who are the Andreians

I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.

Julius Gaius Caesar | Roman Politician

We Are Andreians. For the love of discipline, we are bold.

This blog began as Andreia Thoughts. Meditations and Musings based on the Greek concept of masculinity: Andreia.

The concept of Andreia means masculine valor. A mentality of taking the fight to the enemy. Even if the enemies are within us.

The meaning of the word implies others. A group of people with similar beliefs.

Because the lone wolf dies alone.

Armies are strong.

The blog could no longer be Andreia Thoughts. It’s not my thoughts anymore. Vincent, the main contributor to this blog. We are creating a new class of person. One who values honor & Discipline.

It wasn’t enough to think about concepts on Andreia. Thinking does nothing, action changes the world. Most blogs offer advice that is theory or pleasant reading. How many blog posts can you read about ab exercises before you decide to go to the gym?

Internalizing the values of Andreia is the only way to change.

Andreia is about action. Bringing the change not waiting for it. The first on the line. The first out the gate. Starters and Finishers.

Having a code in the modern world.

  • The samurai had a code of ethics.
  • The Spartans had a code of ethics.
  • The greatest warriors have codes.

Most have no code to follow. They wander without direction, without purpose. Spirits already waiting for the afterlife. What they don’t understand is discipline gives you your freedom. 

To do this you need allies. You need to change how you live; the present day has destroyed honor. What it means to be a man.

To Become The Greatest Versions Of Ourselves we need something… better. We need to upgrade our frameworks.

We need to become Andreians. Embodying the methodology that we are modern conquerors. Studying the lessons of ancient honor.

The Andreians.

The new elite.

Those who still make their beds without being asked. For the love of honor herself.

We don’t follow convenience or the easy roads. We follow challenge & conquest. We test ourselves every day. We demand the most from ourselves. Adding to our strength like building a monument to the gods.

A Saturday night doesn’t involve Netflix binge sessions and pizza delivery. We don’t get blacked out on Friday, sleeping in until 2 pm. Ruining our entire day like we don’t value our time on earth.

We learn.

We Grow.

We Train.

We don’t “try” our bests. We live our bests and prove it every day.

While the world complains on social media and invents new genders, we are the silent adventurers.

A cubicle is a prison cell. If we’re prisoners we fight for our freedom.

The others wait it out. They stay in jobs they hate, numbing their sentences with fast food and reality TV. Liking millions of Facebook photos over the course of their lives. What do you want to be remembered for?

We are:

  • Soldiers
  • Students
  • Bakers
  • Firefighters
  • Writers
  • Leaders
  • Fathers
  • Sons

we are everywhere.

We are inventors.

Leaving our footprint on earth like astronauts on the moon. Our impact the size of craters. We bring new truth into the world. Beginning with a figment of an idea and ending with new life. We breathe life into the world. We give others reasons to live.

We are legends.

We take our lives serious. Laughing at ourselves full of glorious confidence. In on a secret know one else knows. Our minds are pure. We live in the present moment. We use the secret of breathing to stay in the present moment.

We understand the present moment is where freedom lives. We don’t dwell on the shame of the past. We don’t worry about the anxiety of the future.

We are here. 

You are there.

We are full of fears.

Never fearful.

The arachnophobe Andreian sees the spider and crushes it.  Killing their fear in the process. A metaphorical rebirth, birthing new confidences.

The Andreian plagued with aquaphobia signs up for swim lessons. Drowning their fear along the way to an Ironman competition.

We look at fear as a pest. We may have many pests, many fears. The Andreians fights to destroy all the pests that trouble them. the fears that bind them to a life of mediocrity.

Mediocre is a crime against yourself.

We understand the saddest thing in the world is wasted talent. Our talents. Our Gifts.

We take pride in our appearance.

never vain. Always ready.

We know the difference between a pressed suit and stained sweatpants. We don’t need T-shirts with giant logo’s emblazoned across the chest. We are no one’s billboard. We seek power in following our truest desires. We understand that the world judges us on our appearance. We appear how we want to be seen.

We aren’t dressing up for the world. We’re presenting ourselves in a manner aligning with our values. discipline. Whatever that means to you.

What do we want to be remembered for?

andreian be remembered

The photos we liked?

The porn we watched, hiding a guilty pleasure like a child hiding stolen candy?


Not Andreians.

We don’t tolerate “normal“.

Normal is a disease to the Andreian.

There is nothing more despicable than fitting in. The Andreians know that God’s walk among us. Gods do not wear the same shoes, the same Cornflower blue tie. Creativity and imagination separate us from normality.

Creativity & Ingenuity, another muse. A therapist we seek to council with often. We find serenity in creation. We understand that solutions to our problems are not generic. Creativity and our ever expanding minds present infinite options.

Others, the normal people see a roadblock with no hope. Andreians see the road, the block, then create a hammer. Andreians seek walls for the love of breaking them down. They don’t believe in “It can’t be done.” They believe in “No one has done yet. If I want it done, It will be so.”

They know within themselves is infinite power.

Doubt doesn’t have a place in the mind of an Andreian. He lets the world test him, challenge him, tell him when he isn’t ready. He always fights against the verdict. Andreians are stubborn. They want it their way.

The Andreians refuse to rule themselves out. Doubt to an Andreian is like peanuts to the allergic.

It’s deadly and can destroy even the strongest of men.

We are purveyors of our own destiny. Riding our ships into the afterlife at roaring speeds.

Our war cry is the same: modern conquerors of ourselves and what we desire.

Our war cry is different.

One Andreian may fight cancer.

Another, fighting to leave an abuser.

We fight to conquer our weakness, desire, and dreams.

Except Andreians don’t have dreams.

Andreians have goals.

Andreians have goals

The andreian understands that fear is his lover. The Andreian dances often with her, holding her close for the sweet embrace.

We understand failure is good for us. An immunization to a comfort zone not worth dying in. They know quitting is the worst sin an Andreian can commit against oneself.

We know that dreams live in your mind.

And goals belong to the Andreian. And all the glory and honor that comes with it.

We out work all others.

We do whatever it takes to win.

The Andreian realizes life is temporary. We understand that one day, we will die. None of us are getting out alive.

With this knowledge, the Andreians live their lives. Not how their bosses what them to live. Not what their family wants.

Andreians live their lives.

They embrace the short gift of Life given to them, using discipline to enhance it beyond worldly expectations. An andreian does not fear death. Andreians live a thousand lives within one. Experiencing all the world has to offer.

They​ party hard. Then wake up early and chase their dreams like a cheetah chases and antelope into the ground.

Goals do not have a sliver of hope to escape an Andreian in pursuit.

An Andreian will chase his goals until he dies. You cannot win.

All hope is lost against an Andreian. If defeated, Andreians sit and wait.

They wait in hell to continue the fight.

An Andreian as an enemy is an enemy for eternity. Our grudges put fear into the Gods themselves.

Andreians don’t know how to quit.

There is no second option for them.

For us.

Together we will become the greatest version of ourselves.

Together we are strong.

We are the Andreians.





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