Spirit is your will to accomplish great feats–similar to confidence–like Hercules cauterizing the many heads of the ferocious Hydra.

The 8 Rules of Fight Club

The 8 Rules of Fight Club | Translated for Today

Postpone your dreams - Andreian

Postpone Your Dreams until Tomorrow | Kill your Destiny Today

Andreian Law: You are forbidden from putting burdens on tomorrow that you can address today.

Joe Rogan X Elon Musk | 10 Insights from the Joe Rogan Experiences’ most...

Elon Musk joined Joe Rogan on his infamous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. 
Your time is accountable to no one - andreian

Your Time Is Accountable to no One and No Thing

A smartphone is a digital leash. You’re the dog. Whenever you...
tranquilizers for men

4 Tranquilizers Men Need to Eliminate From Their Lives NOW

  Men have the easiest lives in history. Today. There are no large-scale wars to fight and no home-fronts...
nofap superpowers

NoFap Superpowers | Can quitting Porn & Masturbation make you Superhuman?

If you don't know what Nofap is, read this introduction first. Nofap Superpowers Nofap is a growing community of men who gave up porn and masturbation,...
nofap hardmode

NoFap Hardmode: A Near-Impossible Challenge for Men

If you don't know what Nofap is, read this introduction first. Nofap Hardmode Nofap is a growing community of men who believe online porn and masturbation...
dead mind

Make Everything You Do Remarkable | The Gods Among us

People admire the rich and the famous. They think about what their lives must be like. Gods living among men. Throngs of people chasing celebrities...
a risk a day keeps the coward away

A Risk A Day to Keep the Coward Away

Risks aren’t bad.   Forget everything you learned in school. Your teachers, they didn’t want you to take risks. They never took risks--why your teachers taught, instead...
david goggins quotes

David Goggins Quotes | Quotes from the Toughest Man alive

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIrT1eHs1b0 Who is David Goggins? Watch the video above first. David Goggins is one of the toughest men on the planet. But he didn't start that way....