About Andreian




ἀνδρεία  or Andreia: Is defined as masculine energy, spirit and Honor. Andreia is what fights fear, sloth, and an attachment to leisure that doesn’t grow. Andreia involves a mindset of attack, never retreat. Even attacking yourself, to remove the weakness from your life.

  • Uncontrolled Andreian spirit manifests as self hatred, anger, lashing out, and a weakness of self.
  • Controlled Andreian Spirit manifests as honorable actions, a building mindset,  a powerful tactician, and a master of ones self.
  • Andreian Spirit manifests itself as a love for battle, war, and combat.

Andreia is one of the four cardinal virtues of man.

  1. Andreia
  2. Prudence
  3. justice
  4. temperance

*Aristotle believed that Andreia is the perfect balance of courage, without involving rashness and a lack of mind.

The Mission Of Andreia Thoughts

Writing of this blog will be based on building the Andreia Doctrine, a new code of life for  warriors and over-achievers. In modern times, there isn’t much in terms for glory, unless you consider your cubicle a glorious place. The goal of these writings are to create a new code for the strong to live by, while creating an army to uphold the same beliefs together. To create a new group known as the Andreians. Conquerors of themselves, their goals, and the world.

The source material for the majority of the writing of Andreia Thoughts will come from ancient warrior associations such as: Samurai, Spartans, and other groups closely associated with honor. Cultures will also be included.

Mixed in with honor societies will be modern day notations on how to live a life filled to the brim with accomplishment.

Notable figures will also be analyzed and discussed, namely to understand how they have lived, and the philosophies they followed. This could include figures such as Alexander the great, Elon Musk, even characters such as Tony Soprano, since characters themselves have identities that can be useful in our own development.

While this blog will be focused on creating the Andreian Doctrine, all personal codes are sacred to the individual. Meaning, there is no one size fit’s all approach. Even if yours is similar, or identical to the Andreian Doctrine. Take pieces from this blog that are important to you. Whatever actionable steps you believe will help you become the greatest version of yourself.

 This blog is meant to give you insights into how you should organize your time on earth. The important thing is that you begin creating a code based upon what is important to you.

With discipline comes freedom. By creating a code or finding one that fits your life you become free.

You no longer become a slave to your thoughts.

You no longer second guess yourself because everything is laid out for you.


Andreia Post Types


General Andreia posts: Andreia posts will cover a wide spectrum of topics from Honor and courage, to how to life a better life while accomplishing more.

Breathing MethodsConscious breathing is a requirement to becoming superhuman. Conscious breathing is a must if you follow the Andreia Doctrine or find value in high performance. Without being grounded in the present you will fail. Start here to learn the basics and power of breathing methods.