Spirit is your will to accomplish great feats–similar to confidence–like Hercules cauterizing the many heads of the ferocious Hydra.

self help asshole

Hey, You, Self-Help Asshole. Read this.

“Have you read the new Tim Ferriss's book? Its got advice from over 300 mentors! I bought ten copies. I'm in credit debt. But...
The future is beautiful

The Future is Beautiful but we Focus on the Terrible

A few weeks ago I received LASIK eye surgery. I never needed contacts or glasses until I was in my early twenties and it was...
Nofap Motivation

48 Images For Nofap Motivation

1. The Glass Is Half Full on command. 2. Masturbating three times a day is "healthy". 3. Jordan Peterson - Accomplishment is greater than Masturbation. 4. Feeling...
nofap hardmode

NoFap Hardmode: A Near-Impossible Challenge for Men

If you don't know what Nofap is, read this introduction first. Nofap Hardmode Nofap is a growing community of men who believe online porn and masturbation...

Agents Of Average

Many people in your life want the best for you. Your parents want to see you succeed, get a good job, a mahogany polished wood-frame...
dead mind

Make Everything You Do Remarkable | The Gods Among us

People admire the rich and the famous. They think about what their lives must be like. Gods living among men. Throngs of people chasing celebrities...
high value men and low value men

The Biggest Difference Between Low-Value Men & High-Value Men

Every guy wants to be an alpha male or wanted to be one at some point in his life. Many men today, are lost. They...

Heal The Boy and The Man Will Appear

This is a legacy post from andreiathoughts.com, the precursor to andreian.com. It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. Heal the Boy...
Postpone your dreams - Andreian

Postpone Your Dreams until Tomorrow | Kill your Destiny Today

Andreian Law: You are forbidden from putting burdens on tomorrow that you can address today.
free stoicism guide

A Free, 974 page introduction into stoicism with these 3 books

Tim Ferris created an audio project that contains stoic writing. He broke this project up into three volumes. They performed so well that Tim decided...