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I’m not happy. In fact, if I didn’t care about things I can’t control, I’d be furious. Why is it that 95% of blogs, of writing, is all the same? Raise your hand if you feel the same way. How many articles will be published about ab exercises? Do we really need more articles about pick up lines, and game?

We already know eating fast food is bad for us.

We already know we should hit the gym.

We already know what we need to do in order to be successful.

We already know we need a powerful morning routine.

We don’t need the same generic information. It’s unoriginal and a waste of your time.

Regardless I still love reading blogs and I love (some) newsletters.

However, reading every blog post is a colossal waste of time. Even reading directly from Andreia Thoughts. Why would I say that about my own work?

If something doesn’t apply to you within a three month window, it doesn’t matter.

I’m asking you now: Don’t read what you can’t use in a three month window. If you aren’t planning on being a welder, you don’t need to read anything about welding. That’s called entertainment. My work won’t apply to all of you and that’s okay. I want you to obsess and study with what does apply to you. Throw out everything else. You need to find the information from Andreia Thoughts, from anywhere that unlocks the best parts of you. That’s what’s most important.

The worst offenders of garbage content is often times newsletters. You can sign up for mine in the right hand sidebar. I promise it will not include garbage. Only what I feel is information you must consume. Newsletters often times include some of the greatest information. Information too personal for a blog post. I’ve been known to blindly send out personal journal entries. A glimpse into my mind.


unwrapping Andreia Thoughts


A newsletter sent to you is like a personal blog post. Instead of coming to a website to read it, it’s delivered to you, like a present from Santa on Christmas morning. Sometimes you don’t get a good present, sometimes you do. What’s important, is that you open the present. Then try to not receive presents from sources that give you a consistent supply of garbage.

I’ve found a special way to read newsletters. It won’t distract you, and will give you everything you need to continue onward in search of glory and dominating your goals. The same for blog posts as well. Read on, and see how to read newsletters without wasting your precious time.



How To Read Newsletters Without Being Distracted


How to read a newsletter


Create an email account for only newsletters. Then you can treat them as they are, a personal blog post. Email is for work, not pleasure. The newsletters you sign up for have valuable information, but they’ll often times distract you, even mine.


I like newsletter in the title. Psychologically it reminds you this account is only for newsletters. Because it is. You don’t want to use it for anything else. This is your personal newsletter blog.

Writers will use titles to bait you in. It isn’t bad, writers just want your attention.

The newsletter creators you subscribe to most always want to sell you something. That’s just fine. If you have the money, and what they’re selling can solve a problem for you or make you better, Buy It. Be weary of phonies. Many people want to sell you an online course that’s a garbage money grab ploy.

Remember, before you buy an online product think about how you will use it in the next three months or how it relates to you. If you can’t, you don’t need it. You can’t help everyone. Paid content can be fantastic. Often times it’s where writers like to store most of their gold ideas.


One of my favorite newsletters is freelance to win. The creator, Danny, is a master of how to get more work freelancing. This applies to me since I love making money, and hate wasting my time on entertainment. He often speaks about buying his course in the emails. I’ve never tried it, so I can’t recommend it. His blog content is quite polished though. His information made me much more efficient at acquiring freelance work.

Soon the blog will take many new directions. One of which will teach you how to learn almost everything you want for free, and make more money. This will apply to all of us.

Right now I’m subscribed to about twenty newsletters. They’re all being sent to a email like the example above. You don’t want to mix newsletters with important business and personal emails. It becomes too cluttered. Organization is key to dominating the world.

You also don’t want your important emails to be accidentally deleted, because you thought they were a newsletter post. You don’t want to open a newsletter with some click bait title like: You car insurance has expired and find out it’s a newsletter for some blog to read about how to get discounts. This will create stress, and stress will kill your clarity of mind.

When you aren’t sure what newsletter to read, you can use the five why’s to see if it will be important to you.



The Best Way To Read Blogs



The best way to read blogs is to think of them like the Sunday paper. If you’re too young for this reference let me explain. On Sundays, the newspaper is about 3x times the size. It’s the day men of time would lounge and catch up on news and literature. This is how you are supposed to read blogs.

Do not sit around all day and read blogs.

Focus on your goals.

This is probably getting redundant as most posts often tell you to throw away everything in exchange for your goals. This is because your goals are the only thing that matter in this world. Nothing else matters except accomplishment. Do the work.

Every Sunday I use Feedly to read blog posts that I find interesting, or can enhance my life. Only on Sunday, so the rest of the time I can accomplish. When you read blogs every day, you don’t have selection. Feedly places all the blogs you find interesting together, so you can pick and choose the articles.

Not every article on this blog or any other will apply to you. So don’t waste your time. Only read what directly relates to your life and can enhance it.



feedly interface
Snapshot of my Feedly




Most blogs use filler content that does nothing for you. When you use Feedly once a week you avoid wasting your time. You pick what is relevant to you and delete the rest. The best part of Feedly is it’s completely free. You don’t need to pay to learn from your favorite blogs, including Andreia Thoughts.

This is the only way you should read blogs. Because time is the most important asset you have.

When using Feedly, you can save the best articles. When I find a particularly spectacular article I save it in the Feedly saved articles so I can return to it. Today I found another great one.

The views of attraction from a man who became a woman and underwent the process of Male to Female Hormone Replacement Therapy.

When you find more articles that you can’t live without, organize them in Evernote. Evernote, a note-taking app at the moment organizes my entire life: including three businesses. I can’t live without it.
Enjoy your Sunday paper.


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. New blogs are always repeating what others are already saying and that is okay for a start. But you should bring in your own opinion and character, nobody agrees with everything, that just makes you a fake ass.

    If you disagree with the whole purpose of game then do so (game is a waste of time in my opinion). Don’t be afraid to trigger the masses or even the manosphere that you usually agree with and the content will come.

    Trump became president because he caught all the attention through being outrageous & just different.

    Be a Trump.


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