nofap superpowers

If you don’t know what Nofap is, read this introduction first.

Nofap Superpowers

Nofap is a growing community of men who gave up porn and masturbation, believing porn and masturbation may contribute to a number of psychological problems like Social Anxiety and Depression.

Many of the men in the Nofap community claim quitting porn gave them superpowers.

They can’t see through walls or swing from building to building shooting sticky webs from their hands but a large number of men on the Nofap hub, the Nofap subreddit report similar findings–positive benefits–from quitting porn.

Some of these revelations include no more depression and no more social anxiety. Many men also report they last longer in bed; no longer tailor their lives to getting laid; and, finally have habits–other than sex that makes life worth living.

Does Nofap Give you Superpowers?

No. That’s impossible.

But if your life is a perpetual fight to get laid no matter the circumstances, breaking the addiction to your hand will make you feel like a brand new person. You may feel like the greatest version of yourself after you replace your pornography habits with constructive habits you enjoy–money making habits–like investing or welding.

You may feel like David Goggins who didn’t turn his life around until his mid-twenties.

You are what you do.

Masturbating all day makes you a masturbater; a bedroom troll whose only responsibilities include playing Xbox, microwaving hot pockets and occasionally running to the store when there’s no more lotion. Or hot pockets.

Below we’ve complied a list of superpower-like benefits reported by men in their Nofap Journeys.

Most of the benefits, like starting activities they were afraid to pursue before; taking on Brazilian jujitsu, or, getting a girlfriend for the first time, most likely comes from the increased confidence after quitting a hobby that makes you desperate and reinforces desperation too.

Masturbating can take hours a day from a man–depending on how addicted he is.

With your extra free time, you’ll fill your time with something better than masturbating. Anything is better than masturbating alone in a dark, smelly room, tissues covering the floor like white grenades.

Nofap Superpowers | Self Reported Benefits of a Nofap Lifestyle

nofap superpwers

Nofap Superpower 1 | Will Power

If you can’t say no to yourself; who can you say no to? Your willpower is like a muscle; the more you flex your willpower and train it the stronger your willpower gets and the more willpower you have.

Having willpower is damn close to having a superpower and Nofap is the perfect opportunity to train your willpower because, unfortunately, you’ll never separate from your dick unless you get a sex change or get your pecker caught in the car door in a tragic accident.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

If you have the willpower to not touch yourself:

  • You may have the willpower to ask for a raise.
  • You may get the willpower to say no.
  • You might have the willpower to stop eating terrible food and lose the twenty pounds you gained in college.
  • You very well may gain the strength to work on your dreams, feed your ambitions and stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself.
  • You may start writing a private journal and relive every day on your death bed.

Nofap Superpower 2 | Mental Clarity

Men report they can think better, and with more clarity after abstaining from pornography from a extended amount of time.

The first weeks of Nofap are difficult. Abstaining is a dopamine withdrawal and reports of cravings seem to come from almost all men who gives up masturbating.

The most difficult times are the first and third weeks; a common recovery period is 90 days.

Once past the difficult phase, men report they no longer think about sex every minute of every day.

Instead of sex, the men who give up porn think about whatever they need to focus on in the moment–which can include sex, but when sex is actually happening. Otherwise porn-free men ponder how they’re going to evolve to the next level  of life.


Thinking about sex when you’re on a mission isn’t good. Distractions destroy more men’s dreams than the entire run of the Maury show.

Some of the mental superpowers from Nofap include:

  • Better clarity.
  • Improved memory.
  • More articulate.
  • Increased mental endurance.
  • More wit.
  • Better thinking on your toes.
  • Less feelings of ADD, ADHD and hyperactivity.
  • More focus.
  • More self awareness.
  • A consistent sense of security and tranquility.

Nofap superpower 3 | Mood enhancements & regulation

Men aren’t meant to be emotional creatures. Men are objective-oriented and men without a purpose feel empty–no–dead inside, because a man without a purpose doesn’t have any self-worth.

Men used to be tribal; task oriented beasts who hunted in packs for the collective survival of their tribe. If men were emotional, they wouldn’t hunt because they didn’t feel motivated, or it was too cold out. If men were emotional they died or worse; banished from the tribe.

A man’s self-worth comes from his talents and the recognition of those talents by qualified peers who have talent themselves.

An emotional man is a weak man.

In an emergency, the emotional man cries.

In stressful times, the emotional man complains. Or cries.

When life doesn’t go well for the emotional man he throws an anger tantrum like a child. Or cries.

nofap warrior benefits

If you’re emotional you cannot accomplish the goals you need to live the life you deserve.

Emotions can control your actions if you let them and emotional men don’t have control over themselves.

Having no emotion doesn’t make you a monster; having no emotions make you strong enough to be a hero. A hero is someone who sets out on a course to solve a problem like killing a dragon, writing a book, or creating a lifesaving drug that cures disease cheaply in third-world countries.

Great men are remarkable.

Some of the emotional-regulation superpowers from Nofap include:

  • Better emotional health.
  • Improved emotional stability.
  • Improved energy–emotions are exhausting.
  • Reduced anxiety.
  • Reduced anger.
  • Reduced self-hatred.
  • A decrease in self-loathing.
  • More love for life.
  • A decrease in paranoia.
  • No fear of getting caught.

Nofap superpower 4 | Social Anxiety

if you’re a creep in the dark you’re a creep in the light. We’ve mentioned this a few times on the site: you are what you do.

If you’re a creep and a perv in your bedroom and you go on a date you’re the same individual who, moments ago, was looking at hentai with the same interest as watching Avatar for the first time.

Keeping secrets is hard.

Masturbation is a filthy habit most men hold in their bones yet pretend they don’t. If you  act out a habit you know is pathetic and weak you’re conditioning you mind to recognize you as pathetic and weak.

How can you expect to be confident if your habits are the habits of a coward?

Without confidence you aren’t going to meet new friends or approach an attractive woman to say hello.

Social anxiety breeds loneliness and nothing is worse than being alone in a world that seems to go downhill every year.

People need connections for happiness. Many men report they can make friends better after they quit porn.

Some of the Social Anxiety superpowers from Nofap include:

  • no social anxiety.
  • Able to make friends again.
  • No longer tolerate loneliness – want to make friends.
  • No fear of approaching an attractive woman.
  • Less creepy.
  • Connect easier with friends and romantic interests.

Nofap superpower 5 | Disarmed Ego

Ego is a man’s worst enemy.

Your ego prevents you from learning anything. The only way to improve, to have a good life is to grow daily.

Strong individuals don’t have anything to prove to anyone except themselves. They’re on personal missions seeking some type of fulfillment only they understand.

Watching other men bed beautiful women you want to sleep with while you touch yourself in the shadows internalizes your status as a weak, worthless individual who doesn’t get what he wants and watches others take prizes away from you is like waterboarding your confidence using scalding hot water.

The weakest men have egos larger than the orbit of a small moon.

Comparing yourself to others is a sure way to have a massive ego–ego drowns confidence; the egotistical man feels the need to hype his self-worth because he feels worthless; all men are born kings.

Watching porn forces you to compare yourself to another man, who is pleasing a woman you could never please. But porn is fake–a porn ‘actress’.

Some of the Ego destroying superpowers from Nofap include:

  • Staying in your own lane.
  • Focusing on what you have and what you want instead of what you don’t have and what someone else has.
  • Sharing with others.
  • Stop competing with people on the internet.
  • Teamwork.
  • Able to bond with others again.

Nofap superpower 6 | Strength improvements

Testosterone is made in the testes. If you’re constantly sending your soldiers out to war your body needs to replenish the supply.

It’s difficult to measure strength improvements made from abstaining from masturbation and porn.

But, anecdotally, many yogic-experts refrain from masturbation, believing in a concept called semen retention and re-absorption; many professional athletes refrain from masturbation or sex before a game or before practice because sex, many coaches believe, tranquilized their players and took away their aggression.

What does this mean for you?

Not much.

You hear when a man is aggressive, he: needs to get laid. It’s a common phrase directed towards angry men because men after sex relax, and sink into euphoria like getting rocked to sleep as a child, swaddled in a favorite blanket.

There are times when relaxing is good–after sex. You don’t want to relax at work, at the gym; a fight.

If there isn’t much science on a topic–like quitting masturbation and increasing your strength gains–and, there isn’t any negative consequences for a personal experiment: try it.

More information on sex before competing 

You may not achieve strength improvements from Nofap, but, Nofap will make you more aggressive and aggression is the best pre-workout in the world.

Some of the Strength-improvement superpowers from Nofap include:

  • Increased aggression.
  • Increased energy levels; this will benefit other areas of your life too.
  • More focus.
  • Less anxiety; you won’t question if you ‘can’ or not.

Nofap superpower 7 | Increased confidence

Men in Nofap claim they feel intense surges of confidence that spike, and dip during the nofap journey. After completing a full recovery from porn–usually ninety days–the confidence-gains stay. Permanently. Try searching for Nofap success stories and see.

Does Nofap increase confidence? Or, do the new habits you hone–instead of your old habit of porn–make all the difference?

It’s more likely you feel confident because you’re developing as a man, using your hands in constructive ways instead of using your hand to touch yourself; a habit associated with someone who cannot meet a woman; someone low-status.

You are what you do.

If you play Piano; master it, you’ll think of yourself as a pianist. Thinking of yourself as a young man who stays in a dark room, blinds closed to the world with a finger on your tablet with your under hand under the blanket, will not make you feel confident about who you are.

Deep inside of your mind, you know the man you want to be and the habits the greatest version of yourself has; acting against your best-self’s habits makes you depressed.

Behaving in a manner consistent to your greatest self makes you feel like the greatest version of yourself.

You are what you repeatedly do.

Some of the Strength-improvement superpowers from Nofap include:

  • No more guilt from… questionable images & videos.
  • Improved integrity.
  • More honor.
  • less hesitation.
  • More self-belief.
  • Willing to try new things.
  • No more ED (erectile Dysfunction.)
  • More courage.

Nofap superpower 8 | Time Management and Achievement Orientation

Self fulfillment through accomplishment – the Andreian Way.

Men are unfulfilled with their accomplishments and responsibilities. The way to live a good life is to find a meaningful calling and pursue it; you can have more than one calling, like Joe Rogan; podcaster, color commentator, and entrepreneur.

men are nothing but their achievements alone and collectively. Together, the Andreians build their dreams and the dreams of their brothers.

Porn takes time away from your path

Your path is your destiny and your future.

Masturbating takes your time away but, worse than masturbation is the after-effect of porn; the great depression after the white flood.

Once you quit porn, you won’t feel shame going for your throat–closing off your access to oxygen. Instead, you’ll feel power. Because if you can control this urge you can do anything.

Instead of getting pleasure from porn you’ll derive your pleasure and your self-worth from your path.

And, you’ll feel even better because without porn, you’ll make progress on your path you didn’t believe was possible before; like Elon Musk landing a rocket on Mars; Jupiter; and Neptune.

Some of the Time-Saving superpowers from Nofap include:

  • Save time from looking at porn.
  • Save mental space from thinking about porn; now you think about achievements.
  • More free time for leisure and for work.
  • More relaxed; able to focus with clarity on a goal for many hours without needing a break.
  • More time to write a private journal.

Can Nofap Give you Superpowers?


But Nofap may make your life better. You won’t know unless you try.

Thousands of men quit pornography & masturbation and claim their quality of life is  much better.

If you aren’t afraid, what do you have to lose?



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