best scarves for men

The best scarves for men

Men and scarves are a sensitive subject.

On one hand, men have worn scarves for hundreds of years–the cape, a predecessor to the scarf–on the other hand, scarves can make you look like a vegan-hipster who spends 300$ on thrift-clothing because he wants to fit in.

The best scarves for men are plain.

Plain colors; Plain patterns.

A plain scarf isn’t boring, either. By wearing a scarf, you’re making a statement that you hand-pick your outfit, your style, with the careful precision of an expert jeweler selecting diamonds to fit in a new ring.

Scarves for Men | Basics

Scarves are for the winter, or the burning, bullying heat of a desert climate. A Kafeya, also known as a shemagh, is a true man’s scarf with many uses. In the best scarves for men list below, Shemaghs are covered in more detail, including their many purposes and survival uses.

Don’t wear a scarf to look good.

Looking good is the by-product of wearing a scarf. Scarves for men have a distinct purpose to keep your face and neck warm. If you keep your head warm–the most vital section of your body–the rest of you: torso, and appendages; feels more warmth as a by-product of protecting your most valuable asset.

You can lose a finger, even an arm and you’ll survive. Lose your head, you’re dead.

Scarf Material for men

Don’t buy a scarf made of cashmere–have some dignity for yourself. Your ancestors didn’t kill wooly mammoths for food, risking their lives fighting against multiple-meter long ivory tusks growing from giant, furry elephants so you could brag to the receptionist at work, about how soft your scarf feels as it hugs your gentle neck like your mother giving you kisses from behind and feeding you pretzels while you sit at your desk.

Don’t buy cashmere.

The best scarves for men are 100% cotton. The best cotton is thick, sturdy, and strong;  a scarf can be used for so much more than keeping your warm. A durable scarf is a must, and can be used in a number of first-aid uses like creating a sling, or transporting water. More on this soon.

Some scarfs are made of polyester. That’s fine for most people. However, depending on your needs polyester scarves won’t have as many uses as a heavy-duty cotton scarf.

Bamboo is another scarf material. Bamboo feels, like a weaker, softer, cotton.

Scarf Color & Patterns for men.

Wear dark colored scarves. Bright colored scarves draw attention for the wrong reason: to draw attention. Wearing dark colors will keep you looking good every time.

Dark-shade scarves are the best; black, grey, darker grey, black-hole black; dark colors work with the rest of your wardrobe without clashing or taking away from your universal style.

Bright-colored scarves are like Ed-Hardy shirts.

Everyone can see how hard you’re trying, but no one wants to talk to you and your friends are making fun of you when you’re not around.

Stick to darker colors. If you wear a red scarf: think dark-red dad-plaid, not ladies-lipstick red.

Basic scarf patterns are acceptable. Plaid is good, and looks quite aesthetic in the Fall season. Custom patterns or any type of new-fashion looks can go. If Frank Sinatra, or your Grandfather wouldn’t have worn it: don’t get it.

The classic look is the best look. 

Below is our list of the best scarves for men

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The Best Scarves For men

the best scarves for men

The Best Scarves for Men No.1 | The kafiyah/Shemagh

shemagh best scarves for men

The Shemagh–also known as the Kafiyah–is the best scarf for men from this list. We’ll refer to the scarf as the Shemagh from now on.

The Shemagh is the best scarf for men because the Shemagh isn’t a piece of cotton, but a multi-purpose tool with uses including: protection from elements, staying cool; medical uses like a sling, and more uses we’ve listed below.

Shemagh uses

  • Sling for a hurt/broken limb.
  • Cooling wrap. Wet the Shemagh, wrap it around your head or neck.
  • Protection from Sandstorms, wind, snow and rain; wrapped around your face and head like the image above.
  • A scarf. For looking good.
  • A belt.
  • A satchel.
  • A shemagh can even be used for a water filter.

How to wear a Shemagh

Buying A shemagh

Exploreland: a seller on Amazon makes great quality shemaghs which cost no more than 15$ each.

You don’t need an expensive Shemagh; Exploreland ones are enough. Often, if you’re paying more for a piece of clothing–like a Shemagh–you’re paying for some, current fashion trend and not for a quality piece of clothing.

Below are two Shemaghs from Exploreland to buy. All the Shemaghs are the same, except for their color patterns.

Black Style Shemagh

Buy Now

Grey Style Shemagh

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The Best Scarves for Men No.2 | Long Bamboo Shawl-Style Scarf

Classic look; modern softness.

Bamboo scarves are soft, durable, and great for handing to your girlfriend when she complains it’s cold out, wearing a leather mini-skirt.

The Best scarves for men are plain, or simple patterns. Like Plaid. Plaid is always a good choice for men’s scarf, and has a East-Coast Christmas Story vibe.

Bamboo scarves are cheap, too. However, Bamboo won’t last nearly as long as cotton; like the Shemaghs we listed above. But, Shemaghs have a certain military style to them, and not every man is suited to wear a Shemagh and that’s fine.

A bamboo scarf is more suited for the aesthetic man–not the brawny man.

Good Bamboo Scarf Patterns

Classic Plaid Men’s Scarf:

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Fashion Fiber Men’s Scarf:

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The Best Scarves for men No. 3 | Cashmere-like Scarves

“like Cashmere.”

Some men take their comfort more serious than Jiro takes Sushi. Some men, need the soft, feathered texture of a gentle scarf, to be at their best self. That’s okay.

But it’s never okay to buy cashmere.

Even the mention of the word cashmere brings visualizations of pretentious white-people wearing khakis, sweatshirts tied around the neck–choking the last of their masculinity from their throats while their wives swipe on Tinder; on vacation, alone in Spain.

Cashmere is overpriced, and no man is pathetic enough to need the softest, most expensive easily-available fabric available to buy. It’s, just against the rules; we should all know better.

Cashmere isn’t durable, either.

Cashmere is a type of wool, that comes from Cashmere goats. One reason why Cashmere is so expensive, a single goat produces around 4 oz of wool a year; it takes a few goats to get enough wool for a sweater. Supply and Demand makes Cashmere expensive. But cashmere isn’t much different than high-quality cotton.

What about a scarf that feels like Cashmere?

Sure. The rules are meant to bend; not break.

Cashmere is special because it’s soft. High quality cotton is soft, too.

The Best Cashmere-like Scarves for Men

Pattern One

Buy Now

Pattern Two

The Best Scarves for Men No.4 | Sports Scarves

Don’t wear a sport scarf unless you live in England. Or You’re at a soccer game.

Sport-style scarves–usually related to futbol; soccer for the Americans–are great for sports games, or living in a European country around the time of the World Cup; not many other places.

Wearing a futbol scarf outside of sporting events is no different than wearing cocktail entire–suit and tie–at a kid’s little league game. It doesn’t make sense and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

Still, some men want to seem cultured, or believe, albeit incorrectly, wearing a futbol scarf is high-fashion.

Popular Futbol Team Scarves

Bulk List of Futbol Scarves

Manchester United Futbol Scarf

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Chelsea FC Futbol Scarf

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Some cities even get violent over their sports rivalries.

Scarves are a great accessory for men if they’re worn the right way, and you wear the right style.

The best scarves for men are simple colors & patterns; and made of high-quality cotton that keeps you warm, and even better, have additional uses like the Shemagh.

An easy rule for wearing scarves: No logos or patterns–except for plaid. 

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