This article is a repost from the newsletter sent on December 24th. Be warned: it’s personal; and a little soft. I thought anyone who wants to read it whether they are a subscriber or not deserves to.


Hey Andreians,

It’s been a tricky past couple of months but I’m happy to say things are getting back in order and I’m making content again.

My goal is creating a free, forever, code for men based on acquired wisdom from numerous different sources.

Some sources include podcasts, ancient historical books, modern books and even fictional characters; no wisdom is off-limits.

The code is based around a philosophy of Self-fulfillment through Accomplishment. 

I’ve always believed a good life is one full of accomplishments; leave no regrets & no failed missions behind.

The Andreian Code is a collection of all of the books I’ve read, Podcasts listened to, and notes taken and stored in Evernote; waiting to be complied into one Bible. The Andreian Code.

While progress on the free code is progressing–I will release it no later than April of next year–technical & personal issues have slowed progress down like walking behind old people at the mall.

I believe in transparency and want to be honest with you about what is happening. I’m breaking it down into two categories below.

Personal Issues

I moved to the Bay area last year for a job at a tech startup managing their marketing. This decision negatively impacted my life in more ways then I planned for. Even though the pay was amazing, I wasn’t ready for the grind that a normal job brought and I didn’t plan for it very well either.

Before this job, I worked for myself, although not maximizing my income potential.

This job was planned as a brief role that would eventually pay dividends with stock options from a tech-company preparing to get acquired or go public.

The work required more time than I thought imaginable. And, traffic in the bay took me, on average, an hour to commute each between home and work.

In my opinion, the bay area is a miserable place to live. I moved here for the job and to train at the world famous MMA gym, American Kickboxing Academy.

In the year I was here I made no friends, had my new car broken into multiple times. Windows smashed, that whole thing. While the only belongings stolen from all break ins were a pair of trail-running shoes, a usb charger, and unfortunately, my passport–another issue.

I was also involved in a mass-shooting scare at an amusement park.

Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt and neither was anyone I know. My mind feels recovered now. But my personality is changed. I think about whether or not I am secure all the time.

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. I grew up in country Oregon. I’m used to guns. Responsible gun ownership.

I simply refuse to live in a state with a mass-shooting what feels like every weekend, and yet, citizens cannot legally carry a weapon to defend themselves.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy.

 I’m focusing on getting out of the bay as soon as possible.

I tried it here and it didn’t work. At all. If you live here; don’t take it personal. I’m sure it’s great under the right circumstances.

Unfortunately the company ran out of money and I was laid off. Unfortunately, I’m locked into a lease for an apartment at bay area pricing–expensive for very little. While I won’t starve to death, I need to move to an area with better cost of living so I can afford to work for myself again.

Technical Issues

I am not a web developer. I started this blog as a fun project, but it grew into something of an identity: The Andreian Philosophy gives my life meaning and I want to share it with every man alive.

With that said, the website is suffering from numerous technical errors that I don’t know how to fix. I’m trying to conserve money now as well, so I can’t spend a lot for a developer when the rent is $3000 plus. Again: I am fine. It’s a frustration more than anything.

Just last week I published two articles. This resulted in a fatal PHP error and the website going to a blank, white screen. After deactivating a number of plugins and spending 27 hours awake drag-and-drop building a new home page; articles are staying published. For now.

And we have a icy new home page.

Although, I had to remove a number of feature-adding plugins like push notifications and automatic social sharing. These will come back later. I don’t want to do anything to break the site again.

There are a few other issues with the site, but I’ve been ranting for too long and need to go lift after this embarrassing whine-athon. I just needed to be transparent to the 4,000 subscribers wondering when the next post will come out.

Final Thoughts

If you are or know a web developer who could help out now for a reduced rate, or are interested in working together in the future for a full rate, get in touch with me. You can respond right back to this email; even if you just want to say hi. Or tell me to fuck off.

Two posts have released today. Now that I can save and publish content, I’ll prepare for a full month’s worth of content.

Once I get my shit aligned again I’ll make more content than you can read. And Podcasts. And the code.

Thanks for sticking around, brothers.



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