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Rocketbook is a smart notebook that could be the last notebook you ever own.

Instead of a traditional pen and paper, Rocketbook uses synthetic pages that can be used for a lifetime.

You won’t write on the pages with a pen or a pencil. Instead, you write with FriXion pens–included–that dry after fifteen seconds.

Rocketbook provides different page layouts, but the most common–and the best format–is the dot grid; available in this deal.

Rocketbook is a notebook for everyone. I’ve use Rocketbook, particularly for taking notes and mapping stock trades. This bundle is a great deal because it comes with two Rocketbooks of different sizes; one notepad that can fit in your back pocket, and one full-sized notebook for more intensive writing.

The bundle comes with everything you need to start using the Rocketbook system. Two notebooks, two pens, and two cleaning cloths.

The best part of rocket book

Rocketbook is a smart-notebook. Not only will you never waste paper again, but all of your notes will also live in the cloud.

If you care about the environment, think about the amount of paper you use in one year. This replaces all of that paper.

Each Notebook page has a QR code in the bottom that, when you scan it, will transfer directly into your note-taking application like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even slack. There are more integrations and smart features available as well.


I transfer all of my notes to Evernote–my second brain.

for almost 40% off, this is a great deal for an item that will make your life more productive and focused.

This deal ends at the end of the day. Get it soon if you want it.

P.S: we get a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a Rocketbook. It’s a way to support us while also supporting the greatest version of yourself.

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