I am Vincent Menniti, the main contributor behind Andreia Thoughts. 

Recently I had the honor of being asked as a guest on the Mark Baxter show, and I happily accepted. The show is a mixture of laughs, trauma, self improvement, and two guys speaking their minds about… everything.

The show is fantastic both in content, and the quality of the audio. It’s always a concern that content will be lost, or forgotten because of the medium in which it is delivered. Although we recorded the show over Skype, the sound quality is excellent, like Mark and I are both sitting in the same room. To make sure I could deliver quality sound for you, I invested in a Blue Yeti microphone that I absolutely love.

In the future you’ll see high quality Andreia Thoughts podcasts, but the details on the show(s) can’t be released yet. As every magician knows, The magic is in the reveal. If You enjoyed the show, sign up for both Mark and Andreia Thought’s newsletters. Before that, don’t miss the right way to read newsletters and blogs.

Grab a stiff drink, sit in your favorite, leather bound chair, and listen to the Mark Baxter podcast featuring myself, Vincent Menniti below.

The Mark Baxter Podcast # 017 | Vincent Menniti



  1. You speak very well and your story is engrossing. As a man your age I thank you for proving that wisdom is not measured by ones age.

    I look forward to seeing more podcasts on here


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