This article begins with an introduction then covers Nofap Relapses and what to do about them.

Quitting pornography and Masturbation is a requirement for a boy or man-child to become a man. Relapses are landmines on the way to your transformation.

Quitting self-cuckoldry–pornography–is a monumental benefit to your dating life, your focus, and your development to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

When you quit masturbation & pornography you get control over your urges. This means you get more focus on your goals and less distraction. Not just your sexual urges, but your urges for everything. Discipline overflows into all cups.

Masturbation & Pornography is FAKE sex

Discipline, focus, and dating improvements are not the only benefits of quitting fake sex: you even get to enjoy real sex more.

Masturbation is fake sex, a knockoff; like eating an Impossible burger than switching to 100% Angus. The real version is always better. People prefer the truth over the lies.

nofap relapse real sex

While quitting pron & masturbation, your brain no longer gets bathed in dopamine.

Every time you masturbate you release pleasure chemicals into your brain that simulate sex.

Masturbatory dopamine releases are strong. They can make it hard to notice the feel-good effects of smaller wins, like steps towards a large goal or simple life pleasures–smelling flowers, a good meal, a nice hug.

Feeling nothing

You’ll feel empty the first few days of your Nofap Rites of Passage. This is due to the lack of overwhelming dopamine releases.

Later on in your journey, you’ll feel pulls to go back to your old ways. Many people report they feel no pleasure for life while quitting. The journey gets hard around week two again, many report, but the journey is different for anyone. The first three days are usually the hardest when quitting fake sex.

Once you get your brain back to normal, which tends to take around 90 days, you feel pleasure for things you haven’t felt in years; even decades for some.

After a few months, your brain stabilizes and you begin to enjoy life in ways you did when you were a child.

Small things make you happy. A flower is beautiful and its smell pulls you into new and forgotten memories.

However, the process to free yourself from an addiction over 90% of men have is not easy.

Along the way, your brain will beg, fight, and reason with you to open an incognito window and find your favorite dealer.

This is a Nofap relapse.

What is a Nofap Relapse?

nofap relapse real sex

A Nofap relapse occurs when you break your Nofap streak. A streak is the number of days you go without porn & masturbation, without relapse. Your, sober days, are tracked because Nofap becomes a competition due to the difficulty. Quitting is hard.

Men who commit to Nofap carry a burden of not touching themselves or looking at pornography. Relapses go against our vows and reduce our self-trust, self-reliance, and self-confidence.

The Nofap Goal

Getting your brain to reset back to the way it was before porn is the goal of Nofap. Every relapse resets your streak and makes you start over from the beginning. We use the word streak because it is the terminology the Nofap movement uses for measuring your progress.

Even though your urges will tell you the only way to feel good is to relapse, it’s always a lie. After a relapse men feel broken; disappointed in themselves for not having any control over their urges.

“I should be able to control my body. What kind of man can’t go a week without jerking off?”

Love yourself. Don’t shame yourself while in nofap, it only promotes more relapses. Instead, encourage yourself with positive self-talk & reminders to never quit.

“I failed today. I’m restarting now. I didn’t win today. I have a chance to dominate tomorrow.”

Men don’t celebrate after masturbating

Guys celebrate after they get laid. Even better, if it was with a woman he genuinely cares about.

No one celebrates after a relapse. Instead, you feel shame hitting you in the heart with a turning side kick then smashing your brain with a crowbar.

Relapses lead to useless behavior like eating terrible food, playing video games, or watching TV instead of something useful like learning how to invest in the stock market.

Avoiding Relapses

To avoid a Nofap relapse, you need a plan in place to deal with your excess energy when an urge takes over.

An urge to relapse is what we call a Nofap emergency.

Read | What to do in a Nofap Emergency

We created a short guide on what to do to stop a relapse during a nofap emergency.  It’s worth a read and may save you days, weeks, or even months of the time it takes to get to ninety days and reset your brain.

Basically, the urge to relapse isn’t about sex, it’s about energy. You have excess energy and you are conditioned to release it through your cock. Instead, release your energy a different way, like through hard physical training. Something you can do right now.

It also helps to leave the ritual. Don’t hang out alone, where you usually masturbate. It’s too easy to fall back into old ways. When the urge comes, leave. Check out our Nofap Emergency post for more information and helpful tips.

Don’t get high on your own supply

The Nofap journey is one of the hardest challenges men will face. Masturbation is an addiction and you’re the dealer.

Elvira from Scarface said, “You don’t get high on your own supply.“, she meant don’t touch yourself.

Don’t get discouraged if you relapse. You don’t fail the journey unless you give up.

Grab a tissue, clean yourself off, and keep getting after it. Whatever you do, don’t let a nofap relapse win.

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