day job what it is for

Your day job is for meditation, training, and learning, so you can build your dreams at home and on weekends.

Being an entrepreneur means working for yourself and not reporting to a boss.

At least, at the surface level. No matter if you have a day job, or not, you’ll have to collaborate with others. Even entrepreneurs report to others; stockholders, private investors, children, or wives.

Regardless, being an entrepreneur, or someone who works for their own money, as opposed to receiving a paycheck, is infinitely better because more freedom is always better.

A job can’t make you rich

You’ll never scale your time, so you’ll always be limited by the number of hours you can work in a week. Even worse, if you’re on salary, you can’t make more money, but you can work more for less money, as working overtime on salary waters down your pay; inflation on your predefined income.

What your Job is meant for

Your job isn’t meant to be permanent, it is meant to be a temporary solution for the Andreian while he continues walking down the path to freedom, so he can spend all his time following his why; what he loves, like Musashi following his why; the way of the sword.

Your Day job is meant for temporary pay and preparation for the freedom that comes after you put in your daily grind; the weekend and the short amount of time you get during the week.

How is your job fair when you trade five days a week of work for two days of freedom?

You’re at the bad end of a good deal for someone else.

meditating your day job away

Mediating your day job away

While at your day job, you need to be preparing for when you leave to maximize the time you have to escape your day job.

If you’re working for someone else, your life and your fate are in someone else’s control.

The more control you have over your life, the better, but you need discipline to do it. If you don’t have discipline, the discipline field manual from Jocko Willink will help.

While at work, use this time to focus on your breathing, and ground yourself in reality. Focus on being in the present and clearing your mind, creating a wall from yourself and your emotions; it is a lie men need to be in touch with emotions. Men need to be in touch with their strengths and their purpose.

If you’re working in an office job, day job meditation is easy. Use a breathing method to ground yourself, like the famous Wim Hoff Method.Then maintain focus on your breathing throughout the work day in the best way that fits.

Grounding yourself

This can be breathing slowly and with purpose, closing your eyes for a minute while at your desk for a mini meditation, or going outside for short, walking meditations.

You can meditate at work however works best for you. The objective is to stay grounded so that when you get home, arrive at the library, or show up to the gym, you are ready to perform your best with the limited amount of time you have.

Being grounded, means you’re not living in your head, trapped in thought loops, but out of your head and in the moment, being fully aware of what is happening outside and inside of you, while maintaining clear patterns of thought with a focus on accomplishing a mission.

the mission

Your job doesn’t care about what you do outside, only what you can contribute while you’re here, to make someone else money.

You aren’t paid for your commute, your overtime – if you are on salary – and you don’t get a share of the fruits, you only get what you are deemed worthy of receiving.

You must take care of your own life and take decisions into your hands. When someone else makes a decision for you, it’s always against your best interests.

You should crave to be in control of your finances so you get to decide how much money you make. And, use Robinhood to start investing. Have a free stock on us.

Going to your day job is a temporary solution for those who haven’t monetized their passions or found their way. Your objective is freedom and purpose. While working, do everything you can to set yourself up for success when you get home.

Exhaust yourself at work 

You can get minor workouts in at work. Not a full training session, but enough to keep your mind sharp for when you get home to exercise your will on fate.

Joe Rogan describes the body as a battery. Too much energy in the battery and the connectors get corroded; a metaphor, for not getting energy out of your body. Use training to empty your energy to healthy levels so you can focus.

Get a standing desk converter so you aren’t sitting all day if your work doesn’t have standing desks already.

This standing desk converter will suit your needs well.

In addition to the standing desk, get a balance board. Not only will you get to stand, but you will also improve balance and have some fun while fidgeting your feet.

If balancing isn’t for you, at least get a standing desk mat to keep your feet from staying in the same place for too long. Use the mat to position your feet in different positions and do some basic bodyweight training like squats or lunges.

Upgrading your Office 

If you can swing it at the office, buy some TRX straps and set up a door gym for mini, five-minute workouts on breaks, or even get a full workout at lunch.

These knock off TRX straps work great and are made to last. They’re also a lot cheaper than the classic TRX straps.

trx straps office training

At the desk, while standing, you can also buy some cheap bands to use for pulling exercises, bicep curls, or even rehabbing an injured body part at the desk.

To complete your office gym, pick up some Captains of Crush hand strengtheners that will make your grip gorilla-strong in no time, and some finger exercises to make your trigger pull more lethal using finger trainers.

learning at work 

While meditating at work, you can also learn with audio content.

Audiobooks are one of the best ways to learn while working. You can get two free audiobooks with our audible partnership.

Audible book recommendations:

Second to Audiobooks, Podcasts are another great way to learn, but you need to pick podcasts that actually teach you something or give you insights.

I created a list of the best Joe Rogan podcasts to help you get started, as Joe Rogan’s show is one of the best shows for men. Like Oprah, for men.

I also recommend the Jocko podcast. Jocko Willink is a former Navy seal commander and present best-selling author of multiple books including Discipline equals Freedom and the Dichotomy of Leadership.

Jocko Willink
A face demanding respect | source

Some masters offices get touchy seeing big, bulky headphones at the office. Low-profile buds are the best option for listening and learning at work.

Try using Galaxy buds if you’re an Android phone user, or the forever-dorky Airpods, for Apple users.

You can also get some no-name Bluetooth headphones if cost is an issue. The Taotronics buds are our favorite, although they stand out a little more than buds or pods.

More learning at work

Other than audio, you can read articles while at work. Reading articles isn’t a terrible offense to your manager as long as you aren’t blatant about it. Feedly is good. You can subscribe to Andreian on Feedly, too.

You can learn how to code at work with a few minutes a day for free.

You can learn about finance, the stock market, and trading with the free education section available to TD Ameritrade users. A TD Ameritrade account is free, even if you don’t trade.

Final thoughts 

While you have to make money to take care of yourself and your family, you don’t have to be a useless, wage-slave. Instead, you can use the time at your day job to prepare your body and mind to thrive in the little free time you get during the week, and your two-day weekend you unfairly trade for five days of work.

The goal is to break free of the day job so you can spend more time doing what you love. Meditating, training, and learning at work will speed up your time to freedom.

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