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If you don’t know who Joe Rogan is, he’s many things. The UFC color commentator for major Pay Per view Events in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, the host of an excellent podcast called the Joe Rogan experience, and an accomplished stand up comedian among other various ventures too. I highly recommend you listen to his podcast. I listen at the gym as it accomplishes two goals, learning, and lifting.

Recently he released a new one hour special on Netflix called triggered. It’s an obvious joke about the hyper-sensitive politically correct culture that is infecting America. The special is fantastic, and deserves a watch. Below is the trailer and a link for the special on Netflix. Remember, that Netflix is not for binge watching.

The rest of this article will focus on insights that will be valuable to you, that Joe expertly disguised as jokes. It’s interesting how triggered was filmed in San Francisco, yet he was able to cross PC lines that would cause a protesters wet dream in almost any other context. He has quite a rational mind on social issues, discrediting the ridiculous idea that men and women are the exact same among other strong points.

Watch the trailer, read the insights, and watch the film if it interests you.





Watch the new Joe Rogan special here on Netflix.



“You Don’t Catch Dolphins With Fishhooks.”


Joe Rogan Triggered Documentary



11-hydroxy metabolite is what’s produced when you eat weed.

“It let’s you talk to dolphins.”  Joe Rogan- Triggered

When you watch the special, you’ll understand more. Joe speaks about eating edible marijuana and being able to talk to dolphins. I’ve eaten a pot brownie and entered into an isolation tank for four hours, it was absolutely amazing. It isn’t like a normal experience, it becomes a hallucination that can be quite pleasurable. Marijuana like anything else, is great if it works for you, terrible if it doesn’t. What’s important is to try everything, twice,  and continue using what works. Twice just to make sure.

I’ve found nights I cannot sleep smoking a little weed is like being cradled in the wool of the sheep I was trying to count moments earlier. Frankly, the best sleep I’ve ever gotten has come from smoking beforehand. Would I recommend smoking weed during the day? No! Because it doesn’t work for me.


You don’t catch dolphins with fishhooks.

Dolphins don’t bite fishhooks. They’re too intelligent to fall for bait on a line, and risk their lives for a reward that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy. Would a person risk their life for a paltry reward? They certainly would. Imagine for a moment if people were hunted by aliens that lived in the clouds. They had fishing hooks with various consumer goods dandled in front of you while you walked. How many people would grab for a new iPhone in front of them, even if they knew getting caught would result in being eaten alive?

Most people. Most people would think they can get away, or that they’re different. Even if you had a 20$ gift card to Arby’s on the line, some genetically cursed individual would take a run for it. A dolphin would do no such thing. What does that say about the intelligence of people, compared to dolphins?

Here is another point for you to think about: Dolphins can learn human words, like dogs and other animals. Does any one person know any words of dolphin or dog?



When Diversity Is Taken Too Far


White House Runner Omar Gonzalez

 ” The white house was broken into for the first time in over 100 years. Also, it was the first time a girl was guarding the front door to the white house by herself. “
Joe Rogan – Triggered
This story of a man breaking into the White House is so stupid it’s almost hard to believe. Reading the quote above gives you enough perspective as is. Without giving away this perfect bit, Omar Gonzalez successfully entered the white house because affirmative action placed a woman to guard the front door by herself, to the home of the president of the United States. You can read about the full story here. Pay attention to the “was found with multiple weapons previously and deemed not a threat”. If the organizer of this blunder followed a proper breathing pattern a mistake like this would have never happened.
Social Justice was the cause of a White House break in. What if it was someone with a bomb strapped to their chest? It should be concerning when social justice is more important than the safety of the president.
Women can not guard the White House, just the same as men cannot give birth. There is no such thing as equality of the sex’s, and they’re never will. It’s a ridiculous pipe dream voiced by uneducated children in liberal arts schools. Feelings should never take the place of science, truth, and factual evidence.

  This bit Joe Rogan went through had fantastic points about physical inequality. From man to woman, and from man to man. No one is equal. Stand up is a great way to tell truths without people becoming offended. Again, this happened in the Fillmore in San Francisco, the ultra liberal capital of the world. Even with pointing out obvious gender differences, the audience was dying in laughter.

Instagram Models


instagram ass models triggered
How I normally Walk
In Triggered, Joe rants on the epidemic of female “body models” on Instagram. When the top women have millions of followers just for showing pictures of themselves in poses that flaunt their hind quarters. The term “model” , is used loosely here as now any girl who has a few pictures taken of her from a middle aged hipster man in a plaid shirt and glasses now calls herself, a model.
This shows a deep desperation for both genders in a profound way:
Women: Desperate for attention & validation.
Men: Desperate for women. Thirsty. A lack of purpose and goals.
Instagram used to be about photography, Now it’s about attention seeking and validation from men and women who crave the approval of others instead of themselves. Before yoga pants were considered risque, and pushing boundaries. Now Instamodels can upload nudes as long as certain regions are covered. There is no reason to do this other than attention.
This phenomenon is no different for men either, who actively post pictures on the Instagram half naked as well. Often times this is because men are depressed, or are addicted to pornography.
There is nothing inherently wrong with this behavior; it isn’t hurting anyone. However it is creating a culture that will change to demonize self worth, and only relay on what others think about you to determine your worth. True value comes from what you think about yourself. It does not come from what username: Roblikesthickbitches posts about how he’d “tear that up”.
I love how most of these photo’s includes a motivational quote or story. It’s a cover up, you know why they’re posting this photo. They need likes, hearts, and comments like a heroine addict needs his next fix.
I love the truth of this.
One former Instamodel named Essena O’Neill, deleted all of her social media, explaining how it doesn’t matter in real life and is essentially a colossal waste of time, spirit, and energy. Bravo Essena. She also went on to explain how fake these models are, including the “candid shots” looking away from the camera are always staged. Essena reveals the price of her social media addiction here. In the image above she explained what actually happened in this photo shoot. This photo previously had some motivational buy this bikini lingo that is so prominently featured on all Instamodel posts. Now she changed the copy and many other photo’s to reveal what is actually happening.
Essena also mentions that she is genetically gifted.
“all dreams can be real through surgery.” Joe Rogan – Triggered.
This is one of my favorite quotes of the entire special. If you aren’t beautiful, you can find an excellent plastic surgeon to create a new, shiny, skinned you. For an example, google Kardashians before and after plastic surgery. It’s like if a machine had the ability to change a normal person into an action figure or a barbie. This is what  happened to the entire Kardashian family.
The Instamodel craze is no different for Kim Kardashian. Who is frequently creating outrage by publishing nude photo’s of herself, although many people forget she is almost forty years old.
The benefit for Essena is no one can compete with transparent honesty.
I find her to be much stronger, and a better role model for her honesty.
A trait near impossible to find on any social network.

 All Religion Is Not Created Equal



 The book of Mormon is a popular Broadway play created by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, the two geniuses behind the show South Park. When Mormons found out about the play, they took out an advertisement in the billfold of the show.
If you found this play enjoyable and would like to know more about being Mormon, visit us at…
In triggered Joe Rogan speaks about the differences in religion and that all religions are not created equal. When Mormons were made fun of, they took out an advertisement for people who were interested in joining their religion. Peaceful, and perfectly executed. They used the potentially mocking performance to spread love, openness  and acceptance.
When the French magazine Charlie Hebdo drew cartoons of Muhammad, Islam extremists murdered twelve people, including a police officer. You can read the full story here.
The Mormon group has never committed violence from satire of their religion, unlike Islam which every week seems like a new attack has occurred. It’s too bad for the Muslims that don’t commit violence, as it makes the entire organization look like a violent threat to the world. The few Muslims I know couldn’t be nicer people.

Want to know why terror attacks don’t happen often in Russia?



 Why aren’t their any terrorist attacks in the southern states of America? Why aren’t their any terror attacks in Russia, or China? Because they would destroy them. ISIS is a bully, and America and France are easy to pick on. After many terror attacks the reactions from leaders and people is to “pray” and “come together”. That’s no different than you being bullied on the playground and crying instead of fighting back. The bullying will continue until you can defend yourself. Expect a Vincent Menniti presidential campaign in 2024. Prayers don’t kill terrorists, Vladimir Putin does. Hence why you don’t hear about any terror attacks in Russia.
“I swear if they bomb Russia, in half an hour every Muslim will die.” Vladimir Putin
You let terrorists kill you, or you don’t. At the moment America is more concerned with social justice than fathers, mothers, and children being murdered in the streets like dogs. Vladimir Putin cares nothing about social justice, so his people aren’t at a large concern for being murdered by Islamic Extremists. Frankly, they have trust in their country that they will be protected. This is why Trump’s approval rate increases nearly every time a terror attack happens in America. Beyond economics, gas prices, and Obamacare price hikes, people want to know that they are safe more than anything else.

Triggered Summary



 I’m genuinely surprised by how masculine this was. Nothing was politically correct during the entire run of triggered, and it was beautifully refreshing. Zero nonsense, and a significant amount of truth. Since Joe Rogan has multiple income streams and is a powerful, wealthy man with a vast amount of influence, he can do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants. No one can take his job away.
This is the type of influence you should strive to achieve: Total Freedom of expression.
Get money, than do whatever you want. That is the mission.
For Triggered, it’s hilarious. Even better under the influence of your favorite intoxicant. Watch it on your next available break from world domination.
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  1. These plastic bitches and their quotes next to them posting their ass in yoga pants as a cover-up is ridiculously on point.

    I mean do they really think we don’t realize why they do that? But it’s probably that they don’t care about that as long as they get the money from some beta simp + attention.


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