tanning and testosterone

Tanning causes skin cancer, melanoma, herpes, and even instant death.

This has been the general consensus of indoor tanning since it was first introduced back in 1978. A new way to enhance your aesthetics indoors. Around the same time, sunscreen was also developed.

In the 1950’s, large sugar corporations paid for research stating dietary fat was bad for you. Also stating, sugar was good for you. [1] This was in response to research that showed the abhorrent negative effects of sugar. confection companies didn’t like that. The research cut into their sales; they responded with false information. Sugar, being the worst consumable item a human can eat.

Dietary fat was heralded as the sole macronutrient that made you fat.  In response to this consumers demanded products like “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” and other fat substitutes now banned. Why? Because the ingredients that replaced fat caused cancer. While dietary fat has shown to reduce the risk of cancer.

In 2017, we know fat is a major component in regulating the hormone testosterone. Fat has numerous other benefits as well. Fat is the main component of your brain. Fat and cholesterol to be exact. [2] Fat is still demonized for a pathetic attempt to make more sales of other products. This comes at the detriment of an entire country. Soaring obesity rates confirms this.

Could Tanning Be Hiding Secret Health Benefits, Just Like Fat?

tanning will increase testosterone

Science is beginning to show the answer is yes.

Vitamin D a misunderstood hormone. Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone. Vitamin D is essential for the production of semen, increasing bone density, and many other benefits

A full list of vitamin D benefits here.

Vitamin D is that important.

In a study conducted by the medical university in Graz, Austria researchers found a link between vitamin D and testosterone.

They found that men who have high levels of vitamin D, also have high levels of the hormone testosterone. This was much more than those who had a vitamin d deficiency.

The researchers also found that testosterone and vitamin d followed a close pattern. When vitamin D levels were down(winter months) testosterone also decreased in subjects. [3]

The lowest recorded testosterone levels in the study were during March. This is theorized because March has the lowest level of solar radiation. in turn, this produces lower levels of vitamin D. [3]

When the sun is out, testosterone increases.

When the clouds are out, testosterone decreases.

Men with at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter in their blood had much more testosterone than their pale skinned counterparts. Over the course of the year fluctuations in testosterone matched fluctuations in seasons.

Their findings suggest that an hour of direct sunlight increases testosterone by 69%. Not 70%, or 68% but 69%. Is science using innuendos to explain ideas?

The exposure areas used in the study were the chest, back, and genitalia.

While not exact, a correlation between sun exposure and testosterone is clear.

Does this mean tanning is good for you?

Tanning is good for the hormone testosterone. Other benefits are still being researched.

In winter months a tanning bed can produce vitamin D. If you live above the equator, you can receive the sun anytime you want. You won’t get much naturally.
You can supplement with vitamin D too. Studies show that testosterone and vitamin D increase the most via sun exposure. Artificial or not.

One researcher from the sunlight research forum in the Netherlands has similar views.

Men who ensure their body is at least sufficiently supplied with vitamin D are doing good for their testosterone levels and their libido among other things.

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How To Increasing Testosterone With Tanning & Vitamin D

tanning and testosterone

Before you begin tanning, you need to understand your skin type and how you will tolerate the sun. It will help you decide your starting point. The Fitzpatrick skin scale is the standard in understanding how your skin will react to tanning.

Take a look at the skin scale below and see what category you fall under. This way you can make sure when tanning for testosterone you minimize damage to your skin.

fitzpatrick skin scale tanning

When you first begin indoor tanning, you want to start out easy. Many traditional beds have a max time between 15-20 minutes. You do not want to start at the maximum. Indoor tanning is concentrated.

Think: Drinking orange juice instead of eating oranges- much more sugar is in the juice. A tanning bed is concentrated sunlight.

3-4 sessions a week is sufficient for optimal vitamin D levels to increase testosterone. Depending on the bed you use this can vary slightly. If you’re lighter skin, this number cuts in half. Referring to the Fitzpatrick skin type scale, fair-skin individuals need less exposure.

If you at become sunburned, or a little pink, don’t go tanning. Your skin needs time to heal before you can expose yourself again.

Take Care Of Your Skin While Tanning For Testosterone

Buy a lotion from the list below and not from your salon. That is if you want to save money. You’ll see why in a moment.

After you shower at night, protect your skin with a good moisturizer. Hemps is an excellent brand. Apply lotion liberally on your body. Remember, tanning dries out your skin. Dry skin is less effective at protecting you against the sun than hydrated skin.

Your face needs to be protected from sun exposure too. Rugged & Dapper makes the best men’s skincare products available. Their products last forever too.

Since we’re stuck inside all day the best option is to tan. However, you should still take a vitamin D3 supplement. More information below.

Last, always use goggles. You can buy them for a few dollars at your local salon. Not using goggles is like staring at the sun: if the sun sat an inch from your face.

Testosterone should not come at the cost of vision.

All you have to do is get in a tanning bed to raise your testosterone. Be sure to wear your birthday suit inside the bed.

 TRT, supplements, can cost hundreds if not thousands each month.

The average price of a tanning membership is 32.00$ a month.

For a small fee each month you can increase your testosterone levels in a tanning bad.

Are there other benefits of tanning beyond testosterone and looking better?

There is.

Other Health Benefits Of Tanning

is tanning good for you

A study in 2012 was conducted to determine the health affects of solar radiation. They found that tanning has much more health benefits than it does consequences.

The study found that tanning isn’t associated with melanoma. Second, the chances of getting skin cancer from tanning are less than 1%. For users who overexpose themselves, there can be a risk. Consistent burning and skin damage is bad for you and can be avoided.

Stronger Bones

Vitamin D has been associated with stronger bones for decades. Tanning is the best way to absorb vitamin D. Another study showed supplementing with vitamin D increased bone density, and prevented the risk of fractures. Still, nothing beats laying under bulbs or the sun for best effects.

Increased Lifespan | Decreased Cancer

Other science shows increased lifespans for those who live closer to the equator. This is due to higher concentrations of solar radiation. In those people, skin cancer rates increased. Skin cancer has a mortality rate of less than 1%, while other cancers are higher than 50%.

The high exposure to vitamin D through solar radiation prevents more life-threatening cancers, while possibly promoting cancer that is treatable.

Next noted was that those who have, or have had skin cancer have much lower chances of bone fracture or heart attacks.

This information comes from Rogue Health & Fitness. A wellness website that backs claims with science instead of popular opinion.

Stay In the Sun, avoid burns. The best vitamin D alternative to the sun is a tanning bed. You control your exposure.

Scientists have research vitamin D extensively in the past decade. We need the sun in our lives. Spending all hours indoors isn’t good for us. Testosterone is the fountain of youth for men, you can tan safe.


Using Tanning Lotion

tanning lotion testosterone

Using a tanning lotion can enhance the affects of indoor tanning while protecting your skin. If you have tattoos, there are special lotions that can be used to maintain the ink within your skin.

Many independent studies have shown that using a lotion while tanning protects your skin, while making you darker. Some lotions contain bronzers that tan your skin after application for an immediate effect.

When buying tanning lotions, many salons will tell you not to buy online. Their reasons include expired products, knockoff brands, and lotions that are watered down.

The real reason is tanning lotions have extraordinary high markup costs when purchased from a salon.

Most of this high cost comes from marketing and designing the bottle. The solution?

Buy your tanning lotion online.

Amazon has an excellent selection of lotion that you’d find in your salon. For 3x times less than your salon.

The Top Tanning Lotions On Amazon

  1. Designer Skin Black Legacy | Highest Quality
  2. Devoted Creations Camo | Best price for the quality. Tattoo Protection
  3. Ed Hardy Black Elixir | Good price for the quality. Disregard the name. Tattoo protection included.
  4. Solid Black Millennium tanning | Good budget entry level lotion.
  5. Devoted Creations Matte Black | Overpriced Luxury Lotion with fancy bottle.

Be prepared to hide or defend your online purchase. Some salons don’t allow outside lotions. Most of them will give you a hard time, ask you to buy one of their bottles, then move on.

You must be willing to defend a few words in sake of massive testosterone increases. Or, the potential of tanning increasing testosterone.

The easy way around this is to bring your tanning lotion in a gym bag or an alternative bag.

 What If I Don’t Want To Tan?

That’s okay. You can supplement with oral vitamin D. Realize Vitamin D deficiency effects massive amounts of the population, caused by how long we spend indoors.

Your skin receives 90% of vitamin D absorption from the Sun.

A study showed that a minimum of 8,000 IU’s of vitamin day was the minimum for the disease-preventing benefits that tanning offers.  It’s unlikely for you to overdose on vitamin D, although possible at massive concentrations.

Another study showed that oral vitamin d supplementation increased testosterone slightly, more studies are needed to confirm their findings.

Sunlight or tanning is the best way to absorb vitamin D for increasing testosterone levels.

Top Vitamin D supplements

  1. Now Nutrition Vitamin D3
  2. Hamilton Healthcare Vitamin D3 Softgels
  3. Nature Made Vitamin D3 Low dose for those who may be sensitive.


Does Tanning Have Any Negative Health Affects?

testosterone sunlight
An Erupting Prominence.
SOHO, January 18, 2000

Even though the sun is what gives Earth life, anti-sunlight foundations lament that exposure should be limited to ten minutes a day to prevent cancer. This seems unrealistic since our ancestors spent the majority of their days outside in the sun.

If ten minutes of sun exposure is all it takes for cancer, our species would have been extinct long ago. think about it. 

Taking small amounts of aspirin has been shown to cut skin cancer rates by up to 90% anyway.

Drinking green tea decreases sun damage too.

The skin cancer foundation found that tanning has more cases of skin cancer, than cigarettes have of lung cancer. source.

They argue that tanning is worse than cigarettes. When you read the article it’s obvious they have a bias against tanning.

These results are not surprising given what we know about indoor tanning behaviors and society’s flawed view that an artificially tanned look is beautiful.” A direct quote from the article. Society’s flawed view of beauty is not a scientific claim, but an opinion made by the Institute. Many cultures see pale skin as luxurious. Since tan skin was often a sign of agriculture workers that were deemed low status.

We know that tanning raises our testosterone but not without consequences. Over Exposure to the sun can cause cancer and other serious conditions. Yet, you can control this by limiting your time in the sun. limiting doesn’t mean ten minutes maximum a day either.

When you get a sunburn after spending too much time on the lake? avoid that. Never tan with a sunburn, or if you feel a burning sensation on your skin. Always use sunscreen if you’re going to be spending more than a few hours in direct sunlight.

Remember that science is conflicted on tanning. Similar to that of the fat epidemic that we now know is false. More research is needed as tanning still isn’t a mainstream topic of health.

You can make your own decisions on the healthy, or unhealthy habits you want to participate in. Without pasty white lab coats telling you the beach is forbidden.

Want more? Who Are The Andreians?


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