Spirit is your will to accomplish great feats–similar to confidence–like Hercules cauterizing the many heads of the ferocious Hydra.

cave of explored

Life Is A Dark, Beautiful Cave Waiting To Be Explored

This is a legacy post from andreiathoughts.com, the precursor to andreian.com. It has not been updated and may not be relevant anymore. When you first...
nofap hardmode

NoFap Hardmode: A Near-Impossible Challenge for Men

If you don't know what Nofap is, read this introduction first. Nofap Hardmode Nofap is a growing community of men who believe online porn and masturbation...
life is locked in a cage with you

Life is Locked in a Room with YOU. Not, the other way around.

Your mindset is a powerful ally. Nothing can alter the outcome of a scenario like your mind and the components of your thoughts. Your thoughts...
A New Predator

There’s A New Predator In The Kingdom And It Wants Your Soul

This is a guest post from Reagan. He writes at Fix My Broken Mind. This is his second post, his first, destructive words to...

Joe Rogan X Elon Musk | 10 Insights from the Joe Rogan Experiences’ most...

Elon Musk joined Joe Rogan on his infamous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Agents Of Average

Many people in your life want the best for you. Your parents want to see you succeed, get a good job, a mahogany polished wood-frame...

The Four Noble Truths Of The Buddha

The Four Noble Truths Of The Buddha This is a guest post by Regan from refinedmindset.com Buddhism is one of the most ancient and popular spiritual...
Why should I worry

Why Should I Worry? 10 Reasons to Never Worry About Anything

Worry is a petrifying emotion. Worry cucks the confident, breaks the brave, and defeats the daring. Worry is like trying to travel using a rocking chair...
The 8 Rules of Fight Club

The 8 Rules of Fight Club | Translated for Today

little truths

Little Truths Vol 3.

  Little truths are simple points to ponder. Sometimes they're true. Sometimes not. Don't think too hard about a little truth. Instead, think, "Are there any...