Mental Health is a worldwide crisis. Thankfully, apps like Youper exist to support your mental health, even if they aren’t common knowledge yet.

Capitalism encourages working hard, working overtime without extra pay, then going home for homework. Or, going home to drown out the pain from a meaningless life with weed, entertainment, booze, sex, or food. Only people who have a path are not in crisis.

The typical under-achiever is overworked on jobs he doesn’t care about and under-working his meaning; if he found one.

It’s difficult to work on what you love after your mind spent the most productive part of its day working on something boring or unfulfilling.

Those who want to be better than average–like we all should— have a heavy cross to carry–no, a heavy barbell, and demanding, intellectual challenges most give up on.


A healthy man chases mastery in an intellectual, spiritual, and physical pursuit.

Great individuals strain themselves for their meaning. The many strain themselves for their masters.

While everyone strains, few pay attention to recovery. If you make mental recovery a priority, you may find an edge hidden from those who are too frantic looking for their next escape.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Going to the gym and training is easy. What’s hard is stretching, recovery, and rehabilitation; the boring parts you don’t get recognition for.

Many fitness experts believe recovery is more important than training since recovering is where you gain muscle; training is damage that elicits growth but not where growth occurs.

Dr. Kelly Starett is an authority on training and recovery. He wrote Becoming a Supple Leopard; a book about becoming a free-range predator with pivotal hip-flexor mobility.

Advanced athletes spend a significant amount of time on recovery. They’ll foam roll, body temper, use cryotherapy, sauna, and get massages.

Elite Athletes and general elite performers take one more rehabilitation step that can make all of the difference in achieving their goals.

Mental recovery.

Youper | An App for Mental Health


Youper is an Emotional health Assistant that helps monitor and improve your mental health, all from an application.

Dr. Hamilton is the founder of Youper, a Psychiatrist and an entrepreneur from Brazil with over ten years of practice. He wanted to create a way for everyone to get mental-health services and Youper was his answer.

Based on their testing of more than a million users, more than 80% of the sample experienced a reduction in negative moods after one conversation with Youper.

Therapy is better than Youper as all authentic experiences are better than digital ones. However…


Therapy isn’t flexible. You need a good therapist, health insurance, money; you need to travel for therapy, set your appointments, and wait. All of this, assuming you found a therapist you like.

Youper is immediate. You can use Youper on your phone, wherever you are. You don’t need to wait for appointments or spend money to access mental health services.

Youper Blends CBT and ACT together. CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy and ACT stands for commitment therapy. Youper also incorporates Mindfulness practice, shown to have a bounty of good benefits.


CBT is one of the most used therapy methods today. CBT has a history of performance and has relatively few restrictions unlike complex methods of therapy like EMDR. Rapid Eye movement Desensitisation therapy.


Data is powerful. You can’t measure progress without it.

You don’t have to be a tech-nerd to take advantage of data. If you have ever tried to lose weight and tracked your weight, you used data.

The Youper app gives you data about your moods, anxiety, and stresses. If you use Youper consistently, you can look back over months, or even years of mental data. Then, you can optimize your moods once you understand their patterns.

After a few months of consistent Youper use you’ll learn what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Better, you’ll learn the triggers that put you in an upward spiral, or a downward one. Knowing who you are brings immense power.

Many of us do our best work when we are in flow and feeling good. Negative triggers pull you off your path and into darkness. If you understand your triggers and your moods you become the master of your mind.

How to use Youper

Youper mental health app conversations

Emotional Health Assistant

Think of Youper as your personal therapist. You can use Youper once a day as a mental health check-in, but the best method is a daily check-in and an additional conversation if your baseline mood changes.

If you start the day happy and later you become depressed, create a second entry. You want to diagnose what triggers each of your emotions so you can control your moods.

Each Youper session is a text-message conversation where you input your mood, feelings and thoughts.

Youper suggests different activities based upon your inputs. We’ll get into those activities more in a moment.


Users extract crucial mood data from Youper. Use Youper to map your moods and understand your emotions. The more you use Youper the better your data becomes.


Using Youper infrequently gives you bad data, like trying to predict the next Cold War based on Twitter sentiment. It doesn’t work.

Use Youper often so you get an authentic perspective of the emotions that make you human.

Going off of bad data is worse than going off of no data. Be careful to not mis-label your moods or your triggers.

Understand your triggers

Plot the triggers for your emotions with Youper. Understand who you are, then prevent bad states of mind while increasing the frequency of your best states.

Your habit are your identity. You can talk about anything, but you won’t be anything until you do something.

Track improve and understand your mood

Use Youper to understand triggers into different emotional states. Then, make habits that promote your best states.

Keeping a journal

Keeping a journal let’s you keep a history of your own life. You can go back years and see your mindset and your problems. Don’t let problems from last year exist today.

If you’re dealing with the same problems you had back in 2008, today, something isn’t working for you. But you wouldn’t know unless you had a historic archive of your life.

Youper is a good digital journal. The app asks you to write short paragraphs about your mood. Be authentic & honest about your mood and your day.



You can use Youper as a journal anywhere, but it shouldn’t be your main journal nor should you catalog the deepest parts of yourself online.

Your darkness belongs in the paper lines of a physical journal, locked in a safe where no one can see it.

Your primary journal needs to be something you hold and hide Knowing others might invade your personal history defeats having a history. At least, while you are still living.


Youper will suggest meditations depending on how you categorize your mood during a session.

If you are overwhelmed, the app might suggest a breathing exercise to quickly calm you down and bring you back to center.

If you are angry, you might see a proposition for a relaxing, anger-reducing meditation with pleasant, ambient noise.

Personalized Meditation Youper app

Meditation is a common habit among elite performers. Tim Ferriss observed this in his short-question interview book, Tribes of Mentors.

In the book, Ferriss asks the same questions to, what feels like, a few hundred successful people. Give or take about a half of them meditate religiously.

Youper: Your app for mental health


Use Youper for mental recovery & rehabilitation. You don’t have to be controlled by your negative mental states. You can learn and understand them then prevent them.

Instead of carrying problems in your mind, foam roll your brain with therapy.

Use Youper like an ice bath for your tortured brain. Let Youper carry your problems for you and use the available data to improve your life.

The more you Youper, the better your data will be, and your understanding of your own emotions.

Youper is free for now. They expect to introduce a monetization program eventually. There are no downsides to using it and the mental health benefits could be massive.

Try Youper and see if it improves your life.

By the way, this was not a paid review and there is no affiliate program partnership in place. We wrote this hybrid review/overview because we genuinely believe it will improve your life.

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