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You decide your day within the first ten minutes of your morning. How your day will be – productive, lazy, ambitious, or a staircase of poor decisions.
Most of us wake up with alarms.
The buzzer goes off. Your phone plays the song you awake to daily.
Different senses pull us from our dreams like a rope attached to ankle dragged through the wild-west by horse.
You know.
Waking up is difficult.
Red, monochromatic, numbers and letters illuminate the small-space near your nightstand. Your day begins with a command.
“Morning persons” are liars. If given a choice to sleep in, who wakes up at 5:00 AM?
The go getters?
You can go-get any time.
Do you need to wake up at 4:30 every morning, post a picture of an antique Casio wristwatch to be productive? 
People who do this are scratching at the door of a clubhouse they desperately want in.
If it’s working for you, then yes.


It doesn’t matter how late you’re up or how early you rise.
These are micro-concerns. Smaller, compared to the goal of having a fucking productive day.
What matters is the theme you set for your morning within ten minutes of rubbing the sleep out of your sockets.

Snoozing Your Destiny

your brain
Hitting the snooze alarm 17 times is akin to whispering to your subconscious, telling yourself you’re worthless and lazy.
 He set his alarm for 5:00 AM.
He’s crawling out of bed at 5:23 AM.
He doesn’t care if he’s up on time.
I don’t care either.
Not important.
I’ll fight him for more rest. He’s weak. He will give in.
Sincerely, Brain.
The brain measures everything we do to make processes automated for us.
Automated is easier.
Take five minutes right now and breathe.
Imagine if breathing wasn’t automatic. You forget to breathe, you die.
Your brain is your best friend and worst enemy.
But, you teach it.
Like when you make the same commute home every day from work for years and develop teleportation: you don’t understand how you arrived home
Teleportation is your brain automated.
Your mind is in a constant state of puppy training. Whatever you do is being recorded and saved for later. Neuroplasticity. Your brain changes with what you feed it.
If your puppy finds a method to escape the yard and play with other dogs, Fido will repeat the behavior. A reward for his daring escape under the fence.
The same reaction occurs in your mind when you find shortcuts.
When I eat cookies, I taste delicious melting chocolate and baked goodness that makes my mouth sing songs of pure ecstasy.
made with ferocity
When I eat broccoli, nothing. Broccoli is dead. I feel dead.
Stop eating broccoli. Check.
Your brain wasn’t wired for this world. You need to manage your temptations.
No creature had to manage how much it needs to eat. Before, any food was a blessing. Now we eat our way to piano-sized coffins dropped into the dirt with yellow construction cranes.
Hitting the snooze alarm is your brain automating weakness and a lack of discipline.
You make your day within the first ten minutes of you being awake. Set the theme for your day with a curated morning routine.
The next section will introduce you to a morning routine made to make your day better. This method is one piece of what will become your morning routine.

The Tidy Start

tidy start

Ed Latimore, professional boxer, astrophysicist, and Chess Player advocates activity first in the morning.
“Start moving immediately. Don’t stop for at least 15 minutes.”
“I like to wake up and immediately start working out, cleaning or writing.”
Ed’s right.
Tidy for ten minutes after waking up. Get your body active and awake. No snoozing.
It’s easy enough you can’t fail.
It’s easy enough you start the day with wins you see in your first-hour awake.
Come home from work without seeing work. You’re prompt to create when you come home to clean house.
You become a God when you create.
Gods create.
Make something.
The more things you own, the more they own you.
Fight Club | Chuck Palahniuk
“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
Albert Einstein | Smart Man
Clutter creates stress.
Remove stress in the morning. Come home with a clear mind to a clean house.
That way anxiety doesn’t fester & grow into something terrible. Unsolved problems stay in the subconscious and rot like roadkill in the scorching Arizona heat.

Major events do not determine your growth.

Hundreds of conscious decisions you think are irrelevant determine your progress as a man, as an Andreian.
Decisions like refusing to make your bed, or, skipping brushing your teeth for a night.
Until you haven’t made your bed in 40 years, and your teeth are in worse condition than a 10-year veteran heroin junky.
What life do you want?
Use the tidy-start to live a disciplined life. A winners life – the life of an Andreian. Gods & Creators with no higher calling except the love of struggle.
Discipline will satisfy you. Short-term pleasure will take everything.
Refuse the short term. Feed the long term.
Start with a tidy home.


  1. Time is my greatest enemy. Waking up just one hour later feels like a defeat for the whole day and my motivation greatly decreases.

    But when I wake up with the clock then I always feel like a champion.

    My smartphone clock lets me solve a couple of additions before it stops, it is one of my greatest allies.


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