Heroes stay the same

The world today is safer and more boring than previous eras, like the Edo period in Japan when The Samurai ruled. However, honor, duty, and courage are the same in all eras.

There is always a brave decision and a cowardly one. The choice is between alpha and omega. The beginning and the end.

There is one difference between the coward and the hero; a decision between easy and hard. The coward runs from fear. He can’t control his emotions. He needs emotional management.

The hero feels fear just like the coward. The hero responds to fear a different way. He uses  fear like a compass to answer a call to greatness and overcome a testing challenge. The coward hears the call for adventure and hangs up the phone.

You were born in this timeline. Be heroic now. It doesn’t matter what timeline you are born in. Heroics are alive, even in times of peace and prosperity. You don’t have to be born a knight, or a samurai, to be a hero.

Being a hero is a lifestyle choice. When fear calls, what do you do? There are too few heroes today.

Being a hero is a lifestyle

Heroes show up every day. Heroes consistently answer the call to challenge. They don’t believe in taking a day off unless earned by incessant toiling to become the greatest version of themselves.

It is good to take days off from your path. Given, you made enough progress in your development as an Andreian to authorize time away from your path.

Heroics never change

A man needs a path to achieve true happiness. A way he can walk for the rest of his life. He also needs to experience life, Earth, and everything this world has to offer.

Give yourself rewards for your heroism. Complete ten goals, take a trip to a foreign country. Earn your life experiences. They’ll mean more when you earn them.

Earning your experiences

Earning your experiences serves two purposes. The first purpose, you have a way to get things and experiences you want while progressing farther down your path. The meaning of life exists on your path.

Improving in something you love, on the way to mastery, is the meaning of life. We find meaning with identity. Musashi’s identity was samurai master swordsman. Items will decay and lose value. We lose experience to memory. We never lose our identity with who we are.

The second purpose of earning your experiences, is the amount of life you can experience when you are motivated to achieve goals. There is no target to hit without goals, like shooting a bow into the woods trying to hit a target you haven’t set. If you know what you need to do to get what you want, you do it.

Life is meant to be mastered and enjoyed. Before you die, find what you love and master it. True love doesn’t exist with your wife, it exists with your way.

Become a hero of your Way

Heroes have a way they face with confidence. When a hero feels fear inside his callused mind he moves towards the fear. The coward moves backward. This is heroics. heroics exist in every timeline.

Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of pain, or embarrassment; all of these fears are calls to action that cowards walk away from. Heroes are valuable because they walk towards their fears and accept them.

Fear is a crow. A letter. A notification. Fear is an opportunity to conqueror a new experience.

become a hero of your way

If you want to become a hero, become a legend of your way

Find out who you are. Musashi found he was a samurai. He killed 64 men in one on one combat. Musashi accepted his way then chased perfection until his death.

You’ll never reach perfection.

It is a blessing you cannot reach perfection. The true master does not want to reach it; perfection means no more. The true master dedicates himself to his way because the process is his true love and his way is the meaning of life.

Heroes don’t identify with their political party, their diet plan, or their exercise habits. Heroes identify with their way and their philosophy. Philosophy, being the code one follows to live the life they want–Like the Andreian code. Coming soon.

A Netflix binge is a bear trap with rusty teeth that makes you retarded. There is too much entertainment and not enough challenge. Our lack of adversity makes our brains feel like potatoes cooked in the microwave for three days.

People are made to struggle. Without struggle, we become soft loaves of bread. We aren’t meant to live with so much comfort; a lazy king is trapped in his castle.

Want to be happy?

Become a hero. Find something you can tolerate doing without being paid to do it and make it your new hobby. Dedicate fixed hour blocks to exercise your new hobby. Six hours on Saturday, three hours on Wednesday. The more time blocks the better. If you don’t get bored and you want more you may have found your way. The key is to fix the time blocks where the only thing you can do is your new hobby. You can’t have your phone, you can’t check social media. To find your way, you need to be in deep work.

Never leave your way once you find it. Remember the why that got you there in the first place. Get better every day. Think about your true love more than you think about girls you dated back in school. This is the way. This is how you become a hero.

You can’t have confidence if you aren’t good at anything.


Even though the modern world is boring, sterile, and politically correct, heroics stay the same.

Being brave doesn’t change whether you’re a spartan, bare-chested & spear-carrying, or stuck in a wheelchair. You go forward into fear. Anyone can be a hero.

Stay true to your path and change the world.


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