About the Andreian Philosophy

ἀνδρεία  or Andreia: Is defined as masculine energy, spirit, and Honor. Andreia is what fights fear, sloth, and an attachment to leisure that doesn’t grow. Andreia involves a mindset of attack, never retreat. Even attacking yourself, to remove the weakness from your life.

  • Uncontrolled Andreian spirit manifests as self-hatred, anger, lashing out, and a weakness of self.
  • Controlled Andreian Spirit manifests as honorable actions, a building mindset,  a powerful tactician, and a master of one’s self.
  • Andreian Spirit manifests itself as a love for battle, war, and combat.

Andreia is one of the four cardinal virtues of man from classical antiquity.

  1. Andreia
  2. Prudence
  3. justice
  4. temperance

Andreia has since vanished, and honor is no longer a virtue in the present day.

These writings are here to bring it back.

Aristotle believed that Andreia is the perfect balance of courage, without involving rashness and a lack of mind.

Andreian Honors The four Divisions Of Humanity

 Spirit, Mind, Body & Andreia..


  • Courage
  • Believe
  • Pride


  • Intelligence
  • Controlled Thought
  • Emotional Management


  • Strength
  • Breathing
  • Health