You stop chasing girls once you fully dedicate yourself to a bigger purpose- when you put the mission above the woman.

The optimal age is as young as possible. For most, around 14-18. Around the time you can make your own decisions. The later in life you begin walking your paths the less time you have to pursue mastery.

The greatest in their fields have a pattern of starting young. but not all of them, so don’t worry.

Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.

if you want a fixed answer, stop chasing women once you leave college.


High-value individuals get chased. They don’t do the chasing. However, get what you want. but want something other than women. Want meaning in your life and mastery in your three paths.

Gaming, Girls.

In 2005, Journalist Neil Strauss published a book called The Game.

In The Game, Strauss penetrated a secret group of men–led by one man, Erik Von Markovic–A Canadian who prefers to go by his Pick Up Artist PUA name, Mystery.

In the early 2000s and up until the turn of the decade, chasing women and ‘running game’ was a cultural phenomenon, and still is today albeit much less; the temporary Social Justice trend – created a ‘victim first’ narrative that disavows the seduction process.

This made approaching potential partners a multi-variant risk that could lead to legal issues, internet doxing, or false rape allegations. Many men are afraid to approach women for these reasons.


No one wants to be lonely. Feeling unwanted is a toxic emotion; a signal telling your brain, “we are on the path to abandonment. if we don’t correct, survival is uncertain.

Seduction is an important part of life that lives outside of dating. A car seduces you with clean edges and engine noises. A puppy seduces you into adopting him.

The Game created dating theories that were field-tested during the day or at nightclubs. Day game and night game.

For many, learning Game gave confidence skills that developed other core proficiencies like charisma, or negotiation.

However, practicing talking to women has a fatal flaw.

smiling woman while sitting at the bar

If you focus on game and women, you no longer focus on the self. You. Your journey and your path. You have mommy issues and need a woman to fill the hole inside you with a different one.

Game conditions men to seek women for self-esteem. Women become more than a game, but the meaning of life.

A man without a path for himself is no man at all, but a child who searches nightclubs & bookstores for a new mommy to pat his head.

Game is an adolescent endeavor. It is a hormone-powered distraction like a Real Girl luxury sex doll.

That isn’t to say chasing girls and having fun is wrong. It’s a ton of fun. But you need to understand it’s for young men and amateurs. Life amateurs. Wasted space. Those in their mid to late twenties and thirties, reading game blogs while their careers falter and their dreams die.

Making your goals about women is, to steal a quote from the forty-year-old virgin, “Putting the pussy on the pedestal.”

Pleasure-seeking behaviors like running game have no meaning.

Meaning comes from overcoming difficult, self-rewarding obstacles like the path to mastery of a chosen discipline.

Learning game has some value, but learning how to talk to women won’t make you confident. only competence makes you confident.

When to stop chasing women

Chasing women implies that you need to compete for female attention. This is a lie. The only approval you need is your own.

Game is fun but it isn’t fulfilling. Fulfillment comes through accomplishing meaningful goals. Like the Andreian Creed, Self-Fulfillment through Accomplishment.


Have as much fun as you want while you are young. Playing games is for kids and so is practicing game. Except for a man who has earned himself a day off through tedious dedication to his path.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations desk decor

You stop chasing women when you dedicate yourself to a path. A mission. A calling, a purpose, a destiny.

Andreians have three paths. Three pillars. Mind, body and spirit.

Finding a calling can happen at any age. For those who are too lazy or afraid to try, you never find a purpose. Using women or ‘family’ as a purpose acts as a convenient, unquestionable virtuous scapegoat.

Most virtue is fake anyways. True virtue is executing without broadcasting. If you want to be virtuous, live that way. Stop telling your friends and strangers on social media how good of a person you are.

That’s virtue masturbation.

Purpose comes from inside. You can love your family, your wife, and your kids without making them your purpose.

No one wants to be someone’s purpose–no different than worship, like how some simple-minded people worshipped inanimate objects.

The optimal age to stop chasing women

The optimal age to stop chasing women is as young as possible. Chasing implies that you are not the prize. She is. This is only true if you believe it.

All beliefs start in your mind. You can erect a new value system whenever you want to. Rise above what culture and society want from you. Get what you want instead.

Valuable men

bring to mind a high-value man for a moment. Most men will think of an honorable family member, a professional athlete, doctor; a competent man.


The opposite of a competent man is a useless man. Know any useless men? What do you notice about them? They aren’t good at anything.

Game teaches you to be a SIMP.

Sucker Idolizing Mediocre Pussy.

I can’t think of a worse description for a man than a SIMP.

Fall in love twice.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fall in love, flirt, or make women part of your life.

Just don’t make them your entire life or base your self-esteem on what women or anyone else thinks of you. Except for your mentors. Take their words of encouragement & criticism like foul-tasting medicine.

person on top of mountain during daytime

Meet women as a by-product of your adventures. If your purpose is reading, spend time in places where people read. Meet a woman there. But don’t go there to meet women. Go there because that is your identity.

Don’t go out of your way to find a date. Do you, how you normally would, and keep an eye out for opportunities.

Think of your missed opportunities with women. Seeing a beautiful woman in the store, at your gym, wherever. You can probably think of at least twenty missed opportunities.

These opportunities are how you meet women. Not seeking them out. But living a full life.

Competence equals CONFIDENCE

As you become more competent you will become more confident to approach women. Then, no more missed opportunities. And you still become a competent man.

Let your hormones drive no later than the age of 24. Once you turn 24 there is no reason to chase women anymore. You need to find a purpose.

Or, stop once you finish specialization. College, the military, trade school.

Again, the earlier the better. We all have different versions of being competent. There is no wrong way to live. But there are better and worse ways.

You can still have fun after the age of 24. You can have fun all the time. Understand that nothing will bring you more joy than walking your destined paths.

The initial work on your purpose will be difficult. Soon you will understand the hard, meaningful things are most important in this life.

Your time in college–or another specialization program–is for learning likes, dislikes, but more importantly; learning how to learn.

Mastery, walking down paths, is a lifelong process that never ends. Even in old age, you continue mastering. You also teach. Teaching has satisfaction difficult to mirror.

Have fun in your early twenties and before.

When you find a calling, chase it for the rest of your life.

If you don’t know what you want to do, read. It’s okay if you don’t know who you are yet. Panicking doesn’t help. Relax with me.

After high school, the next four years of your life are for finding mastery paths. See the about page for more information.

Books to help find meaning

The Post Adolescent Window

The post-adolescent window is best used to learn everything you can about the outside world and yourself. After that, you find skills you want to master. Follow their paths until you die.

Self-Authoring is a proven method to help you understand yourself.


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