Spirit is your will to accomplish great feats–similar to confidence–like Hercules cauterizing the many heads of the ferocious Hydra.

A New Predator

There’s A New Predator In The Kingdom And It Wants Your Soul

This is a guest post from Reagan. He writes at Fix My Broken Mind. This is his second post, his first, destructive words to...
The 8 Rules of Fight Club

The 8 Rules of Fight Club | Translated for Today

morning routine component

How To Start Your Day By Winning First In The Morning

    You decide your day within the first ten minutes of your morning. How your day will be - productive, lazy, ambitious, or a staircase...
free stoicism guide

A Free, 974 page introduction into stoicism with these 3 books

Tim Ferris created an audio project that contains stoic writing. He broke this project up into three volumes. They performed so well that Tim decided...
nofap superpowers

NoFap Superpowers | Can quitting Porn & Masturbation make you Superhuman?

If you don't know what Nofap is, read this introduction first. Nofap Superpowers Nofap is a growing community of men who gave up porn and masturbation,...
how to make your accomplishments matter

How to Make your Accomplishments Matter

There's a real stigma between having a successful life, achievement, and being happy. Joe Rogan We strive for greatness because we want glory among our tribe....
Postpone your dreams - Andreian

Postpone Your Dreams until Tomorrow | Kill your Destiny Today

Andreian Law: You are forbidden from putting burdens on tomorrow that you can address today.
little truths

Little Truths Vol 3.

  Little truths are simple points to ponder. Sometimes they're true. Sometimes not. Don't think too hard about a little truth. Instead, think, "Are there any...
strongest version

How To Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself In 66 Days

This is a legacy post from andreiathoughts.com, the precursor to andreian.com. It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. “Change might not...
Listen to motivational videos

Still Listening To Music In The Gym? Try Power Speeches Instead.

Motivational videos suck. Think about this for a moment. Did Connor McGregor watch motivational videos of other fighters created by ten-year-olds on youtube to become a...