Spirit is your will to accomplish great feats–similar to confidence–like Hercules cauterizing the many heads of the ferocious Hydra.


This Free Resource Helps Young Men Find their Calling

One of the hardest things for young men to do is find their calling. To find something that you enjoy but can also support...
high value men and low value men

The Biggest Difference Between Low-Value Men & High-Value Men

Every guy wants to be an alpha male or wanted to be one at some point in his life. Many men today, are lost. They...
The future is beautiful

The Future is Beautiful but we Focus on the Terrible

A few weeks ago I received LASIK eye surgery. I never needed contacts or glasses until I was in my early twenties and it was...
day job what it is for

Your Day job is for Meditation, Training and Learning – Here’s How

Your day job is for meditation, training, and learning, so you can build your dreams at home and on weekends. Being an entrepreneur means working...
nofap flatline

The Nofap Flatline | What it is and How to Beat it

The Nofap Flatline and how to manage it.
Why should I worry

Why Should you Worry? 10 Reasons to Never Worry About Anything Again

Worry is a petrifying emotion. Worry cucks the confident, breaks the brave, and defeats the daring. Worry is like trying to travel using a rocking chair...
Times change but heroes stay

Times change and Heroes Stay the Same

The world today is safer and more boring than previous eras, like the Edo period in Japan when The Samurai ruled. However, honor, duty,...
life is locked in a cage with you

Life is Locked in a Room with YOU. Not, the other way around.

Your mindset is a powerful ally. Nothing can alter the outcome of a scenario like your mind and the components of your thoughts. Your thoughts...
The 8 Rules of Fight Club

The 8 Rules of Fight Club | Translated for Today

Postpone your dreams - Andreian

Postpone Your Dreams until Tomorrow | Kill your Destiny Today

Andreian Law: You are forbidden from putting burdens on tomorrow that you can address today.