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Whomever you are, American or not you’re likely familiar with the concept of the American dream. A home, two cars, two kids, and RV or a boat. Both, if you’re lucky.

Some people imagine the American dream as a home with a white picket fence. This nearly always includes a job in an office, working for a company with total loyalty and devotion. After thirty years of service they send you on your way with a retirement plan and a gold watch.

This isn’t true.

This is an false idea, an attachment that does not exist.

This is what people want to see. This is an illusion, eaten up by the masses from marketing experts in expensive suits. People don’t want to see the truth. What they want to see is their own thoughts projected on the world.

There is no American Dream.

Dreams are for those who sleep. Want truth? American hustle. It is the only way. Other cultures enjoy their leisure time. They don’t build powerful empires. A soft example would be Brazil with Carnavale. Google it if you aren’t sure. The reason why America is strong is the hustle. Nothing else.

It’s human nature to have empty hopes and attachments. Your brain is an expert at protecting you from truth you don’t want to know. It’s a defense mechanism you see, from causing psychological trauma. If you’re a loser, your brain knows it but doesn’t tell you. The emotional effects would be traumatizing and potentially reduce your chance of survival.

Your brain cares about survival. Nothing else.

Your brain doesn’t want what’s best for you, your brain wants to be safe in the present moment. It’s not thinking about tomorrow, since tomorrow is an illusion none of us can say will come or not. Survival was not such a strong guarantee in times past. Now, it is. We still haven’t adapted to this new change.


Step outside your home and in moments you are engulfed in chaos. Cars speeding by, planes overhead, existing on a rock covered in salt water spinning in space. This is our reality, yet what we see isn’t so.

We see the neighborhoods, our families, our attachments.

Realizing what we are, what is actually happening is too much for us to process. So it’s blocked out from the mind.

Our minds are a complex network of attachments. These attachments serve a purpose to protect us from going completely insane. Stepping back and looking at the world from another angle is a skill.

Even the American dream has attachments. The entire narrative above requires an investment, it requires a collar. This collar will never be removed. It’s not an accessory, it’s a shackle. A job is an entry into servitude, an entry into a pretty enslavement.

The American dream would not live without debt.

Buying a house used to be a immediate value exchange. Now it’s almost always accompanied with a mortgage. You could go as far as saying the American dream, is the mortgage dream.

All of this is an illusion, one big lie. A trick to make you attached to items like a home, or a boat. A trick to make you attached to narratives like the American dream, the house with the white fence.

The truth?

Attachments make you weak and vulnerable.

Some attachments are good for you. They aren’t marketed like the bad ones though. Good attachments make you money, increase the value of you. This does not correlate to a financial gain to interested parties like banks, the auto industry, the mortgage industry. We’ll cover those shortly.

Life is more beautiful when you can live unattached. Nothing owns you. To put into the words of Tyler Durden from fight club:



“What you own eventually begins to own you.”

Your soul wants you to be free. You were put here on earth for a reason. To create, not to consume.    When you buy a car and make payments, you don’t own you car. Your bank does. At anytime they can take back what they own. Same thing with a home with a mortgage.

Don’t fall disillusioned to this fool’s gold. The more debt, the more attachments you have, the more vulnerable and weak you become. Since andreia is about being strong, durability comes into play.

Think of yourself as a castle. You want your defense to be sturdy, a broad wall to protect you from all who may oppose. The more debt and attachments you have the weaker you become.




The more attachments you have:

  • The more your enemies have to use against you.
  • The more you in-debt yourself to an employer, to a master. Increasing your length of slavery.
  • The more time you spend maintaining objects, instead of creating your life’s work.
  • The less time you have to enjoy on this earth.




True power comes from having everything and needing none of it.


True freedom is to live unattached.


We aren’t talking about just items either. Attachments to anything will weaken you.


Easy Attachments to be cautious of.




In business amateurs have it all wrong. They think that a good idea is what is important. This is farthest from the truth.

If you took a day to brainstorm ideas for a new business, you could have hundreds in a single day. A hundred ideas means nothing.

What matters, is how you execute the idea.


You could have an idea to build the first hotel on Mars. Fantastic, no one has done this before, you have no competition.





That is, until you begin to execute it.


How would you start? How do we get to mars? Where are the building supplies? How do we get oxygen?


Ideas mean nothing. You must have a realistic plan within your skills, or near the edge of them. It’s fine to learn while working on a new project. IF you know nothing about farms and want to become a rancher, you’ll fail. It’s simply too much new material to cover at once. Regardless of what you do you’ll learn on the go and that’s fine. Keep it within reach, you’ll succeed.


How to be successful? Make executions based on what you already know.


The best advice for investing is to invest in what you know. This is your edge. You execute plans that you have a specialization in.


Becoming attached to an idea is an easy way to kill your business. Emotions do not belong in any business. You could go as far to say that emotions don’t belong anywhere. The reason for this is you look at your product or service as something you want, instead of whether or not it’s what your customers want, the people who give you money.


You may think it’s a genius idea to create a video rental store, since your favorite memory as a child was going to see the newest blockbuster every week.


This is a classic example of an attachment to an idea instead of the execution. Emotions are at play here. When you break it down it’s a terrible idea. Technology has made video stores obsolete, and it’s too early to attract customers looking for that video rental nostalgia.






If you have a scarcity mindset it’s easy to think she’s the one. The moment you get attached to her, the moment you’re afflicted with the terrible curse of oneitis.


No one wants to be the center of your universe. You don’t want this for you either. It comes across as desperation, and weakness.


It’s easy for men to become attached to a single woman. Know that these feelings are not true. There are billions of women in the world ready for you to meet them.


The idea that there is a one for you is a Disney fairy tale. If you’re “one” past in a tragic accident you’d find a new one in a few years. There is no one person made for you. There is simply too many choices.

Most truths are ugly. An ugly truth will always serve you better than a lie. If you’re a younger guy, I’m telling you what your parents need to tell you but aren’t. For those still in school, you aren’t in love.


Think about this for a moment: You say you love your significant other. If your favorite porn star wanted to sleep with you, would you say no?


Men crave variety in their sex life. Disagree all you want, this is your programming. You can’t out morale your genetics. Embrace what you want, get it, but don’t ever need it. Attachments are evil.





Many are attached to their jobs. It gives them a phony sense of purpose. They feel like their jobs and companies care about them because your job is what’s putting food on the table.





This is a lie. Your job is another attachment.


The moment you’re no longer producing, no longer useful to your company you’re gone.


Think about this for a moment: If a company paid you your worth, they wouldn’t make any money. A sales job for example. You sell over 250k a month. How much do you make? that depends on the position, but it’s not 250k.


The reason companies make money is because they can use people as a tool to make money for the company. You are their tool. The moment you can’t produce, you aren’t wanted. Yet many people feel a sense of loyalty to a company who isn’t loyal to them.


The only person you must be loyal to is yourself. If you’re offered a better paying job, take it. A company would do the same thing given an employee with your same skills who would work for less. This is the entire process of outsourcing. Americans used to be the ones on  call lines until it was found out you could do the exact same overseas for almost nothing.


In order to grow, to live a life of healthy attachment you must not be attached to your career. They certainly aren’t attached to you, and will remove you the moment they find a better deal or you cease to provide.



If you’re still hanging out with the same people from grade school, doing the same thing, talking about the same topics, you’re friends are dragging you down.

You’re attached to them because they’re comfortable. It’s what you know. When it’s what you know that is often what destroys you.


At the moment I’m working on a criteria for you to decide who you allow to be friends with. Remember, every year you must be growing.

If you’re doing the same thing with the same people from last year they may be allowing you to stay stagnant. They may be an anchor keeping you in a life of mediocrity. true friends demand the most from you. They push you out of your comfort zone, they demand you perform for them.

Like the Spartans if you can’t lift your shield, you won’t fight in the ranks. Never let a friend in your company if they can’t lift their shield. You decide what these qualities may be. As an example, I will not associate with a individual who does not lift weights or practice a martial art. I consider a person with little physical strength to be unable to lift his shield.




Set your qualifiers. Live by them.


At the end of every year conduct a full performance review of yourself. Treat yourself like a corporation would treat you: An asset or a liability.


Was last year an a success for you? How did you improve, how did you decline? Analyze every part of your life. You do not want to be dealing with the same problems from last year. This is a sign you have much more work to do on yourself.


What you must be attached to



Be totally attached to yourself.


You are in total control of very little in the world. You do have total control over your actions, and your thoughts. That’s why it’s so important to use a breathing method to stay conscious and grounded. Without being grounded my mind wants tv, video games, and other meaningless entertainment.


When I’m grounded I want success. In order to prosper you must be in total control of your mind. This power, this gift is available to everyone. No excuse you make will be valid. The best way to become grounded is to start in the morning. Only the most successful people use a morning routine.




Whatever it takes for you to take 100% control of your mind do it. Breathing methods work for me, medication may work for you. Again, it doesn’t matter what you do to get to your goals. What matters is that you get there.


Greatness is achieved at any cost. Morals don’t exist to the winner, only winning.



Be Attached to your mission

A man without a mission is a lost child wandering the world without a family. Your mission is your compass, your purpose and your calling.

Once you find your mission, give every part of you to it. No one can tell you what this mission is. You must spend time in mediation, even during your morning routine. Time alone in silence is the best way to find a mission.




Everything around you is fighting for your attention.


Fight back.


Fight back against the need to be entertained and you’ll find purpose.


A mission has many benefits including:


  • A sense of purpose
  • Confidence
  • Having “your thing”
  • A legend to make you immortal


What is your purpose? If you don’t know it, that’s fine. For now. Find it as soon as possible, but don’t make the mistake of lying to yourself just to have one. No mission is better than a fake one.


Be Attached To Your Education


The more you learn, the more you earn. So you should be learning all the time. What choices do you have with your life?


  1. Work
  2. Learn
  3. entertainment


Work is what makes you money, and gives you purpose. Education provides a groundwork for your work, and quenches your creative thirst. It also makes you much more interesting.


Entertainment gives you none of that. It gives you no value, it teaches you nothing, it makes you boring.


If dating is important to you think about this: Who would a woman find more interesting, a man with a high level avatar in world of Warcraft or a man who speaks multiple languages and has written multiple books?


Work will make you better all around. Leisure is a new invention, you don’t need it.


Work gives you better quality friends who make you look better and push you farther. Winners work, and losers entertain. I want to be surrounded by winners, so I spend my time working.


While I’m doing this I meet others who are doing the same thing. Now I have more members in my army, my gang. The same is said with leisure, except you dig deeper and deeper away from a life of purpose.


With leisure there is no accomplishment or meaning.


With work there is unlimited honor, glory, and the chance to become immortalized forever in your work. Like some of the great philosophers of our time. This is where you must aim to sit. To sit among the greatest individuals in the realm of your chosen mission.




Become Attached To Your Goals


I saved the best for last. I’ve created a program I call goal cycling that I’ve used to accomplish more in the past year than most will accomplish in their lives. At the moment I’m making into a course so that you can enrich your life with goals as well.


Want to know when goal cycling is available for purchase? Sign up for the newsletter. When it’s first release I’ll give many copies away for free and create a focus group to decide the future of the goal cycling program.


The early adopters who don’t get access to the free focus group copy will receive an option to purchase goal cycling heavily discounted.


In order to be successful you must attach yourself to your goals. Whatever it may be that is your current goal, let it overwhelm you and dominate your mind.


In order to be spectacular, you cannot be normal. It’s impossible to make wild changes in the world when you behave like everyone else.



climbing Mount Everest


Treat your goals like a newborn child. Never let them out of your sight or mind. You must feed and nurture them constantly for them to grow.


There is never an end to improvement. Once you accomplish a goal, you move onto the next. As a man you must never let a day go by where you aren’t working to accomplish something, anything.


What makes men feel confident is that they are doing something, accomplishing something. Goals will give you all the confidence in the world.


If you’re new to goal setting, it’s okay to start small. Momentum will be your ally in your newfound love of accomplishment.


Becoming attached to your goals requires them to be realistic. While you may want to be president of the United states, you won’t be able to if you’re still in college. This is the art of starting small.


You begin with a small accomplishment, then stack upon it with a goal in the same field. Next, try a different field and begin adding new skills, while adding depth to the ones you already know.


Once you begin setting goals anything that does not end in glory or accomplishment will lose it’s appeal. The thrill of accomplishment is like any other, and lasts forever. The difference between entertainment and work as we said above.




Attachments are human nature. You will never avoid having needs, or wants. What you can control is how you approach these and what you determine to be your needs and wants. Simply put, choose work over everything. Leisure will always leave you with less than what you started and will steal your life force and energy.


Acomplishing goals is the greatest feeling in the world. Nothing compares to it, not even sex. I’m working on creating a program for you based on how I complete goals called goal cycling. Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready, and even get it for free.


If you know of anyone with a crippling attachment to leisure, share this with them. Not only will it make you look like a cold blooded hustler, it’ll also serve as a wake-up call to those who waste their time without purpose, without goals.








  1. I loved this post. Exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. As I’ve gotten older and mostly wiser, I’ve had less problems with attachments. A stubborn few still persist. I’m working on them. Long term bad habits die hard, but they need to die all the same. As for debt, stay out of it. Worst case, keep it as low as possible and pay off fast. Let your money stack up. I’ve seen the advent of the internet. The business possibilities are endless. Use your money to invest in yourself and build a business. It’s so much easier now than it used to be. Anyways, great post Well written.
    Thank you.

  2. If America was so powerful? Why aren’t you able to save it from Corona Virus? You should be sufficient right? What a joke! Your own fast food eating habits and other leisure shit got you killed!


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