Worry is a petrifying emotion.

Worry cucks the confident, breaks the brave, and defeats the daring.

Worry is like trying to travel using a rocking chair as your vehicle. You’re doing something, but also nothing.

Worry is the little voice in the back of your head who whispers, “But what if it goes wrong?” Worry laughs at your confidence when the possibility for failure exists.

There are many reasons to be concerned. There are no reasons to worry. Worry is an emotional state of panic while concern is a logical perspective, concluded by a series of facts or opinions that create a concise narrative.

Never ignore your problems. Don’t feel emotions for your problems either. If you’re concerned, there is a problem and a problem requires a plan to absolve.

Saying you shouldn’t worry about your problems is a red card in the age of forced sensitivity training and glorified weakness.

Being worry free is beautiful.

Not only do you free yourself from suffering, but you also free your time to solve the conflict that distempers you. Removing your worry by consciously choosing to feel different promotes action. Worry spawns paralysis and overthinking.

Being stuck in one place is a terrible fate. Solitary confinement for your legacy.

Worry leads to paralysis

Paralysis is inaction. Inaction is a barbed arrow dipped in poison, launched from a bow made of thorns that freezes the Andreian and removes his will for glory. Time continues. You stay behind.

Inaction turns the conquesting knight into a normie, Netflix-binging, office-rerunning, loser.

A normie is someone who watches, never acts, never creates, like a dim commoner watching greatness and attempting to critique it to feel better about his poor lot.

Making nothing gets you nowhere. Sounds simple, yet so many wonder why they hate their lives while they do nothing to improve.

Musashi did something. He became the greatest swordsman to ever live. He left behind his secrets in a book reserved for students.

It is difficult to control worry, like trying to drive a semi-truck with a steering wheel covered in butter.

To live a good life, you have to control your emotions and control your worries.

Life is better without worry.

Why Should I worry? Ten Reasons to never worry about anything again.

1. There are no benefits to worrying.

Why should you worry, when there are no benefits from worrying?

There are no benefits to worrying. Worry is an enemy emotion that will hijack your brain like a computer virus. If you let it.

There will never be a conflict in your life you will improve by worrying. If you disagree, leave a comment.

Think about your life for a moment before continuing.

Can you think of a single circumstance when worrying improved your life?

Worrying doesn’t improve your life and neither does being a victim. The new media lied; identifying with your weaknesses makes you a slave to them.

If you identify with your weakness, you become glued in a character arc that never gets better. If you play the victim, you will forever be a loser who never gets what they want, because mom was too mean, white people sit at home and scheme against me, and all men want to maintain a patriarchy to keep me a receptionist. Forever.

Be better than toxic group identity which doesn’t promote you becoming the best version of yourself. Find a gang that challenges you to achieve more. You are not okay the way you are. But you can change. And every day you can become a better man.

Facing life with courage is like wearing a freshly tailored suit; it never goes out of style.

2. Worry increases heart rate

Why should you worry if worrying increases your heart rate?

Worrying makes your breathing shallow. Harvard university, the school blatantly racist against the Asian community, believes worry, anxiety, and depression are bad for your heart.

Worry causes your body to work harder to pump blood throughout your body. An increased heart rate makes you stressed. Your stress makes you panic, worry, and all-together, a less efficient Andreian.

Meditation will help you control your stress, lower your heart-rate, and create a blanket-calm you carry with you like a shield. These books on meditation will give you a primer before you start.

Whether your panic or not you still have to face the conflict presented before you.

Don’t worry.

3. Worry creates excess thoughts

Why should I worry when I’ll drown in my negative thoughts?

You can’t change the challenges that come. You can change how you face challenges if you can think clearly.

Excessive worrying creates excessive thoughts. Drowning in thoughts can be similar to drowning in murky water: feeling out of control, lost, and without a sense of direction.

You can’t change what is going to happen, but you can change your thoughts. Your thoughts change your perception. You can control whether or not you feel fear.

Excessive thoughts are like rust on a warrior’s armor. A little rust won’t kill you, and may even be a good thing to remind you, the stakes are dire. If you’re too worried, you’ll become a locomotive trying to run full-speed on rusted tracks and you won’t go anywhere.

Don’t let your feelings and your fear create excessive thoughts. To perform at your best you need a clear mind.

why should i worry - breathe deeply

If you get locked in a whirlpool of bad thoughts, breathe deeply and intensely, like hyperventilation. You need to get out of your head. Wim Hoff pioneered breathing methods and he is a true legend.

4. Legends don’t worry

Why should I worry when the greatest legends of time don’t worry?

Andreians absorb the ancient honor of the greatest warriors in the past to make their lives full of heroism and audacity.

The greatest legends of the past exist today because they didn’t back down from their challenges. Instead, they controlled their emotions and went forward. Losers aren’t remembered like winners are, except for lessons on what not to do, or how not to be.

Think of your role models. Were they excessive worriers, or panic-stricken cowards who hid from their purpose? Your role models felt fear and they worried but they never backed down.

Heroes feel fear just like cowards, but they don’t worry.

The best books on the ancient Samurai show a clear pattern of a lack of fear. Emulate the best traits of past warriors and improve on their wisdom. This is the essence of growth.

5. Why should you worry?

Why? Really, why?

The title of the post is an argument for never worrying again. because, really, why should you ever worry about anything?

What would you tell a stressed-out friend? Make sure to worry about your problems!

No. You say don’t worry.

Jordan Peterson said to treat yourself like you would treat your best friend or your dog.

You would never advise your friends to worry. Worrying isn’t a good strategy for anything.

jordan peterson why should i worry

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about what troubles you. You need to create a plan to solve the problem creating your worry, then stick to your plan until success or failure, pivoting along the way where necessary.

Remember, the objective is to create a plan that removes the instinct to worry.

Once you create a plan, you no longer think about your problem; you think about the plan.

6. Worrying is a luxury

Why should I worry when worrying is a luxury that works against me?

Worrying is an unnecessarily luxury.

All of the time spent worrying is empty and distracting; worrying keeps you from solving your problems, therefore it is a luxury, or better put, procrastination.

Low-value individuals worry the most. They haven’t enough responsibility to prevent worrying nor do they have the experience.

Great leaders realized worrying is a luxury that will increase the chance of failure.

Instead of worrying, successful leaders make plans and execute their will on the world.

7. When has worrying ever helped you?

Why should I worry when worrying has never benefited my life?

Think about it. Think about stressful events that happened in the last month. Did worrying help?

Why should you worry, if worrying has never helped you?

Either your worries never come true, or they do and you’re not prepared.

Those who don’t worry prepare defensive, and sometimes offensive plans to combat the dragons behind their concerns.

Worrying won’t help you. Confidence and a well-defined plan will.

Many entrepreneurs use Evernote for their strategic thinking.

Evernote and Modafinil, that is.

8. This too shall pass away

Why should I worry when my worries will eventually pass away?

Abraham Lincoln said this. “This too, shall pass away.” Whatever you are worried about may never happen, or will happen anyway, whether or not you worry or face your concern with the confidence of John Wick fighting ISIS.

why should i worry - john wick

Even though Abraham Lincoln is known for such inspirational quotes, he suffered from depression just like the majority of the Tumblr user base. Lincoln’s Melancholy changed the way he lived. 

No matter what, your worries will always pass. They have to. Whether you like it or not, time is moving forward and you are dragged along; you being the infant child, time being the parent dragging you by the wrist from the cereal aisle, away from pleasure, toward a painful outcome that may or may not be an opportunity for growth.

Regardless of whether or not your worry is from the challenge or calamity, it will pass. If you have cancer and expect to die, you’ll simply die. Make your preparations to leave the world and your family & friends better off than when you died. Gratitude and generosity before your death will make you feel like the Alabama Gandhi, or the Gandhi of wherever.

You choose to perceive everything that happens to you in the way you see fit. Your life isn’t meant to be fair, it is meant to be protected, and unfortunately, challenged.

You can only control what you can control. You won’t be able to control, or even see, many of the evils that will penetrate your world, but you can prepare for them. Then decide how you will perceive them.

What you are worried about today will be forgotten in a short time. Face the inevitable with a smile.

9. Worrying is contagious

Why should I worry when everyone around me will become tainted with my toxic mind?

If you truly care about your family, your friends, and your peers, you don’t want them to see you worrying because your worry is contagious. Even more contagious, if you’re a strong individual who wears boots, kicks ass, and is on the journey to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Leaders can never show their worry. Worry is a luxury for the commoner and unacceptable for the hero.

why should i worry hercules killing

Hercules could never slay the hydra if he forgot to take his Zoloft and had a panic attack before his moment of glory. You need to handle your emotions, or your emotions will smash you into a filing cabinet with 300 pounds of force like the MVP office linebacker, Terry Tate.

When people who love you see you worrying, they begin to worry. There are many creative ways to release your worry and free your mind,

Ways to free your mind from worrying:

  • Journal your thoughts and pain.
  • Meditate on your worry until you solve the issue.
  • Take an ice cold bath or shower to get out of your head and into your body.
  • Exercise–a run, fight, or lift will do.
  • Take some CBD
  • Go on a walk.

Treat yourself with respect around the people you love. Self-respect is respecting others. As a man, you must be capable and strong. You do not get the luxury of being weak.

An intelligent man always has a plan and a path. If you have those, why should you worry? Trust in your planning and preparation. You did the work, didn’t you?

The years of training your mind, body, and spirit will always be a reliable plan A-Z to any unexpected conflict.

10. Worrying is a distraction

Why should I worry when worrying distracts me from solving my issues?

Why should you worry, when worrying takes away the focus, and the time you can spend to remove the cause of your worry?

You are a sword and worry is the potential for rust. You need to clean your sword by taking care of yourself, through cleansing practices, like meditation, walking, or journaling. You need to strengthen your sword by volunteering for difficult challenges–failing, learning, or winning and developing confidence which really means you trust yourself.

How can you be confident if you haven’t done anything?

Floyd Mayweather is a prime example of mastery to the greatest extent possible. His father and his uncle, both boxers who taught Floyd to be the best from a young age.

why should i worry floyd pretty boy mayweather

Floyd Money Mayweather, formerly Floyd Pretty Boy Mayweather, spent most of his life drilling, practicing, and training in the art of boxing. He spent so much time training, he knows the boxing game better than anyone else. He is a literal God on the canvas. Untouchable.

He doesn’t worry. He’s fought over 50 sanctioned fights, and, assuming, thousands of others in the gym, smokers, etc.

Money doesn’t worry because of his training. He has overcome small obstacles, like amateur fights, and meteoric obstacles, like putting an ass-whooping while coming out of retirement against any who would call out Money; for the right price, of course.

Money doesn’t worry about fighting because he trained out all of his fear and concern. Masters don’t fear, they trust in their work and their ability.

Worrying will distract you from mastery. Mastery, and following a discipline until you die is the meaning of life.

Robert Green wrote the foremost authoritative book on mastery. Think of it as handwritten cheat codes for finding a purpose.

Instead of worrying, solve the problem giving you heartache. If you can’t solve your conflict, train. Your fallback to worry must always be action.

Worrying doesn’t change your conflict. Worrying makes your conflicts shadow turn from that of a mouse to something resembling a shadow with sharp teeth. The work remains whether you worry or not.

10. putting a bow on it

Why should you worry? Think about a conflict in your life and reflect on your state of worry. Were you worried? How did your worrying retard your potential for ascension?

If you have something to add, put it in the comments below. Share with the community how worrying has affected your life.


  1. I really enjoyed this article. I personally can relate to the notion of worrying being detrimental to my life. I liked the tips about walking around. For me, I’ve noticed when I worry I tend to be stationary–simply walking to another space reduces any anxiety provoking me to worry in the first place.

  2. Nice post – I’ve found that embracing worry is the best way to fight it. As soon as you try and push away worrying thoughts, they get worse. Anxiety is also fantastic motivation. I try and interpret worry as excited and motivation and think of it as good for me (there’s a good Ted Talk about your perspective on stress and how it can affect you). I also think back to my last kickboxing fight and how I was bricking it because I didn’t know who I was fighting til the last minute. If I can survive that level of stress, I can handle most things. Thanks for a great post


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