high value men and low value men

Every guy wants to be an alpha male or wanted to be one at some point in his life.

Many men today, are lost. They identify as victims because they’ve lost focus on becoming strong, smart, and self-reliant; they’ve abandoned trying to become the greatest version of themselves.

Men don’t have mentors anymore and they don’t have fathers. School systems mostly contain female instructors.

Boys today are told that masculinity is bad and toxic.

Guys who haven’t abandoned the path but are barely making progress have a different set of problems. Their difficulties are much worse.

Offensive Masculinity

Masculinity is considered offensive today. Men are conditioned to be feminine, safe, and tolerant. Displays of masculinity are toxic; men even get shamed for sitting comfortably on a train. Manspreading.

Some “activist” made a chair to prevent Manspreading, which is essentially a wooden chair with blocks glued on the side so men can’t sit comfortably. The glue-block chair won an award for design; a nice way for the governing body to virtue signal.

Masculinity in Society

Male-only clubs aren’t allowed to be masculine anymore. The Boy Scouts are now the Scouts, but the Girl Scouts are still the girl scouts. And, the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts for copyright infringement.

Virtue Signaling is a complicated ordeal.

It’s concerning when it isn’t your behavior affecting others, but your behavior when you’re around those like you that’s the problem according to gender experts.

This isn’t whining though. That would be low-value. it’s a turn of culture that no one could control. To care about men’s rights is identifying with a weakness.

The strong don’t identify with their weaknesses nor do they glorify victimhood.

The strong don’t need to step into popular culture and be an activist for men; men should know how to carry and manage their lots, or express the willingness to learn. An volunteer for young boys who need role-models. That is activism.

Low-value men & high-value men

Here for the game | Source

Low-value men don’t have goals.

They watch Netflix while swiping on Tinder or Bumble, chasing women. Spending time being thirsty. That’s what you do on a dating app. You spend time being thirsty.

Think about who you would consider a high-value man. Would they use Tinder or Bumble? This question will tell you about how you spend your time and the quality of your mentors.

Low-value men play videogames. Low-value men use Doordash instead of cooking for themselves.

High-value men have goals, dress well; you can achieve this just by wearing clothes that fit, even if it’s a T-shirt and chucks.

High-value men chase money and a purpose, knowing that a purpose is how you have a fulfilling life and money can be a scoreboard for you to chase after.

The difference between low and high-value men

The difference between low and high-value men is that high-value men have a purpose outside of sex.

Robert Downey Jr

Low-value men only think about getting laid. That’s all they want to do. They practice “game”. they go out to clubs–not to have fun–to get laid.

Low-value men are pussy hounds. They chase girls. High-value men never chase girls. They chase goals. This is the difference between the two.

Set aggressive goals and chase them. Don’t chase girls. Meet women while you’re on the path. Without goals, you will make women your priority; how unattractive.

Make goals in the gym to increase every one of your big three lifts. Take courses at a local college for fun. Go out to have fun and improve your social skills. Meet a girl on the warpath. Don’t chase her.

Love yourself, respect yourself, put yourself first.

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  1. Excellent article. I found myself guilty of low value in chasing or desiring to chase women. High value men literally do not need to chase women as they chase goals. When you reach another level of growth, the women literally come out of nowhere its insane!

    The one feedback I will give is to re-evaluate the boy scouts/girl scouts debate going on. On the surface I initially agreed “why do women need to be in boy scouts?” turns out Girl Scouts actually has an equivalent to the coveted “Eagle Scout” designation young men can earn. Do you know what the girl scout equivalent is called? Exactly, nobody knows. The same level of growth, improvement, and discipline is required to earn the Girl Scounts “Silver Star” yet it isnt worth crap on a resume or in conversation. After learning this I completely understand why girls and their parents desire to work towards the coveted Eagle Scout designation and not the Silver Star designation. My initial and premature thought was why not just rename “Silver Star” into “Eagle Scout”? Obviously because then The Boy Scouts will be suing the Girl Scouts and not the other way around.

    I don’t have a solution to this unfortunately. Whatever the solution is, it definitely isn’t demonizing women for wanting recognition for their achievements. I also don’t see women as the enemy, which is a common problem in the red pill community, women are literally 50% of the world population and capable of great things. Most men never see this because as your article alludes to, they never become a high value enough man to become exposed to the high value females. I recently went to a Self Improvement Seminar (and there was a big price tag) where there were thousands (with an s) of such women. I am talking 1-2,000 significantly above average women (event had 12,000 attendees). It’s a bit reality shaking and eye opening to see so many high value women grouped together all under one roof. But how many men spend thousands of dollars on their own self improvement? They simply aren’t high value enough yet to be exposed to that peer group. And ironically I am telling myself that I need to tap into an even higher level peer group with more exclusivity. Of course, that wont happen without myself first becoming an even higher value man than I currently choose to be.

    • Good feedback. To clarify, the intended point was not to demonize women, but that for-men organizations are deemed unacceptable by many facets of modern culture. It’s wonderful to have mixed groups and it’s wonderful to have same-sex groups. Neither is bad but both are needed. Men need groups for men only. It is the only way to learn how to be a strong and honorable man; from other men. Let us know if you’d be willing to share some of your views on-site.

  2. Listen guys you make some awesome points. What happened to our culture is unfortunate. Look at television the heroes are women. We are not gonna see movies like Enter the Dragon where three guys kick butt on an evil island. It’s gonna be women Swat teams and incompetent creepy guys. It’s called social engineering and women bikers, football players, boxers. Look at the cop shows and see who’s kicking butt. It’s women … Thr message women are not demonic but they’re surely BETTER than guys…

  3. Great article man
    You made some really good points

    One thing I wanna say though is about chasing women.

    Low value and high value men both want girls. Men want girls.

    But it’s just a difference of how they get there. Low value guys will obsess and stalk a girl or take the under the radar approach where they be her “friend” and make a move months later. They’ll base all their “game” on using tinder or bumble or some dating app where everything is skewed.

    High value men will approach and be direct. It’s a mindset of “this girl likes me or she doesn’t”. Not that play it safe and be a friend and do unearned favors for her bullshit. Both use game, but the high value mans is much more efficient, confident, and shows attractive qualities.

    Going to bars with the intention of picking up girls will make you look creepy since most guys would probably just end up standing in the corner staring girls down. But going for having fun and focusing on going up to a girl if she catches your eye is high value. Learning game has a ton of benefits if you do it right. Literally gives you the skill set to build relationships and inner confidence unlike guys on tinder who’s opening line is “what kind of pasta do you like” and having a “where do you work/what do you do/what’s your favorite color” conversation

    I’m writing this because it felt like you were saying that wanting to take girls home or approach them is low value since that would be chasing girls. In reality that’s the high value way of doing it.


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