why is your posture so pathetic holding your phone

Posture is a status symbol.

Most of the world lives in shame & pain. Their bodies tell no lies.

Look at championship athletes after they win.

After winning the Superbowl for the 17th time, the Patriots hoist their trophy into the sky like a Mayan warrior raises the still-beating heart of an unwilling human sacrifice to the sun god.

Update: Not this time.

Winners take up space.

Winners throw their arms over their head. They don’t know why. They can’t control themselves.

Humans spread themselves as far as their value will allow.

Weak men curl into a ball like a hermit crab hiding from the environment; everything is a predator to the crab. Everything causes anxiety for the weak – even something as simple as ordering coffee.

If you understand posture, which accounts for 55% of communication, you’ll know what others think; sometimes, even, before they know.

Communication Percentiles:

  • Body Language: 55%
  • Tone: 38%
  • Words: 7%


Words hold little value.

You tease your girlfriend. She smiles, “I’m going to kill you!” while giggling in her high-pitched voice reminiscent of Brittany Spears before, you know.

You take a right turn down an Alleyway.

It’s dark. The ground is wet, but it doesn’t rain. You hear a voice behind you in a tone like Batman: deep, predatory. “I’m going to kill you.

standing in a dark alleyway

The words are the same. The message is different.

Tone is important too, but, you learn everything about an individual on the merits of their posture. Posture is a reflection of self-worth. Body language is more than half of communication.

Salespeople focus on posture more than words.

A client leans closer to the table.

He’s interested.

The sales-person leans forward too. This technique is called mirroring.

People like people who remind them of themselves.

Humanity is an egotistical species.

What other signals communicate value through posture?

How an individual holds their phone.

How Holding your Phone Displays your Self-Worth

poor neck posture

In Jordan Peterson’s new book: 12 Rules for Chaos, Peterson explains the similarities between Lobsters and humans.

We split from Lobsters millions of years ago, yet, our brains retain many similarities. Prozac, the popular anti-depressant works on Lobsters the same way the drug behaves in humans.

Lobsters organize themselves into hierarchies.

Humans do the same.

In Peterson’s book, he explains how lobsters and humans have hierarchical-tracking systems in their brain to determine social status among their peers.

Lobsters do not have advanced forms of communication.

Instead, lobsters use posture to communicate.

Much of their interaction falls into one of these realms:

  • Food
  • Territory
  • Reproduction

When a male lobster is dominant, he spreads his body to take as much territory as possible, like a child stretching each limb after a long nap.

lobsters taking space

The bigger you appear, the more power you possess. Your brain agrees. Weak posture produces unhappy, depressed humans.

Showing your vulnerabilities is an indication of fearlessness.

Not flaunting your weakness like a social-justice-parade for a mythical pay gap already debunked, but a wolf exposing his neck to others, demonstrating he has no fear, inviting an attack.

If a lobster squares off with another male then cowers away from his opponent’s demonstration, the submitting-male will fear future confrontations more. His lobster-version of posture noticeably slumps after defeat. Then, the defeated male returns to his den, watches Rick & Morty reruns, smokes a little algae, masturbates, and goes to sleep.

He isn’t the lobster he used to be after cowering to the dominant male.

Just – Like – Us.

Weak Phone Posture

poor phone posture


  • People who bend over while holding their phone.
  • People who crane their necks while holding their phone.
  • Anything breaking a total, upright posture, is weak phone posture.
You are a puppet

You are a puppet held upright by a taught, gold wire hanging down from the clouds. Pulled tight. No give in your spine. No bend. Straight like a bow waiting to fire an arrow.

Jordan Peterson describes this hermit crab shaped posture, as a defense mechanism humans subconsciously exhibit to protect their front.

The belly is vulnerable. Humans hide their stomachs by slouching.

Dogs have their vulnerable parts facing the ground, far away from attackers. Other animals too. The stomach is thin compared to the back.

For humans, covering your core with lousy posture, hunching over, signals you’re low status. People perceive bad posture as weakness for this reason.

Compare someone with poor posture, hunching over the computer playing Call of Duty until 3 am arguing with ten-year-old Korean children after they get home from school, to Dwyane the rock Johnson.

A short man will appear more dominant with strong posture than a large man with a crick in his back and a tear in his confidence.

Don’t bend to look at your phone.

Strong phone posture.

holding phone better

Bring your phone to your face. Do not bring your face to your phone.

Adapt the world to your needs. Never adapt to the world.

It sounds simple. It’s not.

If you move your phone to your face, the world adapts to you.

If you move your body to meet your phone, you adapt to the world.

1% of men control the world. 1% of men create, the 99% consume. The difference between weak men and great men.

Read more about the creation gap.

The rest live under the rule of great men.

Your phone shouldn’t cause your neck to break parallel. Looking down hides your neck from the world.

You don’t hide on purpose, but, protecting your vulnerable areas, like your neck or your abdomen, conditions your brain to recognize you as low status.

Even though no threat exists, your body language perceives the world as threatening when you turtle up, drawing your limbs towards your body instead of taking more territory like the big, bad, crimson lobster king you are.

Dominant men spread themselves out.

They feel confident taking more space than they need while weaker men curl in a ball liking pretty fit-girl photos on Instagram hoping one will notice them from a sea of millions of desperate pink hearts.

Stop looking at girls you don’t know. It’s killing you.

Hold your body in congruence with the man you are. Or, the man you want to be. Or, the man you know you can be.

Weak body language manifests low confidence. Strong body language manifests supreme confidence.

Good posture isn’t difficult to achieve.

Basic steps to good posture

  • Roll your shoulders back
  • Look forward, or, at a slight incline. Incline is better. Show your neck – wolf.
  • Take space.
  • Move your limbs away from your body.

Crossing your legs, crossing your arms, touching your body, are signals of discomfort – manifested without thought.

Pay attention to how you hold your phone. Your self-worth is on display for your brain, and the world.


[1] http://www.rightattitudes.com/2008/10/04/7-38-55-rule-personal-communication/


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