.

moving on knights

Having a skill is having an identity.

If you were a master with steel, you were a blacksmith.

If you were a master of war, you were a soldier.

Today if you play video games, you are a gamer. What you do is who you become.

Who are you right now?

Are you living the correct title based upon your time spent?

What should you be, right now, if you aren’t that thing already?

Beyond wealth, women and power having a talent will make you happier. Wanting to be good at something comes from the primitive need to be part of a tribe, a group. Jack Donovan talks about tribes in his book, The Way Of Men. Men base their values upon the hierarchy of their tribe. The more talented you are, the more perks both economically, and socioeconomically you are bestowed with.

Comradery has been part of the human experience for thousands of years, allowing us to survive against larger more violent predators. Take a moment and think about it. Nearly every other animal has fur or some other kind of defense. Humans have skin. Silky, soft skin that behaves like the skin of a twinkie when predators are hungry.

Other animals have weapons they developed. A lion has claws and fangs that resemble thousands of deadly daggers.

Many insects are poisonous to make up for their diminutive stature. What do you fear more, a raccoon, or the Black Widow spider?

We have nothing.

We are the easy-appetizer for the ferocious predator. But, a victim can only tolerate a bully for so long before he changes. The victim fails, or creates a new strategy- the peasant forced to become the commander of an army he isn’t ready for.

Groups allowed us to survive against predators for thousands of years. It’s a survival instinct to be part of a team. Why it’s so hard to be an individual today.

We’re operating on outdated software like listening to a Walkman in 2023.

Being an individual meant a certain death reminiscent of movies like the Revenant today.

If you’re alone, you are vulnerable. We want to fit in, and it doesn’t matter where. Acceptance is universal to our tribal minds. This is why cult leaders seek loners; the human trafficking industry finds runaway girls.

Look at the current political landscape. People are throwing logic into the trash can like last year’s newspaper. Today, many want to fit in more than they want to believe in science.

When fitting in becomes more important than truth, societies crumble. Take the eruption of Pompeii as an example. The rumblings were heard days earlier, yet no one moved.

But what happens when what you used to love, isn’t working for you anymore?

What happens when who you love isn’t generating any feelings anymore?

What happens when the group you used to fit in with becomes a metaphorical Leper colony whose contagion is coming to infect you?

What happens when what you used to believe… no longer aligns with your current convictions?

You change.

You take your old constitution and burn away the fat like searing a perfect steak in a cast-iron pan.

when to move on

You played video games throughout all your childhood. This habit carried into high school so that you could spend more time with your friends online. The young forge their identity collectively with their social group.

You wanted an Xbox because your friends all had one.

You played football because all your friends were on the team.

Many of us are still victim to this and refuse to become an individual. You’re preventing the evolution to becoming the greatest version of yourself. The next level of your life. A spiritual rebirth of becoming a man.

Your video gaming habit carried into college. Late nights, screaming obscenities into your microphone like a champion fighter tormenting his challenger.

These nights used to be your favorite.

You can’t stand them anymore.

You used to watch youtube videos about video games. Livestreams of others playing video games. Magazines about video games and new summer releases.

Now you read and chase your passions like a convict released from a ten-year sentence.

You’re making up for lost time.

Your friends continue playing games. You’re building a monument, something; you aren’t quite sure what yet. All that you know is your former life is dead. You don’t have times for games anymore, Or your current tribe who worships them like a false idol made of plastic & silicone.

The answer to when you should move on, below.

 When do you know it’s time to move on?

move on

When you stop seeking new knowledge.

You’re no longer trying to become better at video games. It’s time to move on. Knowledge and ‘better’ are identical in this.

Take a football player for example. When he practices, he gains experience he previously didn’t have. Same when the player reads books on the subject and watches footage of other teams.

A samurai trains every day to master a craft. It is his responsibility to himself, and his fellow samurai to become a master. Samurai are masters of honor. The best books about the samurai can be found right here.

it’s all knowledge.

Below are three more examples of moving on. They may not all align with your life, at least one will.

Moving On From Her

Your relationship. Your fling or your wife.

Crows don’t circle your relationship waiting to pick apart the remains. When do we know when a relationship is dead?

When you no longer care to learn more about her. This can be a two-way street, too. If your marriage has been long, too long, examine it from the perspective of knowledge. What have you learned about your other half in the last month? What have you taught each other?

Tedious repetition is the death of romantic relationships.

Wake up, have coffee.

Say goodbye on your way to work, or never say a word. Morning sex? That went out of fashion after the honeymoon. Your marriage is a mullet or a man-bun.

Come home, eat dinner, and sleep.

Rinse and repeat.

Do you spend your one life-ticket on this?

 Moving On From Your Job

It’s time to move on from your job when your life feels like it’s on rails.

You know the feeling.

moving on pilot

When you’re no longer the captain flying your plane like you used to be. Now, the plane is flown by your employer, and you’re napping your goals away in the cockpit.

You are the navigator of your own life. Do not permit anyone else to take this from you. If you do, you become a slave.

What skills have you improved in the last year at your job? If you cannot see a noticeable improvement at your job, you’re a prisoner.

Let me explain.

If you work in the same office for five years without gaining skills, what will happen if they go under? Or, if you’re accused of ‘harassment’ and fired? Any reason to be let go can be used against you if need be.

You’re let go, and enlisted into the army of the faceless unemployed. The bread-line with the other sad-faced, stubbled men. A sea of grubby, oustretched palms asking for leftovers. Without new skills, the past five years of your life have become a permanent vacuum of time and energy with no return.

While the world moves forward, you stay the same. In five years, you’re now five years behind the rest of the world. This is how companies keep you trapped, dreaming of the twenty-year gold watch that will never come; you’re fired first.

Companies keep you trapped by making you believe you can’t live without them. This occurs when your skills stagnant and the company grows with the thousands of hours you’ve invested into her.

Companies make you join part of a “team.” Mentioned previously above, we all need to fit in somewhere. Companies give those whose life motto is “I guess this will work.” a place to feel at home until they’re no longer needed and no longer welcome home.

Join the Floor-Mart team today! We are a loyal and supportive group of hard working individuals. Opportunities for advancement!


None of us talk to each other unless it involves complaining about our miserable lives to one another like prisoners of war in a battle for personal freedom. You can advance your way all the way to team leader using your “teammates” backs as steps on the way up.

Who gets the raises?

The man who is loyal, or the man who performs?

The man who performs has options, so he receives raises. He could leave and find something better. Your company knows this and gives him better pay. You receive… “thank you for your loyalty we don’t have the budget right now.”

They have the budget, but not for you.

The same paradigm applies to dating.

Moving from your current location

If you live in the town you were born in and you’re over 18, drive.

drive away from it all

evolution designed you to migrate, and you need to migrate at least once.

Seeing the same people you went to high school with day in, day out, will trap you as an adolescent forever. Moving across the country or to a new country requires a confidence reminiscent of the Oregon Trail. Without dysentery, of course.

It’s easy to live in the same neighborhood you were born in. Ask yourself this: What choices have made the best impact in your life, the easy ones, or the hard ones?

  • It’s easy to keep drinking when you’re an alcoholic. It’s hard to stop.
  • It’s easy to keep working in fast food when you graduate high school.
  • It’s hard to go to college at an IV league school.
  • It’s easy to stay in your current pay bracket without asking for a raise. It’s hard to call for a promotion.

Hammering the point further, what new restaurants have you been to in your city? Speaking to those who still live in their hometown.

The answer is none or few. Moved to New York City last week? You’ll be exploring every night like Columbus discovering the new world.

 Ask Yourself This Question To Stop Wasting Your Time.

Time is the most valuable resource in the world. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow hasn’t been born yet and may never, for you.

The present is the only time you’re alive.

What have you learned or improved today?

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  1. “It’s easy to live in the same neighborhood you were born in…”

    This line resonated with me. I grew up in a small suburb, and after I graduated high school it was tempting to live at home with my Mom because it felt “comfortable.” There was no stress. I was afraid to move out of this small town away from my friends and family.

    It’s vital to punch fear right in the face, and this is exactly what I did. I moved across the country to New York City to explore. Three years later when NYC started to feel comfortable, I made the leap to live abroad in Spain and explore Europe for half a year.

    You’re correct that if you’re over 18 years old and you live in the same town you grew up in…you need to drive. Get out of there. You need to grow. Excellent advice.


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