the gods among us

People admire the rich and the famous. They think about what their lives must be like. Gods living among men.

Throngs of people chasing celebrities when they walk down the street, going grocery shopping, just like you–all for a picture or an autograph.

The rich and famous are human. No different than you.

The masses create Gods to worship because life without idols isn’t human.

Religion is part of the human experience. Fame is a religion and celebrities are revered for their remarkable lives.

Celebrities are people.

Johnny Depp still gets explosive Diarrhea after eating Chipotle; like you.

Celebrities live remarkable lives

Celebrities live remarkable lives. You can easily replicate their lives if you get out of your own way and stop being afraid. Fear kills everyone. Unless you’re Musashi.

Living remarkably means you do an extensive amount of things. Or, you do a select few things quite well. Like a Basketball player: Michael Jordan doesn’t do his taxes; he doesn’t cook his own meals; he plays basketball. And during his prime he was the best. He never cared about how good he was in school, or, hanging out with girls because he needed female validation. He played basketball. He was remarkable.

Most people fear to be different.

do you fear what people think

But it’s your difference that makes you authentic.

Being authentic is being human. Living a non-authentic life is being a clone that the world doesn’t need.

Being remarkable–now–with the creation of social media and other platforms like twitch; you can be remarkable without any talent. Be yourself. Be the baddest version of yourself: David Goggins might say.

Fitting in prevents becoming remarkable.

Since everyone you know; and their friends, and their family, all do the same habits and follow the same trajectories–go to school, get a job, retire–they never become anything worthwhile.

Why is a diamond so valuable compared to cubic Zirconium?

diamonds are rare

Cubic Zirconium is available everywhere. Like everyone who gets a job instead of making art they’re passionate about.

The diamonds are those who don’t require approval but instead seek their personal-approval.

They stand out and make names for themselves because they aren’t wasting energy fitting in. Diamonds do what they’re called to do, and don’t waste their lives pursuing what isn’t fulfilling.

To be a diamond: Be yourself.

Fitting in keeps you from becoming remarkable.

Stop fitting in and start standing out. Pay attention to your gut: do what feels right. You’ll know you’re on the right path, when; you’re chasing a creative pursuit–it’s difficult–but you’re satisfied with the work and failures come as lessons instead of personal attacks against your self-worth.

When you look up at the clock: the two-hours you spent grinding in flow was six hours and the sun is coming up.

If you create: You’re a god.

Gods Create

gods create

You can create a T-shirt company, a yoga business, a blog or a bakery. It doesn’t matter. But to be remarkable, you need to create something.

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Creating is adding value to the world. Jobs usually don’t add value but take care of responsibilities related to adding value.

Value is an Apple computer. Working retail at an Apple store is a chore associated with the value of the product.

If you aren’t adding, you’re subtracting.

Think of a job.

A creator adds a job to the market. You apply to take a job. You don’t add value by taking a job; you remove something from a market.

Creators add jobs to the market: they add value. Remarkable.

You can’t be normal if you create

Plucking thoughts from your mind like a claw machine reaching for the best prize; the process from idea to actual is astounding.

Most ideas fail. But the few that transform into physical or mental manifestations are remarkable. Taking a thought and turning it into an iPhone.

That’s how smart-phones started. An Idea. A remarkable idea.

Do something different

If Robert Deniro released the movie taxi driver, every year, without any change to the story; and made no other movies, the world forgets about him.

Duplication isn’t remarkable. What’s remarkable is seeing Deniro in roles that challenge his skill as an actor.

taxi driver never normal

To be remarkable you need to be dynamic. Always seek to do better then your last piece.

The remarkable artist never retires. Retirement is everything a artistic genius despises. How could you–ever–abandon the muse who gently stands behind you, while you paint, massagin your shoulders, nibbling at your ear.

Art is infinite in it’s application. There are no limits. You can always get better. You can walk farther down your path.

Normal people hate new

They hate change. Normal people pick a job and work there until they die.

Go to work; go home; watch TV; retire. It’s the same pattern until you die. It’s not remarkable; it’s boring.

No one makes reality shows about normal people who never experience trauma or accomplishment because it’s boring. Yawn.

Great stories have conflict.

What would finding Nemo be without the journey home? A movie about talking fish who never leave the aquarium. That’s normal life. An apartment or house is no different than an aquarium.

What’s the last Samurai without war? A white man who enjoys Japanese culture. That’s a tourist. Wearing his shorts too high, nose covered in sun screen. Socks with sandals.

Conflict is good. Conflict is the human experience. Without conflict; we’re nothing.

Do something different.

Do anything. We’re begging you. Just DO SOMETHING.

But for the love of conflict stop talking to your friends about the new season of the Walking Dead; the shows ran for almost ten years. We get it. Zombies.

Make everything you do Remarkable


Why be normal–ever? Why would you ever want to go with the flow of things?

Normal is boring.

You can make everything you do remarkable: and you should.

What if heaven is a lie?

Were you put on earth to sell life-insurance, get fat, and watch reality TV? Your shot at life, wasted, watching other people do what they love while you wait and postpone your dreams until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a fantasy world that never materializes.

How to be remarkable

When you order your coffee; tell a risky joke. Buy the entire line coffee. Maybe, someone in the line runs a massive hedge fund but has cancer and is going to die. Maybe he wants to give all of his money away.

Put yourself out there. The universe can’t reward you, standing in the shadows. The muse can’t find you there. You need to walk into the light and be seen. Shine, little diamond. Shine.

When you go to the gym, say hello to everyone within five feet of you; anytime someone gets close to your vicinity. It doesn’t seem like much, but, it’s probably more than you’re doing now.

More than you’re doing now is better than what you did yesterday. And if you improve by one percent every day, in a year, you’ll become three times the person you were last year.

Do something different. Remarkable doesn’t mean you need to be dangerous, but you need to be yourself. You need to be uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable; you’re changing.

Most people don’t know who they are because you can’t find yourself if you aren’t looking.

You may find yourself in writing. You may find yourself being a parent.

You cannot find yourself with a dead mind.

dead mind

‘Burning time’ is no longer a way to live. Existing mindlessly, with no purpose is a spiritual death waiting for the body to wither and follow suite.

Be bold. Ask for what you want.

Set some goals

Get what you want. It’s okay to get what you want. You have permission. Now granted.

But it’s hard to understand what you want because so many people told you what you should want: like going to college and getting a job. If everyone’s doing it, it’s probably not for you. Or them.

Don’t go to school for business: start a business. Or pick a different degree. Something related to what you loved as a child. Like when you were a kid and your favorite place to go was the Zoo: study zoology. It’s a job–but not if you love it. Then it becomes a lifestyle. Then your job is art and not a job at all.

A cubicle is not a lifestyle.

Setting challenges and completing them is a rush. Your brain floods with dopamine because your physiology understands challenge and reward. It feels good to get what you want.

Your body is your bro; your body wants you to get what you want and rewards you for doing so. It feels wrong to do what you hate because it is wrong.

Hey man, we’re getting paid? Nice! Take this dopamine. I’m so proud of you!
— Your Body & mind to you.

You’re here to enjoy your experience.

You are not here to fit in anywhere.

Make everything you do remarkable. Die without regrets.


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