determining the value of friends

Warriors can become close friends only when they see into each other’s hearts. Warriors are not to associate casually just for a good time or a congenial conversation. If they totally lose their sense of decorum, behaving familiarly, passing nights singing, if they should feel they are on such good terms that they get to talk carelessly, they may wind up alienated, no longer speaking. With no one to reconcile them, they may eventually shrug it off, without the pride to set things straight. Their outer appearance may be that of warriors, but their psychology is that of common laborers. One should beware of this.

Code Of The Samurai | taira shigesuke

This excerpt was taken from the post A lesson on choosing friends from the Samurai.

Friends are Diamonds.

They are rare. Friends never break, leave you, and last forever, a Diamond among the world full of carbon-copied wage slaves.

You will meet thousands of acquaintances in your life. And, very few friends. You may have a gang of false friends. It’s crucial you remove them. 

A friend without loyalty, judgment, intelligence & character is worse than an enemy.

An honorless friend is a spy.

They don’t care about you. The honorless care about themselves. What they don’t understand is becoming the greatest version of yourself allows mutual victory. Your associates, and your friends.

Honorless friends have a scarcity mentality.

Instead of seeking victory from the world, They’ll strive to steal from you. They don’t believe there’s enough in the world for them, or you, so they fill their cups from yours like a poverty dater with enough money to buy one drink.

How well do you know and trust your friends?

How well do your friends trust you?

You are the accumulation of the five people you spend the most time with. Do your friends and associates possess skills, talents, or characteristics you want?

Look into a mirror and ask yourself.

Remember, A bad friend is worse than no friends. A bad friend can incriminate or destroy you.

How do you know who to associate with?

You know with trials of trust, honor, and bravery. Traits that define the spirit of Andreia.

Below are 58 questions.

Use these hypothetical scenarios to determine a potential friend’s value.

Think about how the questions pertain to your current friends.

Think about how the questions can be applied to an individual you’re becoming close with.

Will they pass the tests in your visualization?

If your friends fail a majority of these questions, remove them from your life. Finding a better circle will upgrade your life to levels previously unfathomable.

  • If you associate with people who play video games, you will play video games.
  • If you associate with men who don’t know any women, you too will find yourself on Saturday night absent beauty.
  • If you allow braggarts and one-uppers into your circle, you will compete against your friends for peanuts instead of working together to build monumental fortunes.
  • If you consistently meet with a group of men to discuss business, finance, and goals you will be engrossed in thought with your future, and your friends. Together you will build.

Who you associate with is who you become.

We like to think we’re unique snowflakes floating down from heaven – little gifts from God; hand made, and hand crafted.

We aren’t.

Our groups are snowflakes.

picking friends Andreian

As individuals we are the fragile, delicate structure that makes up lacy weaves of white falling from the skies.

We are nothing without a snowflake.

The Lone Wolf died alone.

We are worse with a group containing weak individuals – a weak snowflake breaks at the slightest wind.

Our lives are hurricanes. 

Below are 58 questions to ask yourself; not your friend, to determine if they add value to your life. Visualize the question as it pertains to your candidate.

When pondering these questions look for patterns. If an individual consistently fails, cut them from your life like the gangrened limb they are. If a friend passes a majority of the situations, treasure them. These friends will reward your loyalty in vast quantities.

below are your questions.

Contemplate with care.

58 questions to determine high value friends.

brotherhood Andreians

Do you trust this person going on a date with your sister?

Honor, Respect, trust & loyalty.

Could you road trip across America together without killing each other?

Where do you see this person in ten years?

Think about this one carefully. A friendship that won’t last beyond ten years has little value compared to a powerful alliance thriving until you’re both buried ten feet deep in a wooden box.

Can they drive a manual transmission?

Driving manual shows your friend can learn basic motor skills. Second, it’s embarrassing if you can’t.

Will this person introduce you to girls if you’re single?

creepy guy in club
Hey bro, can I have a turn?

How secure is their network? If they don’t know any women, they will want, nag, and flat beg you for introductions to beauty. beggars can only hurt you. People will see you as little value when you associate with low value.

Would you hire this person for an important job?

Can this person discuss high-level politics and intellectual topics with professionals?

What fields of knowledge and skill have they mastered?

A man without a trade is a boy. Some men die as boys.

Can they take a punch? Would your friend take a shot for you?

Would this person be your lurker at a club?

A lurker is someone who cannot entertain themselves. Refer to the image above. The nocturnal shoulder-tapper asking when we’re leaving.

Do you think they look at porn?

You already know that porn makes you a weak man.

Could you loan money to this person, and trust they’ll pay you back?

Think about it. Money ruins the minds of weak spirits like heroine ruins the veins of sidewalk junkies.

Would you loan your car to them?

Do they respect your belongings?

Do they manage their time?

Does your friend have experience with firearms?

Could they be your vice president?

Second in command. A pillar of strength holding you up.

Do they follow a carefully curated morning routine?

morning and night routines
Build yours.

Could they take your mom out to dinner on a respectful outing?

Gooning around is fun. Being a gentleman is required for influence, persuasion, and other valuable reasons. You need to wear multiple masks while retaining your identity. Do not lose yourself.

Would you introduce them to a girl you know? Would they?

A man who knows no women. The women have a reason for avoiding him. Pay attention.

Would you trust this person presenting a million dollar product?

Your friend, will they take you on a double date?

If you needed bail, would they come? Would you get them?

You won’t have good friends without being one. Trust is a partnership bound in sacrifice.

Does your friend work on crushing their bad habits?

Do they have skills and confidence that compliment yours?

A room full of doctors is obnoxious. A room full of overachievers in different fields is pleasant conversation.

What are their goals? Ambitions? If they don’t have any drop them.

Have they improved over the years?

What drink does your friend order?

Trust the man who drinks whiskey. Avoid the man who drinks cranberry vodka.

Does your friend complain?

no. NO. No. Get away from the house fire.

Can they sew a button on a shirt?

You don’t know how bad you need a skill until you need it. Now. Find a friend who carries skills you don’t have. Fill their gaps.

How would you two fare in a bank robbery?

Executing a plan from beginning to end.

Are their friends honorable like the samurai?

Can they survive a five-day wilderness trip with you?

© Chris Burkard/Massif

Mental toughness. Camping is a simulation of survival. Friends hold each other up. The weak wait for the strong to lift them on their backs and die beneath the weight of mediocrity.

Are they social, or addicted to their smart phone?

Do they read life-changing books?

Do they engage in physical activity? the gym, or a Martial art? It doesn’t have to be both. One will do.

Can they field dress a deer with minimal tools?

Is their car clean and maintained?

Do they name call?

Does your friend whine?

NOTHING. Nothing is worse than a whiner. Whiners are a lunar eclipse blotting your environment into a dark, pessimistic nothing.

Does your friend abuse alcohol or drugs?

Self-control is world control. If a man cannot maintain himself he cannot maintain his enterprise.

How do they handle adversity?

Life is a constant fight. Pressure creates diamonds or dust.

Is your friend’s home clean?

A dirty home is a dirty, cluttered mind.

What are their future ambitions?

Is your friend an Andreian?

Can they change a flat tire?

Core Competencies. Well-rounded warriors.

Do they challenge you? Do you challenge them? To roll with the best you need to be the best.

Does their significant other disrespect them?

If your lover belittles you, they become a cat. You, are a litter box. 

Are they fit, strong, and aesthetic? 

Could you imagine this person organizing your surprise party?

Many lack the intellectual equity to plan a simple event. Or, they don’t care enough to extend effort for your happiness.

If you broke your leg could they carry you to a hospital?

Strength in dire circumstances.

A tourniquet. Does your friend know how to apply one? Do you?

You need to know how to save a life. Your own, and others.

Can your friend prepare a gripping best man speech at your wedding?

Proper speakers have the most power. 

Are they adventurous? 

Will this person trim the back of your neck?

clean, mean, and green.

What are the chances of survival bound together in a Tijuana brothel?

These questions matter.

How well do they control their emotions?

Emotions destroy kingdoms.

Do they use slang or proper English?

The day isn’t “lit fam lol”.

The day is splendid.


Removing Yourself From Toxic People

Andreia Thoughts | Video Game Addiction

Removing yourself from toxic people will break the chains they’ve attached to your arms, preventing you from creating your best work.

You want good friends? Become high value.The best of the best don’t want to be your friend. Yet. What have you done to be worthy?

stand out.

Looks inside yourself.

Run the questions against yourself. Are you able to accomplish this list? If not, you have few valued friends because you aren’t valuable.

You can change.

Love those who climb to the top with you.

Your brothers.

Your riders.

Take a bullet for someone.

Colleagues, friends, or allies. This list can determine trust in the triad.

New friends. New You.


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