tranquilizers for men

Men have the easiest lives in history. Today. There are no large-scale wars to fight and no home-fronts to defend.

Men knew how to fight pre-1970s. You had to. There were enemies waiting to take what they had or threaten their way of life.

Fighting is history now. Shame is a weapon mightier than the pen or the sword.

  • Don’t have an opinion.
  • Don’t act in any manners that could be seen as offensive to any groups.
  • Don’t be human; be a non-religious pastor and clean your hands in holy water after each social-media post and three hail-likes. And don’t be religious.

Likes are what self-esteem was before smartphones.

Self-esteem used to be what you could do, who you were, and how your character developed through discipline and virtue.

Virtue isn’t unique to the individual anymore, but unique to a trending hashtag shared across multiple private companies vying to capture more of your information so drop-shipping companies can sell you trinkets you don’t need.

Some brains are organic fidget spinners balancing on the brink of burnout.

Discipline is a lost art.

Discipline was a requirement for survival.

If a western-era ranch-owner didn’t wake up at first-light to pump water from his well, corral his herd of longhorn steer; whatever he needed to provide for him and his family, none of them make it through the winter.

tranquilizers for men - western wake up

It doesn’t matter if you skip your responsibilities now. Deciding to skip the grocery store won’t make you starve to death. You don’t have to get out of bed to be fed. Now.

Download one of millions of apps and have pizza, burritos, or an Italian buffet delivered to your door with as much effort as a single keystroke on a new laptop.

A hedonistic life has downsides.

First, a life without discipline isn’t fulfilling.

Nothing happens.

Nothing changes.

Mom still asks if you want a snack, dad still yells at you to move out and get a job.

The alien princess stuck behind the LCD screen still begs you to save her, and she’ll never stop thanking you.

But, nothing happens.

Discipline didn’t use to be a choice.

Now that it is–people pick the easier path. Unlike Musashi.

Biology programmed humans to take the easier path. It’s a useful feature if your next meal is uncertain.

In this Eden, humanity has unlimited resources and engineered laziness.

People need to make hard choices down hard roads. Hard roads are the only roads with a satisfying ending.

tranquilizers for men - long road

Discipline is a lifestyle.

You can train discipline.

Some brands call themselves lifestyle brands. Liars.

Discipline is a lifestyle. Discipline requires daily choices that move one to discipline or away from discipline. That’s a lifestyle.

Your actions and your thoughts relate to your discipline and what you’ll be remembered for. Your legacy.

Discipline is a lifelong pursuit. A lifestyle.

Remove these four tranquilizers from your life to improve your discipline.

  1. Porn
  2. Weed
  3. Media
  4. Video games.

These four tranquilizers prevent a man from becoming the best version of himself.

We’ll cover each below.


tranquilizers for men - weed

Weed is what alcohol was in the 1950’s. Offices had liquor cabinets, employees were drunk all day; lunch in the city with three dry martinis was normal three times a week.

Later, people learned about alcoholism and domestic violence.

Alcohol was the drug of the past.

Weed is the drug right now.

Many weed smokers smoke every day. They’ll smoke in the mornings, and at night before they go to bed. Instead of hitting their primers.

Like when people started their mornings with a bloody mary and ended their day with a gin & Tonic nightcap.

It’s impossible to understand a phenomenon while it’s occurring.

No one though their alcohol use was abhorrent for years. People didn’t know smoking was bad for them either.

Years later, after the money was made and the doctors stopped receiving casino vouchers for bribes, the professionals delivered the truth. Smoking kills.

Researchers know the negative effects of marijuana. Even before legalization.

tranquilizers for men - smoking weed

But culture is louder than expertise and all anyone can hear is smoke purple and eat edibles.

Smokers need to look back, analyze their past and determine if consistent marijuana use provides any tangible benefits.

Smokers, run a test and take a month off. If you’re more successful without weed: evaluate your choices.

If you can’t go a month without weed you’re an addict.

If you can’t go a month without a drink you’re probably an alcoholic.

In the fifties, alcoholism wasn’t a health concern. Being a stoner is an insult, not an addiction. Some are proud stoners.

Weed isn’t lethal like alcohol and weed doesn’t mirror the violent behavior that alcohol creates.

Weed is a different drug, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better drug.

Alcohol and weed are both drugs, with different effects.

The two can’t be compared. 

Being an alcoholic is worse than being a stoner. Being a stoner is still bad.


  • Get nothing done.
  • Become no one.
  • Sleep until noon.

CBD is a different story.

Stoners wake up then pull a thick, milky cloud from a glass vase where they find happiness.

You won’t hit your kids or your goals high.

Alcohol makes you aggressive and weed makes you passive.

These two darlings are the Ying-Yang of the drug regime. One makes you hot, one makes you cold. The Republican and The Democrat of the drug regime.

Alcohol and weed are not good or bad when moderated. At the extremes, both will ruin your life.

Some can use booze or weed to enhance their performance. Joe Rogan is a stoner but not a slave. He takes breaks. He gets after his goals and works to improve his craft walking farther down the path.

Another man smoking the same weed as Joe might do nothing with his life. He could get high, play Xbox; jerk off and go to sleep.

Hedonism feels good now and hurts later.

In five years the undisciplined mans’ weed habit cost him five years of progress and greatness.

If your goal is hedonism and pleasure: Smoke weed, jerk off, pre-order every video game featuring a man with a gun and hire an escort.

A hedonistic isn’t fulfilling.

Men receive fulfillment through accomplishment.

The Andreian Philosophy Creed: Self-fulfillment through accomplishment.

Weed can be a tranquilizer.

Or, weed could give you a creative injection to walk farther down your path into greatness.



tranquilizers for men - porn
Porn is an epidemic.

Porn is the white-plague infecting children and men alike, stealing their confidence like a master-thief stealing a priceless work of art–because your confidence is priceless; it’s the main attraction, the event everyone comes to see–like a masterpiece painting.

Confidence forges visions through blood and work.

Porn takes away confidence.

No one comes to a gallery without paintings. They don’t care. The gallery closes and you die. A full gallery is a heart full of confidence.

A mind without porn can reach great places unknown to weaker men. Challenge yourself.

Without confidence, men wander lacking an identity, crossing their fingers hoping to get somewhere–anywhere but here–and never do.

And, you won’t become a man of status until becoming a man of action.

The men who get things done start world wars, end hunger, and cure cancer.

The weak live in the world the confident make. The weak don’t have a say.

tranquilizers for men lion

it’s better to be a lion than it is to be a sheep.

It’s easier to be a sheep. There’s less competition for Lions.

Outpacing Evolution

Humanity isn’t adapted to the modern world.

Living in a cave, wearing the skin of a bear killed during the last hunt: A cave dweller is horny. He wants to reproduce.

The alpha, who slew the mammoth wants all of the females to himself. he takes what he wants. Nothing left behind for the weaker males.

The weaker males pull up their loin clothes and fantasize about being the alpha. They want a different life. They want his life.

Masturbation conditions the brain to dwell in a lower level hierarchy where the losers, the quitters, and the worthless dwell.

Some lost souls down the well are losers. Some aren’t, and just need better habits.

The mind conditions weaker males to stay in their lane and not draw attention to themselves or cause any problems. Challenging the alpha is guaranteed to end in defeat: the inadequate brain says.

touching yourself encourages weakness.

Nearly every man looks at porn because on-demand culture says to get what’s yours with the least work possible.

All play and no work makes Jack as soft as clay.

The easy path.

Men don’t stand up for themselves anymore. Aggression and masculinity; both are shameful.

An entire generation held by the balls without the will to fight back.

Porn tranquilizes men. A pill to remove the edge. The edge makes a man unique.

Aggression used to hurt others is evil.

Aggression used to heal is good.

Masturbation makes you passive.

Cancer isn’t cured by passivity. A weak man with soft hands won’t end slavery. Change occurs with aggression.

Achievement happens with aggression. Get after it.

Stop looking at porn.

A man who can’t go a month without porn or masturbation is a fapoholic. Like an alcoholic, except the juices come out instead of coming in.


tranquilizer for men porn

fapaholic: One who cannot exist without sustained masturbation and pornography.

Some Fapaholics addiction requires one hit a day of traditional, bread & butter pornography. A little humping and thrusting from a man with a cock full of silicone injections turning his pork sword into a skin missile.

The worst junkies need to masturbate multiple times a day. Their addiction requires deeper and deeper perversions to get off as their condition grows in severity.

Straight, Fapaholic men even look at trans porn to get off. Cuck, gangbang, and rape-fantasy porn: all vices that can be killed by abstaining from porn and living with sexual authenticity.

An addiction is a master. When master calls, he expects service. Whether or not the service fits within your morals.

Porn isn’t real.

Quit pornography and stop masturbating. You’ll remove a tranquilizer and gain some aggression back.

Use your aggression to make the world a better place and not a worse one.


tranquilizers for men -- media

People who want to control your behavior and your mind own the media.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. The media leverages human capital to achieve a goal conspired by a visionary.

Capital is power.


The more you own, the more power you have. If you own their attention, you own who a person is. You can change them, mold them like little toy soldiers to march off rocky cliffs.

Look around. You can see the mental-slaves today.

The media builds entire industries.

The media invents diseases. Did you know anyone gluten intolerant in 1995? Gluten-free is now a billion dollar industry and every essential-oil dealer with a minivan spends 60% more money on muffins made of cardboard instead of grain.

The media is working towards creating a civil war.

For what benefit?

At the highest level, it’s always power. Capital, influence, control.

The world is different but people are the same.

We want more pussy, more money, more resources. Capital.

Mainstream Media wants to control you and New Media wants to control your attention.

Instagram, social, twitter, Tumblr, Facebook.

Small time fish use New Media to take your assets and give you trinkets. They aren’t trying to hurt you, it’s human to acquire capital. Capital is safety.

But, they are taking what’s yours, trading what you need, to them, for what you want.

No one needs a Bernie Sanders T-shirt for 36$ plus shipping.

People controlled by their ego need validation for their opinions and feelings because their actions are shallow and their lives are bland.

Look at how Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg dress. They both dress like substitute teachers at a middle school located next to a farm. They don’t show their status because their actions and their reputations speak for them.

Show. Don’t tell.

New media sows ego in the common man. Great men sow the seed in fertile, willing soil begging for an identity found through a shirt with a clever saying.

Make America Great again.

Punch a Nazi.

Meat is murder.


Black Lives Matter.

Vote Fuckface 2020.

Please, give me attention for what I say. I haven’t done anything worthwhile.

Use the New Media to farm, not to consume. Stay away from the old media. The old media wants to conscript you to an agenda to steal your good feelings and replace them with a victim mentality.

Video Games.

tranquilizers for men - video games

Men are free to be masculine in video games. At one time, movies. Now, even video games are pumped full of agendas like hormones pumped into dairy cows.

Worse than that, video games are a zero-sum activity.

Video games are heroine. They’re addicting, cost money, keep you up at night, and give no return or reward.

Video games make you fat, lazy, and like porn, are a false reality. You’ve killed a prostitute and robbed a bank. Feels good.

Then the wife calls you worthless, you apologize, and make it up to her by mowing the lawn and getting yelled at a few more times.

No one disrespects you. Whether you’re a man or woman.

Preserve your honor.

tranquilizers for men play video games later

Video games are passive. Nothing happens after you’re done and you walk away with nothing after you’re done. 

Video games are fun and have a time and place.

If you’re burned out and overworked–making beginner mistakes in your craft you’ve overcome–rest.

Use a passive activity to replenish yourself. Before then: work your fingers to the marrow.

Active activities are always preferred over passive activities. If you must choose a passive activity, some are better than others.

Reading is better than video games.

The gym is better than video games.

A walk and a podcast are better than video games.

Cooking a meal is better than video games.

The right time to play video games

tranquilizer for men play video games later

Play video games when you’re grey haired and in diapers. There’s no better time to be a pretend hero than when you can no longer be a real hero.

If you’re of sound body and mind you can be a hero. Now.

We’ve forgotten how because we live without a code. Wandering without purpose.

Accomplish your goals now. Then, you’ll live and die without shame and get to indulge in all the video games you want guilt free at the end of your life.


The elderly barely have the energy to get out of bed. That’s the best time to play all the video games and watch all the movies.

Not now.

Don’t waste your youth and energy partaking in an activity requiring tiny movements of the hand, thumbs, and little mental input.

Four common tranquilizers for men.


Confidence tranquilizer.


Motivation tranquilizer.


Individuality tranquilizer.

Video games.

skill Tranquilizer.

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  1. I have to say that your disdain for video games seems to be a bit extreme.

    Sure, anything taken to excess invariably becomes negative, but I’d much rather play a story-rich RPG than come home and turn on the television (which I don’t even own) and think that’s a good thing.

    Video games, to me, are like interactive novels. If they don’t have well developed characters as well as a well written and branching storyline I’m not interested in them.

    You call it a “skill tranquilizer” when it can, in fact, be inspiration for developing skills.

    Many of my own skills were learned due to my interest in playing the “ranger” type of characters in games. It seemed wrong to me that my digital representation could do these things but I could not. As a result I learned to bow hunt, track, stalk, trap, forage, preserve food, climb, and many other things.

    Survival skills and primitive techniques that can be used without requiring the need for a large quantity of gear have become something that I am *very* interested in and, without video games, I may not have ever discovered them.

    • Good dichotomy. This is a warning for people who don’t have your drive and use video games as an escape.

      If you’re willing, write a post countering this one and we’ll consider publishing it.


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